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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Clothes for your Kid

In case you are looking to buy clothes for your kids, it is important to pay attention to certain things. A lot of parents make mistakes which they later regret. It is crucial to find the right clothes, especially if the children are starting school.

Here are the mistakes you need to avoid when you buy clothes for kids.

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    Pick the Right Size

Kids grow quickly and in order to save money, parents reach out for clothes that are bigger than what the children need. They do so in order to save as much money as possible, since they will not be able to wear it next year.

However, you need to make sure that the clothes fit the child. If you are going for the larger items, make sure that they aren’t too big and some items such as T-shirts are ok. However, when you are picking shoes for your kid, make sure they are the right size and comfortable. Otherwise, you will do more damage than good when your kid starts having health issues because of the improper shoes or sneakers.

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  1. Focus on Comfort

The most important thing is that your children are comfortable in their new clothes. They move a lot during the day and they need to be able to move freely. They may look cute in little suits or skirts, but that can be saved for some special occasions such as weddings or something similar.

Other than that, put comfort first and in most cases, put comfort in front of style.

  1. Think about the style as well

Yes, comfort may be more important, but how your kid looks also matters, especially when they start school. As we’ve already said, you don’t need to overcomplicate thing. A nice combination of colors should do the trick. You don’t necessarily need stylish pieces of clothing – they’re kids anyway.

They might fall down, tear it, it happens in seconds.

  1. Not Choosing Quality materials

With the children being active all day, you need to ensure that the clothes they wear is made of high-quality materials. They may sweat as they run around and you don’t want to go after them with new pieces of clothing each time they get too active.

It goes without saying that poor clothing may cause some skin issues, rashness or redness. Therefore, selecting the proper fabric and leaning more to cotton clothes than polyester ones is crucial. If you want to get the very best for your child, no matter the age, make sure to visit kiskissing website and pick the clothes which you find suitable.

There are some other online stores that you can check out, but you can easily explore the web by yourself.

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  1. Don’t go for the cheapest clothes

From the financial standpoint, having a kid is costly. You need to ensure that they are not hungry, that they get the proper education, toys, and everything else that entails it. In other words, having kids requires you to be the best parent possible.

We aren’t saying that you should shower your kid with gifts and new clothing items every day. But the thing you buy needs to be of a high quality. This is something we’ve already mentioned and quality comes with a price.

Buying the cheap clothes is a mistake a lot of parents make. They want to get the most out of the situation and therefore, they often put quantity in front of quality. Of course, sometimes you can find inexpensive items that are very well done and that is the opportunity you need to seize. But in most cases, get your kids something that will last and that they can wear for years.

For families with 2 or more kids, it is a common thing to get a higher-quality item, which is costlier but then the younger kids gets it from his older brother. This works when the kids are of the same gender, but that’s a useful tip on what you can do.

  1. Ignoring Return Policies

When we buy clothes for ourselves, we pretty much know what we want, we try it out and decide whether it is a yes or no. But, when we buy clothes for kids, they are usually not around and trying out anything is a bit different.

Sometimes, a certain item may seem like a good choice, but when you kid tries to wear it, it doesn’t look good or the size isn’t right. Or perhaps, they don’t like it. That’s why you need to check the store’s return policy before the purchase. Some places don’t allow you to return or replace your item while the others are more flexible. In most cases, you should just ask for the people working in the store what their return policy is and if it is possible to replace the item if it isn’t suitable.

They may have a window in which you can perform such action, and that’s why it is important to ask around.

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  1. Not planning your budget

At the end of the day, buying clothes for your kids is fully up to you. We’ve made some suggestions and recommendations, but you decide which type of clothes you want to buy. No matter how you go about it, it is essential that you plan your budget before visiting the store or the online shop.

Not planning your budget is probably the biggest mistake you can make. Whether you go with the more expensive clothes or the not-so-costly package, you will be spending quite a sum. It takes a lot to keep the kids freshly-clothed.


Buying clothes for kids can sometime be overwhelming but eliminating the mistakes that we’ve mentioned above can certainly help you make the right decisions. As your kids start to grow older, you will enjoy shopping with them even more. Nowadays, just look for the items at the websites and stay safe.