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13 Best Mechanical Keyboards 2023 – Durable Gaming Equipment

Generally, mechanical keyboards are quite versatile, depending on your preferences. The way they are made differs from other types of keyboards, such as those with a rubber dome and scissor switches.

Even within the product market, there are many different types of mechanical switches made by various companies. The three main types of switches are tactile and silent, tactile and click, and linear and silent.

Linear switches are generally good for gaming, and tactile ones offer better feedback as you type. However, it all comes down to personal preference, and fortunately there are many options available in a wide variety of switches to best suit your needs.

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Top Picks Mechanical keypad For Wok & Gaming

1. SteelSeries Apex Pro – Best Mechanical Keyboards

SteelSeries Apex Pro

The best mechanical gaming keyboard we’ve tested is the SteelSeries Apex Pro. This full-size, wired model is an exceptional pick for gamers.

It feels very well built, with a solid aluminum body and double-shot ABS keys that feel durable.

The straight design and detachable wrist rest offer good ergonomics, which should make gaming enjoyable and comfortable.

It comes with proprietary OmniPoint switches, which offer linear feedback, and since there are no bumps, it provides a quiet typing experience.

Also, you can set the actuation point in the accompanying software.

It also has full RGB backlighting, and you can choose your preferred lighting option and control the brightness directly on the keyboard.

Unfortunately, there are no dedicated macro keys, which can be a hindrance for MMO players, and the plush wrist rest is a dust magnet.

On the other hand, the keyboard is compatible with the SteelSeries Engine software and has internal memory. Overall, it’s one of the best keyboards we’ve tested.

Main features:

  • Connectivity: Cable
  • Size: Full Size (100%)
  • Mechanical: Yes

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2. Razer BlackWidow Elite – Best Mechanical Keyboard For Typing

Razer BlackWidow Elite

The best mechanical keyboard for typing we’ve tested so far is the Razer BlackWidow Elite.

It is a full-size keyboard with a simple design that fits well in any professional environment.

Its matte black finish lacks any gamer aesthetic, and while it has an all-plastic construction, it feels sturdy and well-built.

It has two tilt settings where it can be easily adjusted for optimal comfort and a well-padded wrist rest that feels very comfortable.

There are dedicated media controls on the top right and a USB pass-through on the side so you can charge your mobile devices.

There are three types of switches to choose from when purchasing this keyboard: Orange, Green, or Yellow.

Our Razer Orange variant feels like the Cherry MX Brown switches, which provide tactile feedback without making too much noise, ideal for quiet office environments.

The keys are well spaced and stable, but there is a bit of a wobble in the space bar. Overall, typing feels light, responsive, and shouldn’t cause any fatigue over time.

If you often work with macros, the good news is that you can record them on the fly. That said, if you want to create or save profiles, you must use Razer’s Synapse 3 software, which is only available for Windows.

Those on Linux and macOS can still use the keyboard since most of the keys work correctly; you just won’t be able to fully customize it.

If you are looking for a full keyboard and one of the best mechanical keyboards for typing, offering convenient features and a great typing experience, you should take a look at this one.

Main features:

  • Connectivity: Cable
  • Size: Full Size (100%)
  • Mechanical: Yes

3. Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB – Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB

If you are looking for a more ergonomic keyboard, the Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB is a good option.

It doesn’t have any tilt settings like the Razer BlackWidow Elite, but you can purchase a separate “lift kit” if you want to raise the keyboard on a tilt.

Instead, this is a split keyboard, so you can position the two halves any way you like, and it’s available on a variety of Cherry MX switches.

The writing quality is excellent, all the keys are macro programmable, there are dedicated macro keys, and it has full RGB backlighting.

It may take some getting used to at first due to its unique design, but once you do, it delivers great overall performance.

If you want the best mechanical keyboard for typing, you can’t go wrong with the Razer, but if you prefer a truly divided and ergonomic option, check out Kinesis.

