What do Different Casino Bonus Types Mean?

The online casino industry is flooded these days and in order to thrive, these casinos have had to brand and market themselves to make sure they actually get customers. Competition is stiff and casinos have to stand out in order to draw in business. Bonuses were incorporated in online casinos as a means to encourage more people to sign up with the site, encourage participation and reward loyalty to maintain long-time customers and high rollers. This worked so well and only goes to show the importance of bonuses in this industry. A good example of this arrangement is the free slots New Zealand like on, which encourage people to stay with the site. 

Before signing up and playing at an online casino, it is important for players to understand the type of bonuses offered and their accompanying terms and conditions to make sure they are suitable for them. This article gives a detailed outlook of what the different casino bonus types mean. Also, as you play through online casinos, it would be great if your kid used the top 5 educational games for children not to be bored

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Different types of casino bonuses explained

1. Welcome bonus


This here is one of the most commonly available bonuses from one casino to the other. It is also known as the new player bonus or sign up bonus. It can only be received if you have not been registered to the specific casino website before. These bonuses are usually received upon the player’s first deposit and may be in the range of an additional 100% to 200% match up to a certain amount. In some casinos, the welcome bonus may carry forward to the second, third and even fourth deposit. When comparing online casinos and considering the best welcome bonuses for you, it is key to look at the respective wagering requirements, maximum cash out amounts and what games you can play with the given bonuses to make sure they suit you. 

2. No deposit bonus

An emerging trend has casinos offering no deposit bonuses to new players upon registration. This means players don’t have to deposit any of their own funds to start playing. It is an ideal onus for trial and error players who are testing the waters at an online casino. They are however not commonly popular among casinos as they are quite costly for them. Bonus abusers tend to take advantage of these bonuses and take advantage of the online casinos. This has pushed many online casinos to place high wagering requirements on their bonuses to avoid being taken advantage of. In some cases, casinos have imposed that players need to make a deposit to the casino before they can withdraw their winnings. Some may even come with a win limit meaning you cannot win higher than a certain amount of your bonus. When it comes to no deposit bonuses, players need to be keen and read through the accompanying terms and conditions to fully understand how this seemingly inviting bonus works.

3. Reload Bonuses

These are common bonuses usually given to a player when they make a deposit. They can either be claimed or sent to you via email, usually with a bonus code. They may also only be available during specific times or days. Reload bonuses vary from casino to casino, it is therefore important to compare what each has to offer to make sure your hard earned money brings you the best bonuses.

4. Cashback Bonus


Some casinos are quite considerate with their bonuses. A cashback bonus is usually given based on a player’s net losses. This means that when a player wagers and loses everything, the casino gives them back some of this money as a cashback bonus. The way this bonus works varies from casino to casino. In some cases it can be withdrawn while in other scenarios it comes with wagering requirements. This makes it important for players to carefully read the terms and conditions that apply to this bonus.

5. Loyalty Bonus

Casinos use many different loyalty bonuses to reward gameplay at their casinos. They may come in the form of level up systems, loyalty points, missions, adventures and challenges. The loyalty points are earned during gameplay and can be redeemed for real money. Level up systems come with upgrades, bonuses, multipliers and free spins. Missions and challenges give players tasks that upon completion give them rewards and tokens which can be exchanged for real money. 

6. Bonus for alternative payment methods

Online casinos offer a wide range of banking and transaction methods. These online casinos may have a preferred payment method that they would want to encourage their clients to use. To do that they may offer an additional bonus besides the usual welcome bonus for clients using the specified payment method which in most cases is e-wallet, which is usually cheaper. However, there are also some payment methods that if used may exclude the customer from receiving the available bonuses. Most casinos may not offer welcome bonuses for transactions done via Neteller and Skrill hence bonuses can’t be claimed using these two. These payment method bonuses are however not common but players should be on the lookout for them.

7. Referral bonuses

While quite rare these days, players are entitled to receive a referral bonus when they refer or invite a friend to join an online casino. This is done by giving the referrer a specific link or code which they give to their friends to use while signing up. When the code is used or the link opened the referrer receives their referral bonus and the referee gets something as well.

8. VIP & High roller Bonuses

Casinos love high rollers, these are players who make huge deposits and as a result play more. Casinos not only offer them higher bonuses on their higher deposits, but also give gifts and incentives such as free tickets to sporting events, free holidays, electronics and expensive watches. These bonuses are rarely popularized but when a high roller makes a huge deposit the support team gets in touch with them to offer them a bonus in appreciation.

9. Birthday Bonuses


Some online casinos have gone to the extent of rewarding their clients on their birthdays. Birthday bonuses are gifted once a year to players either in the form of cash or free spins. It is not unheard of for players to hit the jackpot on their birthday thanks to these bonuses. This bonus is considered the ideal birthday gift in the online casino industry. 

10. Percentage Deposit Bonuses

These bonuses are meant to attract players and encourage deposits and gameplay. They are given as a percentage of the deposit made initially. They however in most cases come with wagering requirements that must be met before withdrawal is possible. 

11. Multiple Deposit Bonus

Frequent casino players are likely to enjoy this bonus. They are diverse and offer and give incentives when you make consecutive deposits. For example, 3 consecutive deposits will earn you extra money in your account. This bonus is meant to encourage gameplay and keep players hooked to the casino. 

12. Game Specific Bonuses and Game Release Bonuses

Game release bonuses often appear when new game titles are released. They are meant to entice players to try out the new games and hopefully get more people playing the new title. They may be available for the release day or rum for a week or a month. Game-specific bonuses on the other hand are bonuses that may be specific to a certain game title or category of games. This is mainly done to reward and attract players who like interacting with a specific title or gaming category.

13. Free spin bonuses


They typically come in the form of bonus spins, welcome spins and cash spins. In most cases, free spins are given to new sign ups as part of their welcome bonus to encourage them to try out certain pokies and they usually come with a wagering requirement. A wagering requirement means that there is a set number of times that the bonus received must be wagered before the player can be able to withdraw their winnings from that bonus. However, some casinos such as bgo casino have no wager requirements on their no deposit free spins hence the rewards are actually free.


Casino bonuses are known to make gambling way more interesting. Gambling is a great pass time, especially now that we are all stuck at home. Also, here’s how you can stop feeling overwhelmed at home caused by the internet. Bonuses are an added incentive that can put you on your way towards a win. They are very rewarding to players and keep them playing and happy. Bonuses also attract a lot of traffic to online casinos and are a major marketing strategy for them. It is however necessary to be keen about the terms and conditions around these bonuses to make sure you are getting the best deal possible.