Sandrew Rogers April 4, 2020

If you are a student and was a user of textsheet than you must be disappointed and looking for the alternatives to textsheet. As you know the textsheet is no longer available after the DMCA notice. That means it has copyright violation issues with the website. We can understand the panic of the student, who […]

Govind Dhiman March 25, 2020

Many people think that college life is all about parties and having fun, thanks to pop culture. However, it is not always the case. Mostly, college years are about you struggling with deadlines and trying to fit all deadlines in one schedule. Academic overload is huge today, and many students don’t have the necessary skills […]

Govind Dhiman January 23, 2020

When you’re scouring the web looking at your options for college, you have probably come across some really strange choices. There’s a huge debate on which are the most useless degrees nowadays, but what about course subjects? Even if you choose something rather popular and promising such as a college business program, you can still […]

Govind Dhiman October 23, 2019

Cheating on an exam can be tempting. Many college students search for innovative ways to cheat in exams. Some of them simply improvise. In some cases, the reason for this is because the student is not willing to study for the exam. However, in most of them, cheating happens due to exhaustion, pressure, and stress. […]

Govind Dhiman October 16, 2019

In a nutshell, yes! But let’s start at the beginning: what is numerical reasoning and why should you care? Numerical reasoning tests decipher how accurately and efficiently you work with numbers. When you take one of these tests, you’ll deal with everything from graph data and number sequences, to currency conversion and financial analysis.  Employers […]