i7-7700K motherboard for gaming

Top 10 Best Motherboards For i7-7700K 2023 – Ready for Gaming

The best motherboard for i7 7700k is the one that is compatible with your processor system. If you’re buying the one that never connects to the processor, it’s nothing less than a scrap piece of metal. If it is compatible with your gaming system, make sure that its functions are always moderate, neither perfectly equal nor inferior to what is necessary.

If all of your components, slots, ports and pins, coolers, and power connector ports exceed the speed required to run your gaming setup, it will only add an unnecessary price to your gaming CPU.

Better to buy a cost-effective, slightly high-spec, expandable PC motherboard for your system. The best motherboard for i7-7700k is definitely the one with enough headroom, generous pin connectors, more slots, and expandable RAM support.

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Our Top Picks for i7-7700k 

1. ASUS Z170 PRO ATX – Best Motherboards For I7-7700K


The ASUS Z170 is a conservative and subdued motherboard at its best with UEFI-BIOS. You can use any water cooler and it pairs really well with this motherboard.

It is a 5-way optimized motherboard as if you only have to click to optimize your entire system and it has many features including a well-dedicated integrated water pump head.

The BIOS is very clean and can be easily moved and the audio sounds good too. I would have no problem using it as the quality is good, also the motherboard and BIOS can be used easily. The ASUS Z170 motherboard has some benefit ports, including VGA. The ASUS Z170 supports water cooling very well with a W-PUMP header included on the motherboard.

You can install it on any water cooler and you will definitely love the temperatures even under high load. Twisting your system is remarkably easy with the BIOS GUI and you will simply navigate your gaming mouse like any other GUI and click.

Overclocking is also incredibly easy by having several performance maps already included and the option to tweak your system to get it right.

The ASUS Z170 motherboard is highly recommended because building on top of the motherboard is incredibly easy and the UEFI BIOS is top-notch and very straightforward even for PC building novices. It works excellently on Arch, Debian, and Ubuntu. The motherboard uses very advanced hardware protections.

It has Crystal Sound 3, Intel LAN, and Turbo LAN because the audio system is flawless and the network latency is low. It uses an integrated Intel USB 3.1 which has a Type-A port and a reversible Type C port.

ASUS Z170 motherboard has professional clock technology that extends base clocks and improves stability for extreme overclocking. ASUS Z170 motherboard has very durable components and very clever DIY features.

It has 64GB memory, and 4 available memory slots, and it also supports data mining. So basically we have a lot of competition in the sector of the motherboard market. With a lot of competition in the mid-range motherboard sector and with various feature sets among motherboards in this market, it is sometimes unclear which features motherboard offers. But now, we have ASUS Z170-PRO that offers all the features mentioned above.

2. MSI Enthusiastic Z270 – Best Motherboard for i7 7700k

MSI Enthusiastic Z270

The MSI Enthusiastic Gaming Intel Z270 motherboard is undoubtedly an excellent quality motherboard and one of the most feature-rich that gives you the best possible gaming experience with the lowest latency and bandwidth management. It has been built for games in the first place.

It has all the features you will need for a premium experience while using the Intel Core 7000 series CPU or the previous generation Skylake chips. It has 64 GB of memory and 4 available memory slots.

It’s basically an easy-to-use UEFI motherboard with tons of customization and options available. The motherboard has impressive, highly stable overclocking potential.

It has a great design, that is. locations of M2 slots and fan headers, etc. It has a better color scheme and the MSI software works like a charm. The motherboard also has an RGB lighting design. The Z270 motherboard is very easy to install and the BIOS is also easy to use. This motherboard works well on the 6th / 7th Intel Core, Pentium, and Celeron processors for LGA 1151 socket.

In fact, it gives your DDR4 memory a performance boost. VR Boost and VR ready give you the best virtual reality gaming experience as they have no latency and also reduce sickness and movement. The Z270 motherboard is certified for gaming; 24 hours online and offline and motherboard testing by eSports players.

This Z270 motherboard with large BIOS with high-resolution scalable font, favorites, and search has won many awards and accolades from the international press. The motherboard has 5-way optimization as if you only need to click to optimize your entire system. To provide the best protection and efficiency, it has the latest evolution in high-quality components.

