Top Car Life Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Cars have already existed for more than a hundred years. During this time, drivers have managed to come up with a lot of interesting life hacks that can make automobile preparation for the road and driving more comfortable. This article will be useful for both novice drivers and experienced drivers in order to refresh effective tips for motorists in their memory and possibly learn something new.

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Master the Methods of Economic Driving


The most economical mode of driving lies in the speed range of 30–60 mph (50–90 km/h). Thus, if you follow it most of the time, your driving style allows for reduced fuel consumption. Also, use cruise control on a long road, monitor tire pressure, and periodically check the trunk to avoid carrying excess weight. When this style of driving becomes a habit, the financial gains will become significant—fuel consumption can be reduced by 20–30%.

Use Self-Service

For example, you can save time and 30-50% of the cost of washing a car at a self-service car wash. In addition, the price of such procedures is approximately half as low. Of course, you’ll need to hold the water cannon yourself and make a few laps near the car, but most of these physical exercises will only be useful.

How to Wash a Car’s Engine Properly

A clean car engine works more efficiently and economically. Don’t be afraid to wash it yourself. So that water doesn’t damage some units near the engine, they should be covered with waterproof materials. Thus, the car starts immediately after washing. This applies to the vehicle’s battery and alternator. Also, water shouldn’t get into the air intake. You can check out AutoBidMaster which compiles auctions of cars affected by flooding, and see the most common cases. To make the engine clean, add a detergent (soap, car shampoo, or eventually dishwashing liquid) to the water and wash the motor with a soft cloth.

Polish the Headlights With a Toothpaste


Over time, car headlights dim and scratches from sand, stones, and chemical reagents appear on them. Good news, it’s possible to polish the headlights at home. Common toothpaste will help with it. You should apply it and polish the headlights for several minutes with a soft cloth. It’s better if there is a grit in the toothpaste—it’ll speed up the process. After polishing, you should wash off the remaining toothpaste with water and enjoy the bright light.

Use Aromatic Candles Instead of Car Air Freshener

Of course, nobody demands to light candles in the car. A scented candle emits a scent when heated. Therefore, if you leave it inside the car, which is constantly heated under the scorching sun, it’ll always smell pleasant. The main thing is not to forget to put the candle in a container so that the wax doesn’t damage or spoil the interior of the car.

Pay for Parking via Special Applications

To search and pay for parking easier and faster, use innovative services, including special Android or iOS applications. Their advantage is that you can pay for parking via your phone without leaving the car. Most often, the parking fee will be charged only at the end of the month, which makes such services even more convenient. At the same time, one of the most nerve-wracking moments—communication with parking attendants—is completely excluded here.

Get a Loyalty Card for the Gas Station Network that You Regularly Use


You’ll be able to receive significant cashback and discounts on every gallon of quality fuel in such a case. Thus, you make it possible to save part of your budget. In addition, gas stations where loyalty systems are available usually belong to branded networks with a high level of service, and this also has a positive effect on the motorist’s well-being.

Prepare Your Vehicle for the Winter Ahead of Time

Changing winter tires is always a process that requires time and money. Typically, car enthusiasts postpone it until the last moment. However, they recognize that with the first waves of cold weather and precipitation, it’s imperative that they change their tires. By this time, there is already a queue at the tire fitting, and you need to spend additional effort, time, and nerves on this procedure. If you make it a habit to change your tires, for example, by October 20th you can carry out manipulations quickly and without any effort.

Prevent Your Doors from Freezing Shut


In the winter, it’s not uncommon for doors to freeze shut. This can be a real pain when you’re trying to get into your car, and it can also be dangerous if you’re stuck in your car in an emergency situation. There are a few things you can do to prevent your doors from freezing shut:

  • Keep your vehicle garaged or parked in a covered area. This will protect it from the elements and keep the door seals from freezing.
  • If you don’t have a garage or covered parking, try using a heavy duty tarp or sheet of plastic to cover your vehicle. This will create a barrier between the cold air and your car.
  • Apply a silicone-based lubricant to the door seals. This will create a barrier that will prevent moisture from getting into the seals and freezing them shut.
  • Use deicing products on the door locks and hinges. These products will melt ice and prevent future ice buildup.

Wrap Up

Based on the rich experience of car enthusiasts through the ages, we have gathered the most popular life hacks that contribute to safe and comfortable driving in any season. They relate to the driving style, maintaining the car’s engine and the vehicle’s body, and other small details that help during everyday driving. We hope that you have found the recommendations listed here handy, regardless of whether you’re a newcomer or experienced driver.