5 Tips for Finding Your Perfect Prom Dress Color

When choosing a prom dress, you often wonder if there is a formula for the perfect model and color. However, we must emphasize from the very beginning that, like everything else, the prom dress depends only on your personal taste. Of course, you can be guided by the current trends, but also add your individual expression to the complete look. Identity is more unique than any current trend.

As you know, trends change from year to year. So, if last year the ChicSew prom dresses offer had more festive multicolored dresses, this year monochromatic elegance is in fashion. In fact, you could find your favorite color and see which model fits best.

When choosing a prom dress, you can experiment with a variety of colors and patterns and always achieve the perfect look. Regardless of whether you are a fan of the black classic or you prefer rose gold color dresses, you can find the perfect dress that will look great on you.

These are some tips that you should follow when choosing a prom dress. Today, we will share quite a few with you:

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1. Find the color that suits you


Color science says that people can be divided into four categories according to their physical characteristics. So, if you have dark hair and a medium-dark complexion, you are an autumn type. The autumn type is best suited to shiny shades of gold and bronze. Of course, here you can also play it safe with dark blue, olive green, burgundy, brown tones, and khaki.

The summer type is characterized by light brown hair or reddish blonde, with a relatively dark complexion. Yellow, orange, gold, light green shades, and even some shades of pink suit this type of person.

The spring type has brown or blond hair or sometimes black. According to the relatively light complexion, pastel shades of blue, green, pink, and lavender suit these people. And of course, the winter type is characterized by a pale complexion and light blond hair. Cool shades of purple, blue and green, and even white and silver look great on this type of person.

But there is one color that looks universally good on everyone, and that is black. So, if you want to play it safe, choose a black elegant dress – a choice you can never go wrong with.

2. Choose something bolder for yourself

When we say bolder prom dress choices, we mean the different patterns that come into play. For example, you can always opt for a floral pattern or geometric shapes. Sometimes interesting motifs are animal prints but also designs that remind of nature.

If you want to go with a bold design and look, then avoid monochrome models and opt for something more colorful and striking.

3. Line and model are important


The cut of the dress is key to whether it will fit you well or not. Sometimes you might have the right color combination but a bad model that doesn’t fit your body.

Many girls make that mistake, trying to keep up with current trends. But as we said, trends are not always in line with what looks good on us or what we want to wear.

So, try on several models of dresses. Visit a few boutiques so you can see how a dress fits you. Then, based on experience, you can shop online because you know which models are the ones that suit you and you have your type of physical characteristics determined.

4. Order a custom dress

Many girls can’t find anything in stores. Therefore, they collaborate with tailors and designers who help them find what really suits them. So, if you wear a specific dress number or have atypical physical features, it’s always better to order a custom dress made just for you.

Interestingly, sometimes such a dress can be much cheaper than buying it ready-made in a boutique or online.

That is why we recommend that you always keep all options open. The only thing you need to do is to schedule a consultation with a tailor on time and go regularly to the planned rehearsals. Furthermore, it will be really easy to get exactly the dress you want and look great for your prom night.

5. Do not copy other people’s models and ideas


Young girls often do not understand the importance of a unique appearance. Their approach is simple – if they see something they like, they want everyone to have it. However, there are many girls who are aware of their style and dressing preferences at an early age.

Our advice is to always try to be unique. Maybe now it seems like a great idea to have all your friends wearing the same dress, but imagine how much you won’t like it when you look at the photos in five to ten years.

Therefore, whether you buy a dress from a boutique or sew it at a tailor, it’s always good to have interesting and unique ideas that you don’t copy from anyone or share with your friends.


Choosing the perfect prom dress is a completely individual matter and there is no perfect recipe for how to do it. But on the other hand, you can be guided by the personal taste and fashion that you like. Ultimately, you will be wearing the dress and it should be both comfortable and beautiful.

If you don’t feel good in your dress, then all the effort you put into looking good for prom is wasted.

So, girls, it’s up to you to choose what looks visually beautiful on you, looks great on you, and is in harmony with the colors that suit your physical features well.

And as for the color, we will repeat once again that black is the one that is universal for any formal occasion, and for everything else, go back to paragraph number 1 and read how you could combine different colors and looks.