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9 Best Cordless Picture Light 2021 – Top Picks

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Whether you want to illuminate artwork at home or you are a professional who works at a gallery and searches for the right light to accentuate the works of art, you understand that the artwork has to be kept intact. What you do not want is to use lights that give off heat. Rays like ultraviolet or infrared are damaging, so LED lights are the best solution for illuminating pictures and paintings. Here we present the top six cordless picture lights that you can choose from. Let’s review them!

Top Choices

1. BIGLIGHT Wireless Battery Operated LED Picture Light

BIGLIGHT Wireless Battery Operated LED Picture Light

Let’s start with this exceptional battery-operated LED light. The lighting direction is adjustable. The picture light’s arm and light tube (13 inches) can be rotated 180°to adjust the lighting direction to your desired position.

Brightness is dimmable – press 50% or 100% directly, or press the “+” or “-” button to adjust the brightness level of the painting light as you wish. There’s an optional auto OFF Timer. If you press the timer button on the remote you will set the art light to turn OFF automatically in 15, 30, 60, or 120 minutes.

The model is battery-powered – It is operated with 3pcs AA batteries. Each mirror light has 12pcs super bright LED, 100 Lumens, and you can choose from three lighting modes (3000K warm white, 4300K natural white, 8000K cool white).

The lights are very easy to mount with provided screws. They are an excellent choice for lighting up your pictures, paintings, artworks, mirrors, dartboards, photos, etc.

2. LUXSWAY Wireless Picture Light Battery Operated

LUXSWAY Wireless Picture Light Battery Operated

Next on our list is LUXSWAY Wireless Picture Light. This lovely light is battery and remote control operated. It comes with a remote to turn ON/Off; you can adjust the brightness level, and set the timer to Auto OFF. It is operated by 3 AA batteries.

The light is dimmable and it has soft brightness. There are Warm white, Nature white, and Cool white with 2 brightness levels of “50%” and “100%”. You can switch freely to any mode to illuminate your artwork, pictures, or wall artwork. This model does not have strong brightness to distract your eyes.

Another advantage is that it saves energy. You can preset the timer to Turn OFF. It has 12 Keys to set timer at 15, 30, 60 or 120 minutes work with the remote controller. The right and left light heads are adjustable. We talk about 180 degrees rotatable, 13 inches light head, and each side has 6pcs light bulbs. It can rotate flexibly left and right light tube independently to adjust the light angle to accent accord to the place of the picture.

It’s made of plastic and aluminum to make it more flexible to rotate the light head. The installation is simple and easy. Its head sticks out from 7 inches to the wall. Use a built-in bubble level to make sure the mounting bracket is level. This light will light up your paintings, pictures, portraits, canvases, and artwork beautifully.

3. HONWELL Rechargeable Picture Light

HONWELL Rechargeable Picture Light

Now, let’s check the HONWELL Rechargeable Picture Light. We have Super Bright Rechargeable Picture Lights with 200 Lumens, 28 super bright SMD LEDs. 3 Lighting Modes for your choice (3000K warm white, 4300K natural white, 8000K cool white). Set the right mood just by clicking the button switch on the lamp head and by using a remote.

You’ll like the Adjustable Lighting Direction Accent Light. The picture light tilt head can be rotated 180°and the flexible neck can be rotated 360° to adjust the lighting direction to your desired position.

With this model, you get a Timer and Dimmer Presets Painting Lights. Remote Control has ON, OFF, Timer for 15/30/60/120 minutes & Dimmer with 50% or 100% brightness, with the option to increase or decrease brightness.

This model has wireless rechargeable dartboard light. We talk about rechargeable 2*2200mAh high capacity Li-ion battery and 8.2 feet Micro-USB charging cable. You can unscrew it from a light base or light head to charge. The 5-6 hours full charge can support lighting up to 24 hours. It can be recharged by any USB ports, power banks, laptop, and computer charger.

This light is very easy to mount with provided screws or clips on the picture frame. The picture light is perfect for lighting up wall pictures, paintings, artworks, mirrors, photos, portraits, diplomas, bookcase displays, collections, etc. We do not doubt that it will be a beautiful and useful addition to your wall.

4. Concept Lighting 202L Cordless Remote Control LED Picture Light

Concept Lighting 202L Cordless Remote Control LED Picture Light

We present to you Concept Lighting 202L. Notice the slim and compact look. Using new LED light technology, this cordless, remote-controlled picture light offers superior lighting to illuminate your artwork.

It features warm white LEDs that provide bright, even light. Safe for artwork, the LEDs produce no heat and no harmful UV rays. And we don’t want your pictures to be ruined, so this is a crucial aspect. The light includes a remote control that allows you to control and dim the light. An advanced solid-state circuit using PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) technology allows the light to run for over 80 hours per battery set.

You can use it for pictures up to 2-5 feet wide. The light uses 3 C size batteries that can easily be replaced. Remote uses two AAA batteries. Universal remote-one remote controls multiple lights in Antique Brass with Silver Undertones.