The Z270 motherboard has a flash BIOS button because BIOS recovery is easy without the need for a CPU, VGA card, or memory card. The audio sound of Intel Z270 gaming motherboards looks good because it has Audio Boost 4 with Nahimic 2 that will bless your ears with grade-grade sound quality for the most outstanding gaming experience. Overclocking is also incredibly easy by having several performance maps already included and the option to tweak your system to get it right.

3. ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero – Best Motherboard For Overclocking

ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero

The ASUS ROG Maximus motherboard is specifically designed for 7th Gen Intel Core processors to maximize speed and connectivity with front panel optane USB 3.1 dual M.2 memory support.

The ASUS motherboard is a 5-way optimization that has auto-tuning and Fans Xpert 4 features that automatically customize the overclocking profiles to its unique frame for maximum overclocking performance and enthusiastic system cooling.

The ASUS ROG Maximus motherboard has AURA synchronized RGB lighting and also a 3D printing compatible stand. The maximum memory capacity is 64GB, while it also has 4 memory slots.

The ASUS ROG Maximus IX Hero provides the perfect balance for gamers and enthusiasts alike with the features they want and the performance they want.

Easy-to-use interfaces put total control at your fingertips. AURA Sync’s dynamic lighting and support for 3D-printed accessories empower more customization in your build than ever before. The ASUS ROG Maximus motherboard is one of the most prestigious motherboards on the market, and probably all gamers and enthusiasts surely dream of owning one.

Instead of its typical dark red color for the retail package, the new ASUS ROG Maximus IX Hero motherboard now launches a new color theme. Some motherboard features are mentioned on the front of the case, such as NVIDIA SLI and AMD Crossfire support, AURA RGB, and support for 3D printing.

On the back of the box, you will find the details and specifications of the board. the most mentioned features are the USB 3.1 front panel connector, ASUS aura RGB, and the new SupremeFX codec. The ASUS ROG Maximus IX Hero motherboard is a bit more aggressive compared to the previous generation. The black and bronze color theme actually intensifies and enhances the appeal of the motherboard.

Magnificently, it has been improved a lot, especially in the designs of the heatsinks and the hardened PCIe slots. Another notable change that can be observed is the densely packed PCB. ASUS has put a lot of effort into ROG software, you will find most of them interesting utility. You can install whatever software you need to install and leave the one you don’t need.

4. ASUS ROG Maximus IX Apex – Best Motherboard With ITX Options

ASUS ROG Maximus IX Apex

ASUS ROG Maximus IX Apex motherboard is specifically designed for 7th Generation Intel Core processors to maximize speed and connectivity with USB 3.1 Type-A and Type-C connections, support for Intel optane dual M.2 memory mounted.

The motherboard has a record-breaking overclocking design with features like dual BIOS chips, LN2 mode switch, water-cooling system headers, thermal sensor connectors, and metering problem points.

The ASUS ROG Maximus IX Apex motherboard is a 5-way optimization that has auto-tuning and Fans pert 4 features that automatically customize the overclocking profiles to its unique structure for maximum overclocking performance and enthusiastic system cooling. It has support compatible with 3D printing, and two additional RGB headers.

The ASUS ROG Maximus IX Apex motherboard is basically designed for extreme performance, the ROG Maximus IX APEX breaks world records with a full set of built-in overclocking features, including dual BIOS chips and an LN2 mode switch.

The unprecedented DIMM.2 vertically mounts M.2 drives for direct cooling, while AURA Sync RGB lighting and 3D printing mounts offer unlimited customization. The ROG Maximus motherboard offers a bold design and unmatched power.

With an optimized design, the motherboard is breaking performance limits to give it a nice look. The three patent-pending security slots feature an injection molding process that amalgamates the metal frame for strength and firmly anchored pie slots built for heavyweight GPUs.

ASUS ROG Maximus IX Apex motherboard undoubtedly has excellent quality and a feature-rich motherboard that gives you the best possible gaming experience with the lowest latency and bandwidth management. The motherboard is an excellent gaming and overclocking board that works well with i5 and i7 processors.

These are two PCI-express 3.0 slots to increase the bandwidth of your video cards. The Apex motherboard uses space in cases that support the EATX form factor. Support and motivate any DDR4 device with the impressive ability to run at 4133MHZ after overclocking.

