How Do Champion Points Work In Elder Scrolls Online – 2024 Guide

If you are looking for the best multiplayer online game, the Elder Scrolls Online is the best pick for you. The multiplayer game is a part of the whole series and the plot is set in the continent of Tamriel. The exceptional quality that the game offers can be determined from the fact that it took 7 long years to develop the game.

The huge popularity and fan base of this online game can be assessed from the fact that after it’s re-release in 2015, around 15 lakhs copies were bought off by players.

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Champion Points In The Game


Unlocking champion points first demands unlocking level 50 in the game. You access the green, blue and red celestial avatars in champion points. Each celestial has base stars that are needed to unlock more perks. You will have to slot a perk by spending some points. Once champion point is unlocked for one character, accessing them for other characters becomes possible too.

Champion points are needed to unlock bonuses. This bonus helps in upgrading a character. Navigate to the champion menu and spend champion points as you wish. Gain more and more experience, finish activities like quests, exploring dungeons, battlegrounds, kill more enemies in order to gain champion points.

Only fifty plus characters can earn Champion Points. The points they earn can be spent by each of the characters available to you. There is absolutely no restriction on which character can spend the champion point and which one cannot. There’s definitely a restriction on which character can earn champion points and which cannot. You can gain a maximum of 3600 champion points.

The constellations are meant to spend the champion points in. The green stands for craft, red stands for warfare and the blue constellation stands for fitness. Craft dedicated to utility and crafting, warfare dedicated to destructive actions, fitness is dedicated to health.

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Beginner’s Guide To The Game

If you are a beginner in the game and trying to analyze all its rules, regulations, modes, tools and tricks, just know that the task would seem a little daunting at first. But with the right guide, right tricks and the right start everything becomes easy.

Pick The Right Class


The first and foremost chore you need to accomplish is to choose a character. The best feature of this game is that for the first time players, the classes have been made in a way that no matter which one the player goes with, all of them would suit his/her conditions. Well, what needs to be taken care of, is the skills and abilities that each class possesses. Make sure you check out what the class offers before making the move to choose it.

Understand Combat System Of The Game

Combating is one of the best features of the game. There are different types of attacks in the game like light attacks that pose lesser detriment, heavy attacks that prove to be highly detrimental for the enemies. The game also gives you the ability to grab exceptional skills like getting invisible or blowing explosions. These skills help you pose the maximum damage to the enemies.

One great feature is weaving. This helps you save up your energy along with guiding you on how to boost your speed. One great move you need to be aware of to combat your enemy’s moves is rolling down.

Once you are able to catch your hold on these skills, then only move to the further and harder levels. Once you get used to playing the game with your nourished skills, you will be able to find newer ways to techniques to combat enemies.

Complete Main Quests First


What main quests would help you with, is to let you acquire more comfort with the gaming zone. Main quests will also let you get exposed to the unseen facets and places of the game. This will work wonders to enhance your skills. Try finishing the main quests at your foremost.

Upgrade Your Horse

The best tip here would be to not waste money on buying advanced and excessively expensive mounts but to keep upgrading the one that you already have. Spend money on upgrading their velocity, strength and carrying ability.

Try Dungeons

As you proceed to acknowledge more and more complexity into the game, you would be heading towards the dungeons. This would be the most thrilling and challenging experience. You will have to face hundreds of enemies and finally a boss.

Defeating them would be hell of a task. This portion of the game is the one where you will be exposed to gaining more and more XP. Just make sure you activate the experience scroll before heading for the dungeons.

Try Battlegrounds

To keep yourself engaged with the game, you have to try battlegrounds. Battlegrounds are minor-scale confrontations that put 3 teams each having four members against each other. They face off against each other in a bunch of contests like the twists on Capturing Flag, Death match, and Territory Control. If you love collecting XP then dungeons and battlegrounds are meant for you.

Move Fast By Discovering More Attacks

Keep yourself engrossed in discovering more and new attacking options. This would help you move faster in the game and increase your possibility of winning. No matter what character you choose, each one of them would be specialized in their skills.


Having understood the working of champion points, make sure you use them in upgrading your game. Be aware of the basic characteristics, basic tricks and techniques of the game, mastering the basic levels first and develop your strong grip on the game. Unlock more and more champion points and keep upgrading your playing skills in the game.

The game would be one of the best you’ve ever played once you know how to use it. Keep exploring more and champion the game on your own terms.

Happy playing!