30 Best Falling in Love with Best Friend Quotes

Falling in love with your friend is an amazing experience and all natural. The special friendship and closeness make your best friend a perfect life partner you could ever imagine. The only thing everyone worries is what if it does not work and what happens to the friendship? Actually you need to just forget it and look on the positive side. Once your friendship is uplifted to love, you’ll realize all is worth it.

No matter how you try to hide, the feeling of falling in love with your best friend will finally burst out. You are advised to speak it out bravely and fight for your love. If you need inspiration or motivation, check these falling in love with best friend quotes collected from for encouragement.


For lots of people, the love of their life has actually long been a part of their life already, just without realizing it. Perhaps you were destined and lucky enough to just fall in love with your best friend. Don’t miss it. Without further ado, let’s dive into these falling in love with best friend quotes.

1. If you are lucky enough to marry your best friend, the rest of your life will be filled with excitement.

2. It’s hard to realize that you’ve fallen in love with your best friend. It happens, and you won’t be able to do anything to stop it.

3. I’ve been looking for a soulmate for years but I never thought that my best friend would be the one and that’s the best gift I ever get.

4. It was the most exciting feeling when my heart tells me that the soulmate I had been trying to find was my best friend.

5. Telling your best friend that you love him or her is hard however if you don’t do it, you will surely regret it in the future.

6. I will value every second while we are still best friends and now I will value every second that we are going to spend together as a couple.

7. You are my best friend and you know all of my tricks. But today I am gonna announce a new trick that I love you.

8. When your best friend inspired the best version of you, then you have found the soulmate for you.

9. You know me from our childhood but I’ve a secret that has never been told to anybody including you, that is I hope we’ll spend the whole life together.

10. You won’t understand what love truly means, but once you fall in love nothing needs to be explained any more. You need to listen to the bottom of your heart and let the person know you love him or her.


11. I wanted to tell you this years ago but I worried I might lose you as a friend, but now I can’t resist the feeling any more about you I want to tell you I love you.

12. You have always been my best friend and you hold an important position in my heart and now my heart keeps tell me that I love you.

13. Finding a true friend is also a part of finding real love because in this type of relationships you can always be yourself.

14. The top rule of love is that you can’t stay only friends with the guy or girl you fall in love with.

15. If you see your friend walking happily with a lover, and you don’t feel happy for yourself and for them, ask yourself in deep why that is.

16. It’s difficult to care somebody when you believe that with one step forward you will fall in love, and with one step back you will ruin your friendship.

17. Falling in love with your best friend is normal and amazing. You should value this relation.

18. If you and someone are best friends, you two are already in love. The question is – which kind of love is it?

19. If you two have not been friends, you won’t fall in love. If you two haven’t been in love, you won’t be friends.

20. How is it possible you do not love your best friend when he or she make you love yourself the most.

21. What is the biggest difference between best friend and lover? Well the friend will not be possessive about a lover, but the lover will.

22. If you find yourself possessive about your best friend, you are on the way to become lovers.


23. When I met first met you, I felt you would be my best friend. But later, I realized I already met my angel and the girl I can spend my whole life with.

24. Best friends becoming lovers is not that of a surprise anymore, because nowadays most relationships start as friendships and grow into something more romantic.

25. Being in love with your best friend is actually more difficult than you think. But once you make it, you’ll find it deserves any effort.

26. As my best friend, you always made me smile, and one day I suddenly realized I wanted to smile for the rest of my life.

27. The best way to keep relationship close is being open to each other like how best friends do.

28. When I was with you, I smiled a lot bigger and I laughed a lot louder. That is because I have fall in love with you.

29. When your best friend becomes your lover, tough times can turn so much simpler.

30. I never thought my best friend who had always supported me now becomes my Mr.

Can a relationship develop into love? That’s a common question that confused many people. I’m gonna tell the answer is yes, relationship can surely develop into love. Actually, the majority believe that great relationships begin with a close friendship. Also some claim that it is hard to maintain a relationship if you are bad friends at the beginning. Although it may not work for all friendships, lots of people do state that they have actually developed their friendship into a sweet relationship, and the change was so smooth. So, are you still waiting and wondering?

Have you found your favorite falling in love with best friend quotes from list above? Do they inspire you to speak out what is deep in your heart? We look forward to your reply in the comment section.