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Explore Beyond Golf at St. Andrews – 2023 Guide

Travel has practically become non-existent in this pandemic situation. We, the humans have a strange affinity towards the hope of betterment often propelling us to take those leaps of faith. This summer people all over the world are taking trips to nearby places to escape the monotony of locked-up life. St. Andrews is one such place where a getaway can be planned quite easily.

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The Royal Burgh of St Andrews

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St. Andrews is a small town on Scotland’s eastern coast. It is part of Fife. If we delve deep into the annals of medieval history, St. Andrews has a lot to give away. This place was termed as the ‘Ecclesiastical capital of Scotland’ during the medieval period. The main reason that makes St.Andrews famous is golf.

It is known to be the birthplace of modern golf. Royal and Ancient, or R & A, shares its place with the oldest golf clubs in the world along with Royal Aberdeen, Musselburgh Old Links, to name some.

Another aspect that makes St. Andrews famous is the existence of the University of St. Andrews. Founded in 1413, this the oldest university in the whole of Scotland and the third one in all of the English-speaking areas of the world. While these two aspects put St. Andrews on the world map, this small town has much more to give than the legacies mentioned above.

Rich History

Despite its tiny size, St Andrews offers a wealth of fascinating history. To begin with, it is home to the University of St Andrews, Scotland’s oldest and first university. The esteemed university is one of the best in the United Kingdom, drawing students from all over the world. Because it is the birthplace of this fascinating sport, it is also known as the “home of golf.” It has been the home of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club and the site of the Open Championships since then. The town is littered with spectacular scenic ruins, including St Andrews castle and St Andrews cathedral, to add to the list. Each of these sites has a unique, fascinating, and surprising past that can be found within their stories.

St. Andrews Cathedral is a must-visit site

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The way the light casts its shadows across the 11th and 12th-century fragments of St Andrews Cathedral is a cathartic relief to both cynics and romantics, despite being an ancient stone skeleton and reflection of its former self. This enchanting location is the historic headquarters of the high head yins of the medieval Scottish Church and was Scotland’s largest ever cathedral. The picturesque St Rule’s Tower, a light for pilgrims in pursuit of St Andrew’s relics back in the day, rivals its splendor.

Finger licking food joints

A trip to St Andrew’s is not made for a mediocre snack. One does, however, come for a fantastic gourmet journey! The Seafood Ristorante (fresh Scottish seafood with a deft Italian twist), Vine Leaf (a local favorite with a delectable variety menu), and Maisha (famous curry house) are always a popular. Between The Vic, North Point Café, St Andrews Waffle Company, and Nardini’s, the brunch options are endless. The only problem is finding out who makes the best pancakes.

Take a beach walk at the West Sands

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West Sands is an easy and scenic beach stroll with flat sand and wonderful views of the town. You may go all the way down the beach, about a mile, until you reach a bend where you can discover a trail just over the grass hills that will take you back into town alongside the Jubilee Course. This path takes you through the greatest of the coast’s landscape as well as golf courses.

You will not find more beautiful ruins anywhere else

The area is littered with ruins, from St Andrews Cathedral to St Andrews Castle and Blackfriars Chapel, all of which are historically, religiously, and architecturally significant. The Castle’s colorful past lives on in its ruins, as does that of the 16th century Blackfriars as it gazes longingly at the world going by, thanks to its notorious bottle prison and subterranean mine.

Also, the shopping scene is fantastic.
St Andrews is known for its independent boutique shops and strong support for local entrepreneurs. From stationery and crystals to fine cheeses, golf memorabilia, antique finds, art, chocolates, charming gifts, and fashion, this tiny town offers it everything.

Touring St. Andrews

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St. Andrews has qualities that can attract both history and nature lovers equally. The best way to explore the town is on foot at one’s pace. Just like any other European tourist destination, City Tours are available but the fun of roaming about in the town has a pleasure of its own.

If you wish to stay over St. Andrews, it can be done with ease because the city has some nice hotels. The internet is flooded with websites that list out all the nice hotels in the locality. Whether one is looking for a budget or splurge, St. Andrews has it all. For more information check

These hotels also provide add-on activities like playing golf in the famous golf courses or day tours to the nearby beautified Isle of May and many more.
Almost all the tour blogs and travelers start their visit to the quaint town by visiting the St. Andrews University along with St. Salvador and St. Mary Quads. These quadrangles are filled with knick-knacks from the medieval era, which are of great historic importance.

Next on the list come the castle, cathedral, and Rule Tower of St. Andrews. Bearing the legacies of many notable historic figures like Robert, the Bruce these structures bear not only the remnants of the bygone era but also provide a profound insight into the architecture and planning of spaces during those periods.

The city also has its fair share of museums and galleries for the more enthusiastic individuals. St. Andrews is home to some spectacular beaches as well. The notable beaches in this area are East Sands, West Sands, and Castle Sands