Dress Code For Lawyers: How to Match a Leather Briefcase to Your Outfit

Do you want to look sharp and professional when entering the court-room? Then, it’s essential to understand how to choose a leather briefcase that matches your outfit seamlessly. You’ll learn the key components of a successful lawyer-style wardrobe – from matching colors and textures, to finding the perfect size for your needs. So let’s dive in!

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Understanding the Basics of a Lawyer’s Dress Code


Lawyers often have to abide by a fairly strict business dress code. When you are shopping for the perfect outfit, your choices may be limited. However, you can use accessories to express yourself and add an extra touch of style and sophistication. A good place to start looking for high-quality, professional accessories is at bostanten, where you can find a wide range of options that will help you make a statement in the workplace.

A useful dressing tool is a leather briefcase. They come in a variety of colors and shapes so they can match any color scheme or outfit style. Here are some basic tips on how to choose the right leather briefcase to complete your professional look:

  • Colors: They come in a variety of colors so you’re sure to find one that will match your outfit. Many lawyers prefer conservative colors such as black, navy blue or brown; however, those with bolder personalities sometimes opt for brighter colors such as emerald green or deep red. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different tones within these classic shades—try oxblood or mahogany if you’re feeling adventurous!
  • Comfort Vs Style: When shopping for your briefcase, remember that comfort should always come first. While most leather briefcases are stylish and well designed, make sure that it fits your body properly (e.g., not too tight around the shoulders) and it is comfortable when worn over long periods of time.
  • Material: Attorney’s outfits have traditionally been made from wool, silk or cotton fabrics—the same goes for the type of material used on their briefcase too! Look for high-quality leather cases like full-grain cowhide leather as it is strong yet lightweight and its natural grain makes it more resistant to scratching than other materials; however, this also means that it requires more maintenance since its natural oils need replenishing every now and then with special leather oil treatments.

Choosing the Right Leather Briefcase for Your Outfit


When it comes to choosing a leather briefcase, there are many factors to consider. In addition to cost and durability, the color and style of your briefcase can have an impact on the overall look and feel of your outfit. If you’re a lawyer or other professional who wears suits on a regular basis, you should be sure to pick a briefcase that complements your look. Here are some tips for matching your leather briefcase with your outfit:

  • Choose Colors That Complement: Choose colors that coordinate with both the suit and shoes you will be wearing. For example, if you’re wearing a navy or gray suit, try finding a briefcase in a darker shade of brown or black rather than opting for one in bright colors.
  • Consider the Metalwork: The metal parts of your chosen leather briefcase should match or complement other metal tones in your attire like cufflinks, buttons, watches and belt buckles. If you can’t find one with matching metalwork, try a different color alloy so that it doesn’t clash with any other pieces in the clothing ensemble.
  • Pick the Right Size: Your leather briefcase should accommodate all essentials without looking overly bulky. Measure out what items you are planning to carry so that you can properly gauge how much space you will need in advance before making a purchase. Also pay attention to handle length; most will fit comfortably when adjusted correctly as well as provide proper weight management when loaded down.
  • Factoring Aesthetics: Details like latch styles and handles often indicate age-appropriate distinction between workwear styles for younger professionals versus more mature entrepreneurs and lawyers alike who invest in heritage-style products full-grain leathers; classic hardware will last longer than ones plated with cheaper metals like brass.

If you want a high-quality leather briefcase, but don’t want to participate to animal cruelty, there are still lots of durable options! Opt for vegan and sustainable vegan leather briefcases from Doshi. This brand offers luxury vegan leather briefcases and other accessories, that last just as long as animal leather.

Tips for Wearing a Leather Briefcase


When it comes to dressing professionally, this is the perfect accessory for the modern lawyer. Whether you are heading to the office, meeting with a client, or heading to court, a chic yet sturdy leather briefcase can add the finishing touch to any look. However, if you’re not sure how to match your briefcase with your outfit while still looking professional, here are some helpful tips.

When choosing a color for your leather briefcase, opt for classic hues that won’t distract from your business attire or stand out too much. Neutral shades like black, brown and grey are all traditional favorites. If you’d like to make more of a statement with your case, select an eye-catching hue that still fits in with your look—burgundy and navy are two popular options.

Another consideration is texture and design details when trying to match a leather briefcase to an outfit. To achieve the most polished ensemble possible try sticking with timeless pieces or refined touches such as gold hardware and clean lines rather than bright designs and unusual shapes.

Finally, ensure that the size of your case complements the overall appearance of your clothing choices as well—opt for something oversized if you tend to dress more contemporary or go with something small if you often wear traditional attire. With these guidelines in mind you should have no trouble finding the perfect piece!


The perfect leather briefcase has the power to instantly upgrade any lawyer’s look. As you choose your own, remember that not all briefcases are created equal. Quality materials, design and colour will determine how well it complements your attire.

As a young professional, invest in a classic leather briefcase with superior craftsmanship and timeless design elements so it can serve you for the long haul.

Finally, remember that style isn’t just about appearances: Quality construction and protective features are also important factors to consider when selecting the right leather briefcase for you. Whether you’re carrying important case files or simply running errands on the weekend, investing in a beautiful leather bag will not only give your look more sophistication but it will also last for years to come.