Basic Guide to Celebrate Christmas in Orlando

While the world adapts to the new normality due to Covid-19, the calendar continues its course and we are heading towards a new Christmas period. The idea is not to abstain from the celebration, but to be careful not to be part of the statistics. Therefore, if you are planning to move during the holidays and to spend your Christmas in this city, it is important to follow the security protocols to take care of yourself and your family.

If you are thinking of moving to Orlando, you should know that Christmas is celebrated on December 25, but the holidays extend throughout most of the month of December. If you need more information about moving to Orlando, visit this site and find everything you need to know.

In addition, you will find garlands, trees and lights everywhere to make you feel in a place full of mysticism.

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Christmas weather


Orlando is known for its privileged climate. The weather is consistently warm and sunny and during the month of December the maximum temperature is 23 degrees and the minimum, 12.
On average it rains four days during the month, which makes this city a perfect place for tourists to spend the Christmas vacations, as long as they bring a coat to be comfortable at night.
This means that Christmas in Orlando is one of the warmest Christmases in the United States.

Plans for the season

The first plan to enjoy the holidays is to evaluate your meals. Full belly, happy heart, and more if you can enjoy a dish that awakens all the senses.
Restaurants in Orlando offer special menus, especially on December 25th and January 1st.

However, the prices are not very attractive. Rather, they will be adapted to what the client wants, but it is well worth investing a few dollars in a dinner that awakens the spirit and is an explosion of flavors.

The city is preparing to offer special plans for its visitors to spend a few days hard to forget, sponsored by Santa Claus. Many travelers seek to spend their holidays in the theme parks, so we invite you to know that:

  • Walt Disney World parks are dressed in the magic and beauty of Christmas from November through early January. Its shows, attractions and general activities are filled with luxury and the experience takes its visitors to a true fairy tale.

There is typical Christmas food and drinks, special shows and even a fireworks show to celebrate a holiday that is not only welcomed by Catholics and Christians, but is a date that has spread around the world and to all religions in an increasingly globalized world.

Disney offers Christmas snacks with typical Christmas food, especially the typical stuffed turkey and tasting of different meats. In addition to savory food, it offers spectacular desserts.

Disney HollywoodStudios, Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, AnimalKingdom, lodging options and every corner of Disney make its visitors celebrate again and again, with the intention of giving the best Christmas ever.

Another “must have” is to enjoy the super parade held at the Magic Kingdom, the main park of the complex where all the Disney characters come together in red and green costumes, floats, dancers and Christmas themed, seasoned with Christmas songs.

  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios park offers impressive attractions and shows, being “Jingle Bell, Jingle bam” one of the most colorful and illuminated. It takes place in front of the Chinese Theater, where at other times of the year the Star Wars fireworks show takes place.

This show offers Christmas stories that are projected live. It also offers music, special effects and beautiful decorations.

  • Sea World’s Christmas Celebration is one of the options that are being considered at this time of the year. It is held on weekends from the end of November through the end of December.

This is a party with typical decorations, incredible shows, carolers and other surprises, such as Santa. Also, the greatest present resource of Sea World Park is used: water, leaving results that many will want to see again in future opportunities.

  • Orlando’s Islands of Adventure welcomes thousands of people to enjoy the December holidays in its spaces. What’s so special about the islands? The Grinch! The park offers as its main attraction the green character who stole Christmas in a musical show, which tells the story of the famous movie “Villaquien” and the grumpy guy who despises Christmas, but in the end becomes good.
  • Universal Studios, one of the most visited parks in the city, offers the Mady’s Parade at Universal Studios, a well-known parade that originated in New York and became a must-see for tourists in Orlando, featuring the largest and most impressive balloons and floats of the famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
  • Legoland offers the Christmas Bricktacular, which is the local Christmas party. It brings together Lego dolls and incredible Christmas constructions, which will leave children happy and with their imaginations running wild. It is especially for children under 12 years old.


Remember to travel with precaution, as Covid-19 remains a danger of easy transmission. The recommendation Definitely, the city of Orlando offers multiple entertainment options for its inhabitants and for those who decide to visit it. And although the amusement parks attract the attention of most travelers, many people are also looking for options away from the big crowds, especially in times of pandemic, so they find in downtown Orlando excellent options for fun.

Downtown is the historic heart of the city and has a totally different atmosphere from places like SeaWorld, Disneyland or Universal.

There are no fantasy castles in DownTown and you won’t run into animated movie characters on the street corner, but you can have unforgettable experiences in cosmopolitan neighborhoods that hold real gems, such as museums and natural spaces.

Take a ride through the area on this tour of five must-visit places in downtown for you to consider when you travel to this wonder of the United States.

The idea is to celebrate the next Christmas 2024 and many more. Don’t be part of the statistics of contagions and deaths!