What’s The Difference Between Demo Slots And Real Time Slots?

Slots are one of the most popular casino games around. Sure, poker, roulette, and blackjack all have their own levels of fame, but slots really take the cake.

Why? Well, this is due to their ease, you need little strategy beyond playing slots, all you need to do is pay attention to the RTP rate. Other than that there is little else in terms of strategy.

This makes slots a bit of an easy play. Not only this but slots are also well loved due to their extremely low bet amount. Games like poker, blackjack and roulette tend to have minimum bets of around $3, but with slots it can be as low as $0.10!

However, this does mean that it is extremely easy to spend more than you originally thought you would when you play online slots for real money at

But, what are demo slots and real time slots, and what is the difference?

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The Basic Differences Between Demo Slots And Real Play

When we are looking for online slots to sink our teeth into, we often find demo slots and real play/ real time slots. The difference between these two types of slot play is rather obvious.

One will allow you to play online slots with absolutely no risks, but the other allows you to play it as you would in a casino, enabling you to win money, or to lose money whatever the case.

What Are Demo Slots?


A demo slot is exactly what it says on the packaging, it is an online slot which is free for you to play, and will be pre-loaded with ‘cash’ that is not real for you to play with in order to test out the game as if you had unlimited wealth.

Around 99% of the time these demo slots are pretty much twins to the real money counterparts of them in every single way so that you get the most accurate and realistic representation of what the game would be like if you decided to play with your own real money.

When it comes to RTP (return to player), the volatility, maximum win potential and the bonus features, these will also all be the same as real money slots. This ensures it does not deceive you into believing that the game could be better than it actually is.

It is an accurate representation of the game.

What Is The Purpose Of Demo Slots?

So, why do these exist? They were made for a couple of reasons, one is that they are there to build up hype around upcoming slot games, they give players the opportunity to get a feel for a game before it goes live, so they can decide if they want to play it or not.

Doing so creates a build-up to release, and there will be a wide host of players wanting to play it when it goes live.

As well as this, demo slots allow players to get used to a game and learn how online slots work before they dive in and start spending their money. It lets people decide if they want to play slots or not.

Since not all players will have played slots before, let alone online, having demo games available allows people to decide if slots are for them or if they are just not their vibe.

How Do You Identify A Demo Slot?


So, where do you find these games? Well, demo slots can be found on sites that provide players in high-quality and online reviews. However, the main place you will find demo slot games is in online casinos.

These casinos do this to allow players to play online slots in demo or real time mode, letting players select their ideal game in the casinos lobby and letting them go straight to play, or demo it first and get a taste of what the game will be like in play.

What Are Real Play Slots?

So, what are demo and real time slots? Real time, or real play slots are slots which are played with your own real money, thus, any money that you use as you play will be lost forever, whereas any money you win is transferred to your account.

If you play online slots, then any slot you play with when you are logged into a casino will oftentimes be a real play slot.

If you have money in your account then this will be used whenever you make a spin. However, if you have no money in your account then real play games will not be playable until you transfer funds into your account.

When you think of spending money at a casino on the slots, real play/ real time slots are the slot games that we automatically think of. They are what you play once you have had a go at the demo version and have decided you enjoy the game and want to play.

Are Demo Or Real Play Slots Better?


Whether demo slots or real play slots are better is technically a matter of opinion. Some people prefer to play the real game and spend money as they do. Whereas others prefer to stay on the safe side.

Some players may play online just for the fun of it, therefore demo slots are more than enough to satiate their itch to play. In reality a great deal of casual players will have little interest in how the game works and will just play slots without trying demos.

However, some more seasoned slot players are much more keen to play demo versions before they end up risking money on a game. This can be very beneficial if you are a bit more picky on how you play slots.

Really, it depends on your personal preference, some will play demos just for the fun, others will play demos to learn more about the real time game before they play it. It is all down to you.