The ROG SupremeFX high-definition audio chip provides a superior surround sound experience.

5. MSI Pro Series Intel Z270 – Best Premium Motherboards For i7-7700K

MSI Pro Series Intel Z270

Intel Z270 motherboard from MSI Pro series works well with 6th / 7th Intel Core, Pentium, and Celeron processors for LGA 1151 socket. The motherboard provides your memory with a performance boost. Cooling your PC is essential for reliable performance.

The motherboard makes sure to include enough fully controlled fan headers to provide you with the system cooling you need, including the following: 6 fan connectors, DC / PWM mode, full fan control, and water cooling.

When the motherboard is enabled, X-Boost optimizes devices for even better transfer speeds and can deliver up to a 30% increase in USB performance, saving a lot of time when transferring data. This handy tool is very easy to use and immediately detects and optimizes the USB devices that are connected to your system.

The Intel Z270 MSI Pro Series motherboard is built to the quality you can easily trust for peak performance and smart business solutions. Designed and manufactured to please even the most demanding professional, the MSI Z270 motherboard works well on any PC. It makes your life a breeze and supports your business with super stable, reliable, durable and long-lasting superior performance.

It has 64 GB of memory and 4 available memory slots. Intel Z270 MSI Pro series motherboard has optimized traces and memory circuitry that ensures perfect stability and performance so you don’t worry about your system crashing. Compared to other brands, the technical improvement of DDR4 Boost provides more stability at higher memory speeds.

It is an amazing motherboard that works perfectly. VR Boost and VR ready give you the best virtual reality gaming experience as they have no latency and also reduce sickness and movement. The Z270 motherboard is certified for gaming; 24 hours online and offline and motherboard testing by eSports players.

This Z270 motherboard with large BIOS with high-resolution scalable font, favorites, and search has won many awards and accolades from the international press. The motherboard has 5-way optimization as if you only have to click one click to optimize your entire system.

To provide the best protection and efficiency, it has the latest evolution in high-quality components. The Z270 motherboard has a flash BIOS button because BIOS recovery is easy without the need for a CPU, VGA card, or memory card.

6. Gigabyte GA B250 – Best Budget Motherboards for i7-7700K

Gigabyte GA B250

The Gigabyte GA-B250 has multiple advantages over its competitive motherboards, thanks to faster performance and support with all next-generation processors. It is customizable with its large number of PCIe slots and USB ports.

The Fintech system includes a special DDR4 memory that can be expanded up to 128GB with its 4-slot design and the maximum free space available for extensions.

Unmatched performance is marked by built-in heavy-duty technology along with powerful heat sinks, anti-corrosion coating, and rugged PCB housing.

The PCB is made with rare earth elements along with a metal frame underneath to prevent corrosion, moisture, and direct heat. Smart Fan 5 technology is used to ensure unlimited gaming for several hours without heating up your system.

He has also put a lot into adding more fans and power supplies to the motherboard for extended hardcore gameplay. Stay cool and cheery with Smart Fan 5 cooling, play for days without system failure with automatic machine coolers. The GA-B250 is VR-ready, play the fastest and most immersive VR games or check out 4K ultra HD video without a pause on the VR-ready 90FPS screen or higher.

B250 is compatible with all 6th and 7th generation Intel Core and AMD AM series processors, best for gaming experience and cryptocurrency mining. Wide graphics support consumes nominal RAM storage and heats up less than normal. It is due to the Japanese electrolytic capacitor and MOSFET technology for anti-heating and fast switching.

MOSFETs are used for faster switching and better control over everything. MOSFETs are high-speed switching devices, best used for fast processing systems, high-end gaming, and efficient cooling. The motherboard surface is coated with a carbon coating made to resist sulfur penetration into system ICs and heat sinks.

Maintains a smooth performance that prevents air particles from entering the motherboard with a thick resistive chemical layer on it. The coating also comprises high and low-value resistors, any air induction that has sulfur elements enters a base plate, the resistors are made to act.

When the resistors go short or open, the motherboard trips and stop working immediately.

SSD storage is multiplied by M.2 storage. Multiply the system speed by 10 times the normal hard drive copy speed.

