4 Best Motorcycle Intercoms for Open Face Helmet 2024

Driving a motorcycle is surely a fun activity on its own. However, nothing makes the ride more fun than driving along in a group while communicating at the same time.

That is the reason why most motorcycle lovers have already found the right motorcycle intercom for them.

Instead of short conversations during red lights, and navigating through the streets using hands, you can simply use an intercom unit and make everything better. Even if you are usually driving solo, the intercoms can be a great tool for listening to music on the road.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the motorcycle intercoms for open-face helmets. In addition, you will learn what are the things you need to consider while choosing the device to be sure it has all the features you need. Keep reading and find out more.

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Things to consider while choosing an intercom

Before we go through motorcycle helmet communicators, it is important to understand your situation and find out which features are important to you. Some people enjoy riding on their own, while others are doing it in a group and there is a different intercom for both situations.

For that reason, you would want to know how many headsets can be connected to a single device, and whether you can connect the same intercom to different helmets. In addition, the range is an important factor as well since you want to be on the line with the group without interruptions.

The longevity of the battery, quick charging time, ability to use the communicator with the gloves on, and preventing wind noises are important as well. Lastly, you would want a device that is resistant to water and dust to withstand all weather conditions.

Since every device has its good and bad sides when compared to others, understanding these features is important in purchasing the right intercom for motorbike helmets.

In the following, we’ll go through some of the communicators worth considering in our opinion.

1. H1 from Moman


The H1 Moman intercom for motorbike helmets comes with the latest connection technology version. It offers great signals and features that can be used without obstructions. From these features, we can separate picking up and hanging up calls, playing and rewinding music, and adjusting the volume.

The H1 comes with a single or double communicator package so you can share the fun with your co-rider. It has a range of one and a half kilometers which is surely enough distance to stay in touch with the whole group. Besides motorcycling, this device can be easily used for various sports that require unobstructed communication.

This Bluetooth microphone for motorcycle helmets comes with a reduction of noise to make your calls free of wind and traffic noises. In addition, the speakers are great so you can expect outstanding sound quality both in your calls and music which is always beneficial.

The battery offers around thirty hours of non-stop use which is more than enough. You can charge the device using its type-c port, which can be also used to transfer data when needed. Lastly, the H1 comes with immaculate resistance to water and dust which makes it a great intercom for open-face helmets.

2. 50R from Sena


Coming with a slim design and three large sections of controls makes both fitment and usability with gloves simply great. The connectivity is on point as well since you can use both the 50R app and the Mesh technology to talk or listen to music during your rides.

The ability to get connected with more than twenty riders at the same time, and select appropriate channels, are one of the brightest sides of this intercom. However, if you are solely relying on Bluetooth, the number of people connected is limited to four.

If the sound is one of your priorities, the 50R is surely a device that provides quality. The speakers are great even at high speeds since they are clear and loud. In case you need to bring the device closer to your ear, additional padding is provided by Sena.

When it comes to resistance to various weather conditions, the 50R can surely survive them all. Even if driving through stormy weather, which is not safe by default, the 50R will have no problems. The battery provides enough juice, and the ability to quickly charge this device always comes in handy.

3. Packtalk Slim from Cardo


If the quality of the sound is the biggest priority during long rides, the Pecktalk should be the intercom for you to consider. It is equipped with JBL speakers which do not need an explanation for their quality. Because of that, it tends to be on the more expensive side of intercoms.

The technology that Cardo has is capable of holding fifteen intercoms at the same time which is highly important for large riding groups. For standard use, it has more than a kilometer of range. However, if you are riding with more than six people the range extends to seven kilometers.

In addition, its connectivity is universal which means that people who are not using Cardo devices can get connected. This is highly important for large riding groups because not everyone would have the same intercom, and makes the journey better.

The longevity of the battery is around thirteen hours, but the charging time is not that great since this device needs around four hours to completely charge.

4. G16 from Lexin


You don’t need a large budget to enjoy rides with a quality intercom for motorbike helmets. The G16 fits in the middle between affordable and expensive units while still providing great features.

It can hold up to sixteen riders at the same time, and range of around two kilometers. In addition, the connection is quick due to the upgraded Bluetooth version. It has universal connectivity that lets riders with devices of other brands easily connect. However, you’ll not be able to share music with them since that is only possible for Lexin users.

The sound of this wireless motorcycle intercom is great due to the high-definition speakers. In addition, it has a great reduction of noise for up to 140 kilometers per hour which makes it a great motorbike helmet microphone. The G16 comes with a light that lets you easily check the status without taking the helmet off.

Although the light tends to drain the battery faster, you still have more than fifteen hours of uninterrupted talking or listening to music. What’s more important is the quick charging time of around two hours. However, if a connection gets lost, you have to add it back manually which interrupts the ride.

Enhance your riding experience with the G16 wireless motorcycle intercom, striking the perfect balance between affordability and advanced features. With the capability to connect up to sixteen riders within a two-kilometer range, this intercom boasts a quick and seamless connection facilitated by its upgraded Bluetooth version. Its universal connectivity ensures compatibility with devices of various brands, although music sharing is exclusive to Lexin users. The G16’s high-definition speakers deliver exceptional sound quality, complemented by effective noise reduction for speeds of up to 140 kilometers per hour, making it an excellent choice for a motorbike helmet microphone.

The device features a convenient status-check light, allowing you to stay informed without removing your helmet. Despite the light potentially affecting battery life, the G16 provides over fifteen hours of uninterrupted talk or music-listening time, and it boasts a rapid two-hour charging period. However, it’s worth noting that re-establishing a lost connection may require manual intervention, momentarily interrupting your ride. Elevate your riding communication experience with the G16 and ensure a smooth journey with quality intercom functionality. If unfortunate situations arise on the road, consider consulting legal experts for any injury-related concerns—explore your options with TK Injury Lawyers.