5 Best Tips for Visiting The Netherlands: A Summary

Traveling around the world and visiting new countries you know next to nothing about is the best way to learn more about the planet and become a global citizen. Experiencing new cultures, traditions, languages, and foods is how you become more invested in the world, how you learn things first-hand, and how you can better understand all the differences and nuances that make countries unique. Without traveling our world would never be as diverse and integrated as it is today.

While individualism is important and although keeping unique traits is crucial, we all ultimately agree that being able to travel and visit far corners of the globe is a good thing. As long as we respect everyone and everything just like we want others to respect who we are and where we come from, all will be well. Now, with all of that being true, it is also important to note how not every country and not every traveling experience is made the same. It matters dearly where you are going of course, but also how you plan for it and what tips you can find to make the overall experience better.

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Picking the Right Destination

Right here and now we talk about visiting one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and one of the destinations that practically everyone who loves traveling has on their bucket list. The Netherlands, or Holland as it is also called, is a small Western European country on the coast of the North Sea. It borders Germany and Belgium on land with a maritime border with the United Kingdom. With its capital of Amsterdam and many other cities and countryside to visit and enjoy, it is surely a top-tier European destination right up there with France, Italy, and Spain.

The Netherlands is full of wonders that adventurous travelers can discover. Color, classical art, human civilization’s history, and Dutch culture are all present here, in abundance actually. Filled with popular tourist attractions and food stations, the best way to explore this thrilling cityscape is slowly and step by step. The cities are best explored by simply walking and/or cycling. The country is famous for its love of bicycles and the amazing infrastructure that allows cyclists a pleasurable and safe experience.

However, for touring the whole country and visiting multiple towns and cities in a single day, you should really be driving. And since you are traveling, you will need your own rented car. This is quite easy to do in this country because it is a common thing many tourists want to do. In this article we give you some great tips about visiting the Netherlands, first of which is to rent a car. To start your trip, rent one in Eindhoven and experience the Netherlands like never before. Read along to learn more once you do this.

Best Tips for a Trip to the Netherlands

1. Make Reservations


When travelling outside your city or country, the first recommendation is to make bookings for hotels, flights, and cars. This needs to be done well in advance and not a few days before you leave, let alone when you are already there. As tourist destinations, the Netherlands cities like Amsterdam are immensely popular so not having booked a hotel room in advance can make it challenging to find a good place at the last moment.

If you are visiting popular and crowded tourist places, book the tickets so you do not miss sightseeing and having fun. If you do not reserve a ticket online for certain sights and institutions, the stiflingly lengthy lines will prevent you from enjoying them and waste a lot of your time. You may skip them with your advance ticket and spend as much time as you want. This is something many tourists forget or not even think off before scheduling their trip.

2. Rent a Car


As mentioned earlier, renting a car is an essential factor to consider if you want to explore all the local markets or different places. There are several restrictions while using public transit when travelling. The buses might not take you to isolated areas where you may locate a historic site. Trains only give you a single one stop per city, and subways are mainly found in large cities and meant for easier commutes, not sightseeing. As a result, when you use rental services, you have the flexibility to travel anywhere, see remote places, and alter your plans as you go. Rent a BB&LCarRental to explore the best corners of the Netherlands.

3. Time Management


While travelling to the Netherlands, it is critical to manage your schedule well so that you can do the absolute most while there. Create a timetable for the locations and days you wish to visit. Additionally, it is crucial to be informed of the opening and closing times of the locations you want to visit because some places, stores, or eateries may be closed on particular days. A good research prior to leaving your home country will allow you to manage your time much better than doing it on the fly without any direction.

4. Visit During Tulip Season


Well, nobody can deny the intricate beauty of tulips in the Netherlands. Holland tulips are bright, beautiful, and vibrant, some of if not the most beautiful in the world. With more than 800 distinct varieties of tulips, Keukenhof is one of the most stunning gardens in the world, providing a city escape from the chaos that fills the rest of the world. It is a must-see place to visit when travelling to the Netherlands. Also, do not forget to take as many pictures as you would like while you are there. There is no other place quite like it anywhere else.

5. Communication


The intelligent Dutch people have excellent English communication skills, so even if you are a first-time visitor the language barrier will definitely not be an issue. It is also important to remember that Dutch, not German, is the official language of this nation. Although it sounds a bit similar especially if you speak German a bit, it is not a language you can understand without learning it. Because of this, a little bit of the local language and some helpful phrases would be a great way to show your love for their way of life, especially because Dutch is one of the easiest languages to learn.