What Is The Best Software For Online Training

Remote learning today enables many people to receive new knowledge from anywhere and at any time. This type of education has a number of advantages. For example, thanks to it, you can save time for people who are engaged in the creation of an educational program and for people who study. In today’s world, online learning has tightly entered the lives of people of completely different ages and with different interests. One of its aspects is to make the educational process as close as possible to the conditions of traditional education. For this, special online training software and certain tools are used.

During the pandemic, this area began to develop especially rapidly. Over the past few years, a huge variety of new technologies have appeared that are necessary for conducting the distance educational process. They allow you to quickly create courses and make them as diverse, relevant and interesting as possible.

Online training software makes it possible to design content for universities, schools, business companies and many other areas. Moreover, for each of the directions, you can choose those platforms that are more suitable for it and are more convenient.

Let’s take a look at the best of these systems:

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1. Loop

This tool is designed to easily create courses and educational programs for employees of business companies. This platform will help automate the work of employees and make online education convenient and efficient. Loop has a clear interface that is easy to understand. This makes it possible to start creating content as quickly as possible. This program has the ability to automatically analyze a lot of data. For example, grades, percentage of tasks completed, percentage of tasks not completed, and much more. All of these metrics will help you evaluate how well the course is created and how effective it is and show you what needs to be changed to make it even better and more productive. Loop also allows you to integrate between applications and automate most of the operations performed. Subscriptions start at $299 per month.


2. iSpring Learn

This cloud LMS is simple and easy to use. At the same time, it has extensive functionality that is suitable for performing many different tasks. The interface of the program is as clear as possible and it is not difficult to understand it. This allows you to start creating courses almost immediately after you start using the platform. iSpring Learn allows you to manage users and all kinds of content, as well as provides opportunities for high-level authoring. This LMS allows you to track the results of all employees and send them the necessary content. It also has at its disposal a reporting system that collects all the necessary data and provides research results. iSpring Learn comes with a free tool called iSpring Suite. It provides functionality that allows you to create quizzes, simulate dialogues, make courses interactive and add gamification elements to them. Thanks to all the above features, you will be able to design really interesting and effective content. The subscription price depends on how many people will take part in the learning process and starts at $3.66 per user.

3. EdApp

This technology is focused on use with mobile devices. The system has a large number of different functions, but it is not difficult to understand them. The capabilities of this platform allow you to create both the most simple courses and really complex content. EdApp has many templates with which you can design a variety of courses and add various elements of gamification to them. Also, this system allows you to add photos, videos, audio, quizzes and many other components to the content. The spaced repetition function, which is built into EdApp, allows students and employees of business companies to better remember the material covered. It is based on quizzes and tests that you need to take every day to test your knowledge.


4. Gyrus

This effective online training software is cloud-based. It is based on a clear interface and extensive functionality. The platform allows you to create content in a completely different format, designed for different purposes. Text materials, audio and video materials can be added to courses. There is also an opportunity to create tests and add gamification elements to the content in order to make the courses the most effective, interesting and diverse. Most of the functionality of this system is controlled by artificial intelligence. Subscription prices start at $300.

5. Articulate 360

This platform for creating courses and educational programs has great potential. The functionality of this system allows you to record the screen, make quizzes, add animation and gamification elements to the content. With this software, you have the ability to design adaptive and interactive courses that are as effective, productive, and varied as possible. Articulate 360 has a huge amount of visual resources at its disposal. For example video, photo, various backgrounds and other elements. Subscription prices start at $1,299 per year.



This software is used by many teachers for teaching and conducting remote lessons. The program allows you to create content, including quizzes and various multimedia. Thanks to it, it is possible to conduct online classes in the most convenient way for everyone and improve the level of knowledge of students or employees of business firms. In addition, this platform has at its disposal a fairly large library of templates that allow you to speed up the development of courses. What’s more, Qstream gives you the ability to track learning progress and analyze a wealth of data with built-in capabilities. At the same time, the adaptability of this application makes it very convenient due to the possibility of using it with any digital device.

7. SAP Litmos

This system makes it possible to create interesting and varied content and has a large number of different video materials at its disposal. Its functionality allows you to develop content that includes video and text elements, quizzes, polls and other multimedia files. The interface of this program is quite simple, so it won’t take you long to figure out what’s what. Subscription prices start at $5.5 per month per user.


8. Adobe Captivate

This software allows you to develop really effective courses due to the large and diverse functionality. With it, you can create video, audio and text content, quizzes, add animation and gamification elements to courses. In addition, this platform makes it possible to create interactive courses. One of the unique features of this program is the virtual reality content construction function. However, it should be said that the interface and functionality of the system are quite difficult to understand, so it takes time to master all the features of Adobe Captivate. Subscriptions start at $33.99 per month. You can also buy a lifetime license for $1299.

9. Lectora

This platform has been on the e-learning market for a long time and has a reputation for being an effective and reliable product. The program makes it possible to create completely diverse courses, which may include various multimedia, animation and gamification elements. The system allows you to develop both complex projects and the most simple content. One of the advantages of this software is the built-in resource library, thanks to which users have the opportunity to search for a huge amount of necessary information and various content. The subscription price is $1299 per year.


10. dominKnow ONE

This software makes it possible to create the most diverse content and has at its disposal a large number of useful functions. The program is cloud-based, which makes it as convenient as possible. In addition, this platform allows you to make content development easier and faster due to the presence of many ready-made templates. dominKnow ONE is a very powerful tool that allows you to add graphics, gamification, quizzes, animations, all kinds of multimedia and even dialog simulations to your courses. The subscription costs $1,497 per year per author.

11. Moodle

This is a very functional software with which you can create courses, conduct online classes and analyze a lot of necessary information. This system has an open source code, which is very convenient, because it makes it very variable. The program allows you to add a huge number of different elements to the content, including multimedia, infographics, as well as other educational materials. The built-in analysis function makes it possible to structure information and draw conclusions regarding the results issued. Thanks to this, it is possible to understand which of the students or employees of the company is trying harder and who is more predisposed to certain aspects of the educational program. This knowledge, in turn, allows you to adjust the course and make it more effective. To work with this system you will need paid hosting. This feature can be purchased on the official website of the program for $55 per year.

Today, there is a huge amount of software suitable for creating really high-quality courses. All of the above platforms are efficient and reliable. Which one is more suitable for you will depend on the goals and objectives that you set for yourself. Decide on them and after that it will be possible to start choosing tools for constructing content.