Main features:

  • Connectivity: Cable
  • Size: TenKeyLess (80%)
  • Mechanical: Yes

4. Obinslab Anne Pro 2 – Best Compact Mechanical Keyboard

Obinslab Anne Pro 2

The best compact form factor mechanical keyboard we’ve tested so far is the Obinslab Anne Pro 2.

This 60% compact keyboard feels very well built with a solid plastic frame, and it looks stylish on most computer setups.

The unit we tested featured Gateron Brown switches, but this keyboard is also available with multiple varieties of Cherry MX, Gateron, and Kailh switches.

The keys are also very stable, giving you an excellent typing experience.

Although it is designed for games, its ability to reprogram each key with macros and its good compatibility make it also very good for programming.

Gamers will also love the excellent RGB lighting, as each key is individually backlit, and full RGB and brightness adjustment, with a white inner frame to help reflect light.

Unfortunately, due to its small size, the ergonomics are not very good, and typing on it for a while can start to feel awkward.

There are no arrow keys either, so the W, A, S, D keys act as substitutes for the Fn key, and the backlighting is still not bright enough for well-lit rooms.

This is a great compact mechanical keyboard, and it’s great for gaming too.

Main features:

  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Size: Compact (60%)
  • Mechanical: Yes

5. Ducky One 2 SF – Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard

PowerColor x Ducky One 2 SF RGB

If you’d rather have dedicated arrow keys, consider the Ducky One 2 SF.

Although it doesn’t have add-on software or wireless options like the Obinslab Anne Pro 2, it does have dedicated tilt adjustments and arrow keys.

It is an excellently built 65% compact keyboard that has fully customizable RGB lighting, and all keys are macro-programmable.

However, all customizations must be done directly from the keyboard, as there is no software.

Our unit’s Cherry MX Blue click switches provided a fairly light typing experience, but it could feel lighter and less tiring with one of the other types of switches this keyboard is available on.

If you want a keyboard with add-on software and wireless connectivity options, get the Obinslab, but if you prefer dedicated arrow keys and more slanted settings, go with the Ducky.

Main features:

  • Connectivity: Cable
  • Size: TenKeyLess (65%)
  • Mechanical: Yes

6. Logitech G915 LIGHTSPEED – Best Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Logitech G915 LIGHTSPEED

The best wireless mechanical keyboard we’ve tested so far is the Logitech G915 LIGHTSPEED. It is a fantastic full-size gaming keyboard with a unique design.

What sets this keyboard apart from the others is its low profile, so the keys have very low pre-travel and travel distances.

Our unit came with touch keys but is also available with click and linear switches. It has a fantastic build quality, with a metal and hard plastic frame on the back.

Like most gaming keyboards, RGB lighting is customizable on each key, plus it comes with five programmable macro keys on the left side.

The Logitech G HUB software is very easy to use and allows you to save as many profiles as you need.

The wireless versatility is great too, as you can connect up to two devices at the same time and switch between them with the push of a button.

Moreover, the quality of the writing is just decent. Typing is easier, and the keyboard doesn’t come with a wrist rest.

That said, it’s an amazing wireless mechanical keyboard if you’re planning on using it for gaming.

It can be a bit pricey for some, so if that’s the case, we suggest you try the much more affordable Corsair K63 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

Main features:

  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Size: Full Size (100%)
  • Mechanical: Yes

7. Logitech G413 – Best minimalist gaming keyboard

Logitech G413

The best budget-grade mechanical keyboard we’ve tested is the Logitech G413.

It’s very well built for its price, with a brushed aluminum frame with minimal flex, although the ABS keys seem a bit cheap.

It is compatible with the Logitech G Hub software, which allows you to configure macros on the function keys, apply effects to the backlight and create more than six profiles, although the different profiles cannot be saved directly to the board, since the G413 does not have internal memory.

The Romer-G Tactile switches you use have a little bump before the actuation point, and they feel quite light for typing since it doesn’t take a lot of force to actuate a key.

Thanks to its short pre-trip distance, it feels responsive for gaming but could be more prone to unintended keystrokes.

