Destiny 2 Details Guardian Games Changes

Fate 2’s Guardian Games 2024 is turning out to be very like its 2024 ancestor, as Guardians contend to see which class will rule and procure boasting freedoms for the following year. The current year’s occasion runs for quite a long time, from May 3-24.

Similar to the case in 2024, players can buy specialty missions from “space grandmother” Eva Levante to procure decorations and assist with acquiring focuses for their particular class. Whichever class closes the day with the most focused wins, and the class with the most wins toward the finish of Guardian Games 2024 will be announced the champ.

In this Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2024 aide, we’ll show you how the occasion functions, and every one of the different prizes you can get from it. Follow Gamingcy to get more!



The primary objective for Guardian Games 2024 is to acquire awards — Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum — and turn them into your group’s platform in the Tower. These awards each have a point of esteem.

  • Bronze: 1 point
  • Silver: 2 focuses
  • Gold: 5 focuses
  • Platinum: 15 focuses

A simple method for procuring awards — at first — includes Triumphs. There are a few Guardian Games wins in Destiny 2 now, and you can get to them by going to Triumphs > Season of the Risen > Guardian Games. Contingent upon the trouble of the Triumph, you can get Bronze, Silver, Gold, or even Platinum as an award.

Note that assuming you click on a Triumph that you’re dealing with, the game will follow it for you, making it simpler to really take a look at your headway.

Be that as it may, assuming you just spotlight on Triumphs as the wellspring of your awards, you’ll ultimately run out. To keep procuring decorations for your group, you’ll have to finish Contender Cards from Eva. What’s more, to buy Contender Cards, you’ll require Laurels.

Bungie is illustrating every one of the progressions made to the forthcoming Destiny 2 Guardian Games occasion, with hotly anticipated highlights, for example, Strike scoring approaching.

Bungie is as of now making way for Destiny 2’s next significant occasion – the current year’s Guardian Games. Successfully what could be compared to the Olympics for enchanted super-warriors, Guardian Games have generally filled in as a difference in pace for both the players and the continuous occasional story, and the occasion’s 2024 cycle seems to be the same in this regard.

On that note, Destiny 2 is making a few possibly enormous changes to how Guardian Games will function pushing ahead. Deeply and the air of the occasion will essentially continue as before, the mechanics of how players communicate with the new happy appear to be patched up starting from the earliest stage, with the greatest change being the presentation of Strike scoring.

While the Guardian Games of 2024 presented no major new playlists or mechanics, the 2024 adaptation of the occasion will open up three totally new playlists: Recreational, Training, and Competitive. To acquire the greatest number of decorations, players should hop into various playlists on various days, allude to their particular scoring frameworks (individual versus fireteam-based), and endeavor to procure as high of a Strike score as could be expected. The explanation Strike scoring is important, mind, is that it was a dearest inclusion in the main Destiny, and its presence in Guardian Games could propose that Bungie is hoping to once again introduce it later on.


Close by the new Strike score playlists, players hoping to contend in the Guardian Games can likewise get committed Contender Cards, which grant the games’ monetary forms and Medals for playing evergreen exercises, like Raids, Dungeons, and the ebb and flow occasional movement, the PsiOps Battlegrounds. One of the compensations for doing so will be another Hakke Void SMG, The Title. The weapon is especially remarkable on the grounds that it very well may be Destiny 2’s next best Void 3.0 SMG.

Gatekeeper Games 2024 will start on May third as an allowed-to-play occasion that any player can contend in. A portion of the reported prizes incorporate exceptional Class things, the new SMG, different assets, beauty care products, and an elite insignia that will be given to the top 10% of most elevated performing Guardians once the occasion shuts down. This will, incidentally, be the best an open door for players to partake in the ebb and flow sandbox meta in both PvE and PvP modes, as Destiny 2 has previously prodded gigantic weapon changes for the following season.

Since Hunters dominated Guardian Matches 2024 for the second time in succession, Titan and Warlock players could utilize this redid variant of Guardian Games and the new playlists to take the crown for a year at last. Because of the imbalance in the quantity of players playing various classes (with Hunters being the most various), nonetheless, this is actually quite difficult.



Bungie has affirmed that the Guardian Games will start in Destiny 2 on Tuesday, May 3, after the week by week reset. This implies that gamers will begin accessing the yearly content at around 6pm BST, in spite of the fact that server upkeep could defer this interaction marginally for certain fans. In any case, Bungie has cautioned that after the Guardian Games become playable, there will be two unique playlists going on this week.

The main will be for preparing, running on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this current week. Gatekeepers might have the option to procure practice scores (the joined score of your whole fireteam) during this time. Following on from that will be the send off of the Competitive Guardian Games playlist, which has a delivery date set for Friday, May 6, 2024.

Bungie has affirmed that Competitive will run on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, and this will be where you’ll procure the additional thrilling prizes. Players can procure buffs in the Recreational, Training, and Competitive playlists by positioning bronze, silver, gold, or platinum. These last until the following week after week reset. Lighting the bronze, silver, gold, and platinum lights awards rewards and a sparkle that should be visible on the right shoulder of a Guardian’s protective layer.