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A sweet sound of the ringing bell is echoing all over the school……Can you make any guess regarding the line? Uh……Recess. Yeah! You’re right. Besides, that was an easy question to ask but do you know why I asked this weird question.

Well, my intention was to inform you that the animated Tv series from the ’90s is getting a fan film sequel. Want to know more? Don’t worry, as in this post I will provide detailed information regarding the same. So, let’s proceed:

90’s the Recess

Do you know when the Recess was aired on ABC? Well, everyone knows that it aired its first episode in 1997 as part of the ABC’s Saturday Morning Cartoon show.  In case, you don’t know, the story of the animated cartoon series revolved around the third graders of a school & how they would enjoy in their recess time.

Right after its release, the series became a hit & it went for 6 continuous seasons. After airing 127 episodes, the show finally concluded in 2001. However, that was not it. Later, several movies were made based on this Tv series.

What’s the Recent Buzz about “Recess”?

A group of independent filmmakers have decided to work together for bringing 3rd street elementary school back to life. Although the show went off the air, 13 years ago, its memory is still in the minds of millions of its fans or kids who have grown up watching this animated Tv show.

However, as far as permission is concerned, Disney has not sanctioned the remake of this series. Besides, everything goes according to the plan of independent filmmakers then you can easily watch the complete remake version of the film absolutely free.

A Crowdfunding Project?

Yeah! You read it right. The makers of the show have collected the money for the remake film via crowdfunding. Don’t get shocked, crowdfunding is common these days to complete a project when you are low on budget.

The “Recess” project is the brainchild of Jerome Yoo & Kent Donguines. However, this project is incomplete, if I do not mention anything about Zlatina Pacheva. She came up with the script of the “Recess” project.

Which Characters are Coming?

The Recess sequel will bring back all the character that we have seen in the Original Recess show. The entry of famous characters like T.J the prankster, Vince the Athlete, Ashley the Tomboy, Gretchen the Child Prodigy, Mikey the Goof, & Gus the Nerd is almost confirmed.

However, the only change in the show is that all the characters have become a bit older. Now, all the kids are in high school & dealing with all the problems that a common high school teenager faces.

Frequently Asked Question | The Recess Remake

Q- When I will be able to watch the Recess Remake?

A- Right now, the makers are raising the money for the project. As soon as they reach the necessary budget, they will start the shooting of the Recess Project.

Q- What is the Goal Amount of this Crowdfunded project?

A- The makers have set a flexible goal of $6,850.

Q- How can I contribute for this Project?

A- It’s very simple. All you have to do is go to the project at Indiegogo & the money according to your wish. Besides, after donating some money for the project, you will get some additional benefits.

Final Words

That’s all for now. As I’m eagerly waiting for the show to release. Moreover, I also want to refresh my childhood memories by watching this show one more time. Besides, I’m curious to find out how makers will be able to keep up with the high reputation of this show. I will conclude the post by asking your views on the Recess remake. You can always submit your views in the comment section given below. I would love to check them out.

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