CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure: How to Study for It?

The CCIE enterprise infrastructure is one of the most reputable networking enterprise certifications. It demonstrates how knowledgeable a person is in understanding the technicalities of corporate networks. Furthermore, it shows your abilities to solve problems using enterprise infrastructure.

Attaining this certification ensures one thing very clearly; you’ll have the freedom to choose your own enterprise infrastructure. This is majorly because the certificate is in high demand.
The exam for this specific certification is divided into two parts – the CCIE enterprise infrastructure written exam and the SPOTO CCIE enterprise infrastructure lab exam.

In this article, you will find out ways to prepare for your CCIE enterprise infrastructure exam. The exam can be challenging. However, if you use the suitable material and the proper study methods, you will ace the exam!

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Prerequisites for the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure

There are no set prerequisites for the CCIE enterprise infrastructure. However, a person appearing for the exam is expected to know about the topics covered in the exam.
Also, it is recommended that a person appearing for the CCIE exam should have an experience of 5 to 7 years in the fields of deploying, solutions, operating & optimizing enterprise networking technologies, and designing.

The qualifying exam


The qualifying exam for this certification is known as the 350-401 ENCOR. This is a 120-minute long exam that is associated with Specialist – Enterprise Core Certifications, CCNP Enterprise, etc.
This exam is a test of your knowledge of the implementing core network technologies, which also includes dual-stack – IPV 4 and IPV 6. Apart from this, it tests your knowledge of virtualization, network assurance, architecture, security & automation, and infrastructure.

To prepare for this exam, you should take help from the course Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies. Now, let’s take a look at the topics included in this exam.

Exam topics

Given below is a list of topics that are included in the exam. However, topics other than these can be a part of your exam. These topics will be related to what you have studied. Furthermore, you should always check the guidelines as they can change at any time without any prior notice.

  • Architecture – it is 15% percent of your exam.
  • Virtualization – it is 10% of your exam.
  • Infrastructure – it is 30% of your exam.
  • Network assurance -it is 10% of your exam.
  • Security – it is 20% of your exam.
  • Automation – it is 15% of your exam.

Now, to prepare for this exam, you need to get help from the internet. On the internet, you will find practice papers that can help you time yourself. These practice tests will also help you with the nature of the exam and the type of questions that you should expect.

Moreover, to prepare for the exam, you will need the proper study material. You can find the study material by using various books. Also, for your ease, you can simply look them up on the internet. Using these study materials and practice tests, you can prepare for your exam.

The lab exam


The second step to get a CCIE enterprise infrastructure certificate is the lab exam. It is also known as the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.0 lab exam. This is an 8 hour long practical exam primarily based on the complex corporate networks and their lifespans.

The exam requires a candidate to have knowledge of deploying, operating, optimizing dual-stack solutions – IPv4 and IPv6 and planning for enterprise networks that are complex.
Furthermore, during the test, candidates should know how to automate and program the network. Now, we will give you a list of topics that are included in the lab exam.

Exam topics

The topics given below are most likely to be there in your exam. However, topics following the same guidelines might be included in your exam as well. In this exam, your knowledge and skills will be checked throughout the entire network lifecycle.

  • Infrastructure for the network – it is 30% of your exam.
  • Software-defined infrastructure (SDI) – it is 25% of your exam.
  • Transport technologies and solutions – it is 15% of your exam.
  • Infrastructure security and services – it is 15% of your exam.
  • Infrastructure automation and programmability – it is 15% of your exam.

Before you go for your lab exam, you need to ensure you have covered all the topics given above. In order to prepare for this exam, you can use various different resources which are available in the form of books.

Apart from this, you can use the internet to find some relevant practical preparation material. There are various websites, including CISCO, etc., where you can find authentic material to prepare from.

You can choose from a number of websites and can choose the one that is most suitable for you. Also, when choosing a website, you should ensure that the website you use is not fraudulent. Thus, it is better to choose websites that are official and authentic.

Some information about recertification


The said certification has a validity of three years. Also, you should recertify it before the certificate expires. You recertify by using either of the two options – bypass the same examination or complete Cisco continuing education activities.

If you choose the first option, you must pass any exam of the expert level. Also, you can appear for any three professional concentration exams of your choice or can pass a technology core exam with a concentration exam.

The first option entails for you to revalidate your certification by undergoing any of the CCNA exam tests. You have to do this by attending the Cisco live training events. You can also complete online courses or attend SPOTO CCIE enterprise training led by attending instructors.

To sum it up!

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure is an expert-level certificate that is accepted all over the world. It is one of the most reputable certifications in this field. However, as it is an excellent certification, it is also a difficult one.

Therefore, you need to prepare for it thoroughly. If you use the topics and the ways given above, you will prepare for the exams perfectly!