Gigabyte M.2 decreases processing time with high-frequency capacitors, it supports both PCIe and SATA interface systems. SSD storage and DDR4 RAM storage can be expanded with additional slots. There are 12 PCIe slots in total, 11 PCIe 3.0 x1 slots are native along with the system.

There are two PCIe power connectors, 6 USB 3.1 Generation1 slots, 4 on the back and 2 on the front. Among the 6 USB 2.0 slots, 4 are at the front and 2 are at the rear.

7. ASRock FATAL1TY Z270 – Best Mid Range Motherboard for i7-7700K


The ASRock Z270 gaming motherboard has DDR4 RAM, a faster connection with its 802.11ac antennas for 2.4 / 5GHz connectivity options, and multiple connectivity ports.

Z270 Gaming ITX / ac is a limited edition gaming model from the legendary Z270 motherboard series. PCIe slots, USB ports, and gaming motherboard surface are expanded for gamers and overclocking.

The audio components are integrated with the pre-installed Realtek HD Audio drivers. No need to install additional audio drivers, the proprietary audio will create crisp, booming sound without damaging sound that is expanded at higher volumes. The ASRock Z270 motherboard supports USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 connections for normal and high-speed connectivity.

PCIe slots are associated with dual power connectors, an optional 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz dual-band bandwidth coverage range, plus the Bluetooth 4.0 module for fast file storage and data synchronization with compatible systems.

There is a Serial ATA 6 bus interface for additional storage capacity on SSD and HDD. The transfer rate for SATA is 150 MBps. SATA is assisted by the most advanced 1x SATA Express, it supports both PCIe and SATA storage devices.

There are 9 USB 3.0 ports, 2 on the front and the remaining 5 ports on the back of the motherboard. The single USB Type-C port is connected to the front with the Intel Thunderbolt 3 speed upgrade. The motherboard is lightweight and ergonomic, creating enough space for the installation of multiple components within the CPU. SDRAM supports up to 32GB of memory in its dual DDR4 slots.

You can add and expand generous internal memory with the ultra-fast dual M.2 device. Bring your VR games to life with quality tested and next-generation VR-ready support within the system. All components and drivers are pre-installed on the ASRock VR-compatible motherboard.

There’s a gold-plated audio jack for maximum sound signal processing and a Booming Creative Sound Blaster Cinema3 audio controller for exceptional audio output.

8. GIGABYTE AORUS GA Z270X – Best Mini-ITX Motherboard For i7-7700K


Gigabyte AORUS is packed with the most advanced features and ergonomic design. supports the fastest next-generation processors and powerful seamless connection devices.

The gaming specifications are spectacular, it is compatible with Intel Core i7, 6th, and 7th generation processors.

The connectivity range is wide and fast, there are several USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports, and several dedicated slots for PCIe, SATA, and SATA Express with full operation and compatibility.

Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and 802.11 ac Wi-Fi antenna capture dual-mode network signals, i.e. 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Dual antennas increase the speed of signal processing and make things smoother than ever.

The AORUS motherboard is specifically designed for high-end online gaming with resistance to overclocking and system upgrades at high temperatures. It has a combination of RGB fusion light embedded within the motherboard via LED strips. RGB fusion lighting is powered by a 12V power supply with rich color contrasts and a light intensity of 16.8 million.

The light modes can be easily modified, change the LED brightness or making a custom pattern, or use the software’s preset lighting combination. There are supplemental LED modes for temperature indication, pressure indication, time, and other related control indicators. There are a total of 7 preset lighting effects along with an interchangeable LED overlay.

Lighting and other control functions can be modified from the indigenous system application. Control and monitor everything with the RGB Fusion app right from your gaming PC. Gigabyte AORUS releases internal heat faster and better with Smart Fan 5 technology. There are built-in fans and corrugated heat sinks coated with anti-corrosion materials for better and longer-lasting system cooling and overall performance.

There are 8 fan connectors in total. They can be connected to air and liquid coolers with enough free space for additional installations. The motherboard is equipped with 7 internal and 2 internal thermal sensors for better improvement.

The hybrid fan header pins can be connected to various fans, liquid pump coolers, and radiators. Additional relays are installed against high voltage, overcurrent, undercurrent, and over and under frequency protection.