The light can be wall or picture frame mounted. Includes 8 0.08 watt LEDs (0.64 watts total). The light output has 62 lumens, and it’s comparable to a 10-watt incandescent bulb. We talk about 3200K color temperature, CRI 80. It’s 7 3/4″ wide, and it extends 3 1/2″ to 5 3/4″ from the wall. This model will be a wonderful addition to your wall.

5. Concept 101L Cordless Remote Control LED Picture Light

Concept 101L Cordless Remote Control LED Picture Light

Next on our list is this beautiful Concept 101L Light. Using new LED light technology, this cordless, remote controlled picture light offers superior lighting to illuminate pictures, paintings, photos, and other artwork.

Superior Quality “Warm White” SMD LEDs are included to provide warm color rendition and even light distribution. The maintenance-free LED’s last virtually forever due to their 50,000-hour rating. Safety comes first so the greatest advantage is that the LEDs produce no heat and no harmful UV rays. Your artwork will be beautifully and safely illuminated.

The polished brass finish light includes a remote control that allows you to control and dim the light. Battery-powered and cordless, the light will run for over 100 hours per battery set. It can be used for pictures up to 3-feet wide. Battery replacement is effortless. The lamp uses 4 “D” batteries, and the remote control uses 2 “AA” batteries. The Universal remote controls multiple lights. This light will make your art stand out.

6. Concept 102L Cordless Remote Control LED Picture Light

Concept 102L Cordless Remote Control LED Picture Light

Finally, we have Concept 102L Cordless Picture Light that may just be what you need. This model offers bright and dimmable light, with over 100 hours of battery life and it is remote controlled!

This model is also safe for artwork because there are no UV lights or heat. The installation is easy (it can be wall or frame mounted). Light can be controlled by remote or on the main unit, and you can use one controller for multiple lights. Use it for pictures up to 3 feet wide. Easy “drop-in” style battery replacement.

The 100-hour rating is measured by cycling at 12 hours of operation with a 2 hour rest period in between (on the brightest setting) using alkaline batteries. You get better performance – up to 150 hours total operation – under realistic conditions of 4-5 hours (one evening’s use) at a time.

The maintenance-free LED’s last virtually forever due to their 50,000-hour rating. They provide an unparalleled warm white color temperature and superior dispersion of light as compared to traditional LEDs for a warm, even glow over the artwork. You won’t make a mistake with this model!

Buyer’s Guide

picture light buying guide

It’s important to know what to look for when you need a picture light. We focused on those that use LED lights because those are the safest ones for illuminating artwork. However, there are several other aspects to pay attention to:

Cordless light with battery

The first advantage is that it’s easy to move. You can assemble it effortlessly, and remove it if it’s necessary. The cable is troublesome and visually unappealing. You’d have to be creative about covering it up. With a battery, you don’t need to worry about energy saving.

The negative side to it is that the strength of light diminishes as the battery life reduces, so you have to worry about regular charging and/or battery replacement.


It is extremely easy to install cordless lights. Picture lights are mounted on the wall or the frames of pictures or paintings. That way, the lights are close to the artwork, and LED lights keep it safe. In this way, the artwork in the room becomes a focal point.


With picture lights, you need to choose an adequate frame that can support the fixture. Otherwise, you’ll have a catastrophe in the room.


If the artwork is framed behind glass, you need to adjust the angle of the lighting to reduce glare. If you have artwork with texture (oil or acrylic paintings) the shadows created on the surface can be minimized with proper angle adjustment.


faq cordless picture light

Is the lighting even or mainly illuminating the top of the picture?

It’s mainly on the top, but it does depend a little bit on how you angle the light downward.

Do I need to install the light before mounting my art?

Mount your picture where you want it first, and then mark the center of where the bracket will go above the frame. Set your picture and frame aside and then mount the bracket with good anchors as the light with batteries is fairly heavy. Hang the picture and then slide the light fixture into the bracket.

Can I just lay the light on the frame?

You probably could but it is very heavy and unless your frame was large enough to support that – it probably wouldn’t work well.

I’m trying to light several paintings in the same room, hoping they can all be wireless and remote-controlled from one remote. Is this possible?

Yes. Just point the remote at the light you want to turn off/on.

Can I replace the LED lights?

No, the LED is not replaceable. The lifespan of the LED is 80000 hours, very durable, there’s no need to replace it.

Can I mount this with command tape?

It is a risky decision. You can use heavy-duty tape on drywall. However, be aware that you need to remove the light to change the batteries.

Wrap Up

If you struggle to decide between the cord and cordless lights, we hope that we helped with that decision by presenting our top picks of cordless picture lights. We are aware that LED lights cost more, but that investment makes sense because you do not have to worry about your artwork being damaged.

Bear in mind that the right model may add or take away from the space where you place it. With all these lovely designs you can choose the one that fits in perfectly with the design of the space where you want to place it. This is very important if you need more than one light and if you want to display more than one picture or painting.

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