5 Best Quirky Online Activities in 2021

February 10, 2021 Michael Catmouse 0

As most of us remain stuck at home with limited entertainment options, we crave to experience new things, which may add a sense of excitement and provide distraction during these unique times. No one can argue that the internet has changed the world, and while most people believe that they Read More

How Long Can You Use an N95 Mask For 2021?

February 9, 2021 Michael Catmouse 0

If you work in the Canadian healthcare industry, you must have firsthand experience of the critical equipment shortage seen during the first wave of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Now that COVID-19 is back with full force, you might be thinking about extending the use of your personal protective equipment (PPE) Read More

Web Scraping vs. API: Which is Better in 2021?

February 3, 2021 Michael Catmouse 0

Technology has created a ripple effect, an impact that we, as the users, feel daily. Its evolution and the increased internet penetration have made digitization for businesses a necessity. In turn, digitization has led to the availability of a lot of information about these businesses on the web, some of Read More

Health Benefits of Dried Fruits – 2021 Guide

January 13, 2021 Danko Alimp 0

Dried fruit is a fruit that has almost all of its water contents eliminated; that is why it id dried and contracted. It is drained by using various methods. It gets shrink and small in size, which is full of energy. Dried fruits are full of fiber antioxidants and micronutrients Read More

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