9. ASRock B250M HDV LGA1151 – Best Motherboard For i7-7700K

ASRock B250M HDV LGA1151

The ASRock premium B250m is an extension of the award-winning motherboard series. It has a sapphire black outlook with smartly layered glass cloth PCB to prevent moisture build-up and short circuits.

High-frequency MOSFETs are used to offer maximum speed and faster processing with lower heat content.

You can connect up to 3 displays at once to an external projector via HDMI, and it has multiple ports for USB connectivity and faster SATA ports for increased productivity.

B250M-HDV is compatible with all corresponding 6th and 7th-generation Intel and Celeron processors, including Intel Core i7, i5 and i3 processors.

Memory can be expanded up to 64GB with all-new dual DDR4 slots and dual PCIe ports for enhanced operations. The graphics and sound outputs are eminent for their best quality and precise engineering. The sound is supported by a 7.1 channel enabled HD audio system backed by Realtek audio codecs with ELNA audio caps and HDMI output port for 4k and 3k video output.

Internet connectivity is enabled through a dual-band Wi-Fi antenna and the Bluetooth 4.0 version. Easily connects to 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz bands with user customization. There are 6 SATA ports with an ultra M.2 and 6 USB ports, 2 at the front and the remaining 4 ports at the rear. Overvoltage and overcurrent protection is provided via a premium 50A power choke that runs and maintains all functions at their saturation current level.

The motherboard voltage will be maintained without tripping the system due to unnecessary overcurrents or current surges. The motherboard runs on PWM technology. The input voltage remains in step with current throughout pulse width modulation motherboard operation. Increases system efficiency and motherboard longevity.

Make changes, control, and monitor your PC performance with a native ASRock Live application. It provides real-time pressure and temperature statistics, updates your internal controllers, and has your system configuration verified with multiple live applications. ASRock’s online applications also provide real-time customer support to users on system settings and settings.

10. ASRock Z270 TAICHI LGA1151 – Motherboards for the i7-7700K

ASRock Z270 TAICHI LGA1151

ASRock Taichi is an updated version of the motherboard that is better suited for VR gaming, ultra-hardcore overclocking, and graphics-heavy gaming when combined with a compatible graphics card. The new Taichi model is safely designed with a glass surface PCB layer that never allows moisture and corrosive elements to remain inside or cause a short circuit.

The sapphire black frame is made of superalloy material and supports up to 7th-generation Intel Core processor models. Supported processors are Intel core i7, i5, i3, and Celeron processors that have 1151-compliant sockets. There is a top-notch 4x DDR4 RAM model for real-time memory buildup when gaming.

Superconducting gold connectors boost overall speed up to 2x and are even better in normal modes. For overclocking, there are multiple connector slots and pins available for additional heat sinks and cooling fans along with maximum space for PCIe and RAM slots. Z270 can connect up to 3 external displays with its HDMI and display ports. The output screen resolution can be activated with video quality up to 4k.

There are 4 PCIe 3 ports with 16 addresses and a single PCIe for additional operations. A total of 9 USB ports are integrated within the Taichi motherboard, 4 at the rear and 4 at the front, and an additional Type-A port is vertically dedicated for connectivity. Audio inputs are seamlessly processed through Realtek HD 7.1-channel audio drivers.

No need to install additional drivers, just plug and play, and enjoy serene, balanced sounds with no bursts and minimal noise levels. The connectivity options are ethernet cable, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Connect to any network via WLAN 802.11 a / b / g antennas, send or receive files with Bluetooth v4.0, and get instant connectivity with the latest signal repeaters, WI-FI antennas, and 2.4 / 5 GHz dual-band receivers.

ASRock provides colorful lighting patterns, modify your RGB lighting pattern or download more styles for your motherboard from the ASRock app store. Get instant system updates and store color styles, receive customer support, and produce beautiful in-store colorful patterns with one click.

Best Motherboards For I7-7700K – Buyers Guide

ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6 Motherboard

Before buying the best gaming motherboard for i7-7700k, here are some things to keep in mind. A good gaming system is never far behind, whether it’s the most bit-consuming games installed. It has to run smoothly so that you never miss an action or a technical problem.

The fastest processing systems for overclocking and gaming come with better RAM, SATA ports, stable connectivity, high-quality and lossless PCB layout, and a motherboard-connected conductive frame just like the best motherboard for Ryzen 7 2700X.

