Domain Name

How Can a Domain Name Market Your Brand?

What’s so special in a domain name? Well, a domain name is an address through which internet users access your website. It involves a unique string of letters and numbers used in a combination of various domain name extensions.

This is how it works. Computers use a series of numbers known as IP addresses. However, since it is difficult to remember these strings of numbers, domain names were developed to make it easy to identify entities on the internet instead of using IP addresses.

Most times, start-ups interested in growing their business often want to discover how to come up with a domain name for a website. However, coming up with a domain name isn’t difficult but requires careful attention to details.

For a domain name to be functional, it must be registered and unique. A good domain name must be unique, short and easy to remember, if possible not more than 8 letters. This is because whatever names you chose represents your brand on the internet and gives customers the first impression of your brand.

Since your domain name creates first impressions, you should choose one that fits your brand. Pay close attention to the domain name you put out there because it can make or mar your brand.

Having the right domain name is the best thing for your brand because it can be used in marketing your business to both new and old customers. Read on to find out how.

How a Domain Name Can Market Your Brand

  • A Credible Website: Websites are valuable tools for growing your brand and promoting it as you will be able to get your business noticed by a potential customer. This is where having a great domain name comes to play. With the right domain name, you can sell your brand to whoever comes in contact with it. This is because it is the first thing most people will see your website. This is why picking a domain name that’s easy to type is key. Avoid using slang, hyphens, numbers, or uncommon spellings of words in your domain name because a shorter, clearer name makes it easier for your brand to found, harder for your customers to find your site. It is also how you can build trust and show the credibility of your brand.
  • Create Branded Short Links For Social Media: You could also use your domain name to share content on social media. You can do this by using your domain name as a shortened URL that readdresses traffic from one social media your Twitter handle to your YouTube channel or from your Facebook handle to other web pages. Avoid using third party short links because they will not be as effective as your brand name in marketing your brand.
  • Generate Organic Traffic with Keyword-Rich Domains: Organic traffic is great for business in this digital age. And you need an effective SEO strategy. The way you use your domain name is key to generating organic traffic. You need an SEO-optimized domain name to help you generate organic traffic. What we consider an SEO-optimized domain name is a domain name that lets people know exactly what your website (your brand) is about and the products/services that it offers. An SEO-optimized domain name is critical because most of the website that comes to your website will come via navigational search.
  • All you need to do is to include the right keywords and attract backlinks from credible websites. How? Let’s assume that your business website is and if you consistently get backlinks from reputable websites on the anchor text ‘The best in Us’ and ‘US Store’ repeatedly, the message sent to the search engines is that your website is authentic. In the long run, your website will attract backlinks on your domain name, which function as essential keywords. Using a .online domain increases your chances of giving your business a stronger SEO rank.
  • Highly targeted campaigns: One other way to market your brand using your domain name is to launch a marketing campaign that aims at a very specific “sub-audience” within your company’s main audience. Try using a different domain name that points to a new landing page. Some of the situations that might warrant this is something like a special event, loyalty program and trade shows (among others)
  • Using Specific products and services: You might want to drive sales to specific services that your brand provides. In this case, it will not hurt to give that specific product or service identity of its own using its domain name and website. Some of the big brands that you know use this trick.
  • Promote your domain name: This might seem obvious, but most businesses take this for granted. You can market your brand by adding your domain name to social media platforms and online directories. You could also include it on your business cards, ads, email signatures, uniforms, brochures, newsletters, and other material that you give to customers.
  • Brand your social media presence: You can brand your main business page on social media channels by using a trick known as web forwarding. This involves using your domain name as the web address for your social media business page. This affords your brand an easy-to-remember online address that makes your marketing easier.


In today’s digital world, every business owner that want to succeed and standout needs a unique website address to keep the customers coming. The reason is that most businesses have an online presence, so to makes sales, reach a wide range of customers and increase productivity you need a website with a unique domain name that markets your brand. By this, we mean a domain name that reflects your brand’s core competence and what potential users will gain by interacting with your brand on the internet.