The touch switches are quiet when typing, and shouldn’t be annoying in a noise-sensitive environment.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a wrist rest or more than one tilt adjustment, so its straight design can be quite uncomfortable during long periods of use.

Also, RGB fans may be disappointed with the only red backlight.

Although the software is compatible with both Windows and MacOS, sadly some of the keys do not work on MacOS.

Overall, this is the best budget keyboard with mechanical switches we’ve tested and it’s a good option if you want to save some money.

Main features:

  • Connectivity: Cable
  • Size: Full Size (100%)
  • Mechanical: Yes

Mechanical VS Membrane – Differences & Similarities

best Mechanical keyboards for programers

From a design perspective, there are several key differences between mechanical and membrane keyboards. Mechanical keyboards use physical switches underneath each key, while membrane keyboard keys are typically operated by electronic sensors.

This means that mechanical keyboards require more durable batteries than membrane ones (due to the need for physical contacts), and also tend to be louder when activated (as the switches make a clicking sound).

As far as function goes, there are a few main advantages that come with using a membrane keyboard over a mechanical one. For starters, they’re typically much quieter when typing, which can be especially helpful if you work in an office with other people.

They’re also generally more responsive than mechanical keys, which is great for fast typists who need to keep up with multi-line text documents or games where quick response times are critical. Finally, membrane keys don’t get tired as quickly as mechanical ones due to their lack of moving parts – so long hours of typing won’t leave you feeling sore in the morning like it might with a traditional keyboard.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Your New Keypad

Before making your purchase of a mechanical keypad, there are a few things you should think about.


Some keypads come with built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities, making them easy to use from anywhere in the world. Other keypads include cable connections that allow them to be connected to computers or other devices. Depending on your needs, one type of connectivity may be more suitable than another.


When purchasing a mechanical keypad, it is important to consider the durability of the device. Many mechanical keypads are made from plastic and may not last as long as more durable options. Additionally, some models may not be compatible with certain door types or locks, so it is important to research which model is best for your needs.

best Mechanical keyboards for gamers

Hand Support

When purchasing a mechanical keypad, be sure to consider the hand support it offers. Some models have built-in supports that help alleviate stress on the user’s hands, while others require the use of an external support. Make sure the keypad you choose has enough padding to accommodate your hand’s size and shape. Also, be sure to test out the keypad before making your purchase so you can find one that is comfortable for you to use.

Wired VS Wireless

When purchasing a mechanical keypad, it is important to consider wired versus wireless options. Wired keypads are typically more reliable and last longer than wireless versions. However, wireless keyboards are more portable and easier to use in areas with low signal strength. Ultimately, the decision of whether to purchase a wired or wireless keyboard depends on your individual needs and preferences.


Mechanical Keyboards for programing

1. Why do gamers like mechanical keyboards?

Gamers like mechanical keyboards for a few reasons. First, they provide a more responsive feel when typing than membrane or switch keyboards. This is due to the fact that the key switches are placed closer together on a mechanical keyboard, providing a higher degree of responsiveness.

Secondly, mechanical keyboards typically have more backlighting options and longer lifespan than other types of keyboards. This means that gamers can choose one that best suits their needs and style. Lastly, many mechanical keyboards come with additional features, such as macro keys or media control buttons, that make them ideal for gaming.

2. Do mechanical keyboards last longer?

While there definitely are mechanical keyboards that last longer than others, there’s no guarantee that any given model will be better at resisting wear and tear. It all comes down to personal preference – if you think that a mechanical keyboard will make your work easier, go for it!

3. Do gamers use 60% keyboards?

According to a study done by Statista, 60% of gamers use keyboards. This is likely due to the fact that keyboards are more comfortable for long sessions of gaming. Additionally, many gamers prefer the feel of a keyboard over a controller.

Final Words

Looking for an excellent keyboard that won’t break the bank Whether you’re a gamer who needs a responsive keyboard or you just need something to write with, our selection of mechanical keyboards has everything you need. So why wait? Find the perfect keyboard for your needs today!