The motherboard should be able to keep up with the processor, it should never get hot when gaming for several hours. Hardcore gamers and miners keep their PCs on for days, no data should be lost during the process.

We will cover everything as we did in the case of the best motherboard for i7 8700k, the dos and don’ts before buying you a novelty gaming machine or an upgrade to suit your needs, as people do in the case of the top b350 motherboard for overclocking.

Compatibility Guide

Before buying a motherboard, the most important checklist should be on the compatibility of your system. If they say it should work alongside your processor, go ahead to check the remaining features. Let’s say the motherboard is cost-effective, lightweight, and loaded with the best features, but it works only with the AMD Ryzen series, it doesn’t even start on your Intel Core i7 7700k processor.

RAM slots

A game performs better with more RAM, as it uses many Gigabytes of its random access memory to meet graphics memory needs. High-end games always need more memory to load and run games. If there are two RAM slots and the maximum it can support is 8GB or 16GB, it will run slow or not open at all.

Gaming PCs are sold with two or four-channel RAM slots. Also, look for expandable RAM capacity before purchasing your motherboard. Better to buy color-coded four-channel RAM with better RAM capacity. Never install a single RAM, and always make a dual RAM combination for higher efficiency and lower heat content within your random access memory.

Cooling and heat sinks

A cooling fan is a must-have in heavy gaming, especially in overclocking modes. When you play for longer periods of time, the system components heat up abruptly and cause a roar inside. You’d better get yourself a good, big cooling fan, preferably the liquid-cooled radiator type for quick and quiet operation, as people do when choosing the best AM3 + CPU for gaming.

Look for a motherboard that supports internal space for fans and pump heads with enough room for RAM and PCIe slots. A PWM fan control is best for speed control and additional functions including temperature sensing and control. The PWM controller monitors and displays all cooling statistics, warnings, and quiet modes in real time.

Power connectors

Power connectors are similar to arteries and veins on a motherboard. The best ones are ATX power connectors with 24-pin modulation. All you need to do is select a form factor that supports more pins and additional functions when external components are connected to it. There are micro and mini ATX power connectors. They vary depending on the number of pins and expansion slots.

Slots and ports

A heavy gaming PC needs faster processing to match the overall system speed. A system with more slots is rated better than one with fewer. Modern gaming motherboards have up to 9 USB slots divided into the front and back of a system. USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 Generation-2 connectors are the fastest on all connection pins.

Dedicated USB Type-C ports are available for all-new external Type-C cable connectivity. A diverse gaming PC will work more efficiently everywhere, whether it’s from the inside via PCIe slots or for external connectivity via USB ports. There are other extremely important DIMM slots.

They rest on the motherboard for the RAM building. DIMM slots are rated for DDR capacity, they can be two-, four-, or multi-channel devices. The latest is the DD4 RAMs for faster processing between the system and the DIMM slots.

RGB lighting

All newly manufactured gaming motherboards are equipped with LED strips for isolated and synchronized RGB lighting supplies. RGB programming keeps getting better on newer models at the expense of a few dollars more than the net price.

If you are looking for a light show, better go for RGB and RGBW headers. External lighting patterns are available to add and edit on your CPU, thanks to 4-pin and 5-pin RGB headers and Wi-Fi connectivity for control. Buy 16.8 million RGB lighting headers for better brightness and error-free lighting.


Gaming Motherboard ports

1. How much RAM can an i7-7700K handle?

On average, a processor with 8GB of RAM can handle up to 64GB of RAM.

2. How good is i7-7700K for gaming?

The i7-7700K is a great choice for gamers because it offers the best performance out of all the processors in this category. It can handle most gaming tasks with ease, and you can even boost its performance if needed by overclocking it.

3. Will i7-7700K get Windows 11?

Yes, your processor will support Windows 11.

4. What chipset is the i7 7700k?

The chipset for the processor is the Intel Z270 Express Chipset.


If you’re looking to build a powerful gaming or computer system, the i7-7700K is a great choice. Not only is it one of the most popular processors on the market, but it also supports DDR4 memory and has plenty of overclocking potential. If you’re in the market for a motherboard that can handle high-end components and serious overclocking, check out our top picks for motherboards that support the i7-7700K.