Top 10 Best Baby Gates 2021: Best Baby Gates for Stairs and Doorways

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Babies, once they begin to crawl, as cute as they may be to look at, are also always in a potentially hazardous situation that parents need to take care of. A crawling baby who is always on the move suddenly finds himself in reach of so many things around the house that they’d want to touch, feel and perhaps taste everything, causing them to expose themselves to fatal incidents.

Baby gates, in such a scenario, come in handy and are perhaps the best way to babyproof a home. Baby gates help cut off various areas of your home into different sections, letting you decide which part of the house should a baby be allowed in and which part should they be kept away from. For example, you may put a baby gate between your kitchen and the living room to let the baby freely crawl in the living room but hindering their entry into the kitchen.

Depending on the design of your home, you may need more than one gate to cordon off different sections of the house. But the multiple kinds and types of baby gates available in the market, how do you know what you should really be investing in and how do you pick yourself the best baby gate for your toddler? ParenthoodBliss brings to you the answer!

Here are the top best baby gates for stairs and doorways to invest in:

1. Summer Infant Multi-Use Decorative Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate (Baby Gate for Doors)

Height: 36 inches tall
Width: 28.5 to 45 inches wide

Summer Infant Multi-Use Decorative Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate

A pressure-mounted baby gate for doors, this one comes included with hardware mounts which means it totally is up to you how and in which format you would like to install it around the house (at the door or top of stairs). Offered in two beautiful colors, bronze & beige, this baby gate for doors can fit openings as wide as 45 inches and comes with an auto-close feature that locks the doors after you’ve walked through. The lock can also be opened with just one hand, offering so much utility and functionality.

When you install this baby gate in between two rooms or on the door, the door swings in both directions. However, if used at the top of the stairs, the equipped stopper will prevent it from opening towards the staircase and it will only open in the opposite direction.

It should be noted, however, that this baby gate for doors has a step-over rail at the bottom which could be a tripping hazard for babies who are transitioning from crawling to standing up; also a watch out if they have elder babies/children and senior citizens in the house.

2. North States 38.5″ Wide Easy-Close Baby Gate – (Baby Gate for Doors)

Height: 29 inches tall
Width: 28 to 38.5 inches wide

North States 38.5" Wide Easy-Close Baby Gate

A baby gate for doors with one of the most convenient locking systems, this one shuts lock just with one push! Offering a triple locking system, this gate swings both ways and is made in heavy construction engineering to ensure durability and quality. When placed between rooms and on doorways, the tension nobs of this gate further secure it well in place, making it an ideal, non-hazardous choice.

Apart from the two extensions supplied in the pack to have this gate fit even wider spaces, additional extensions are also sold by the manufacturer should you need an extra-wide baby gate. However again, there’s a step-over rail at the bottom that one needs to look out for in order to avoid hazards and accidents. As for one of the best parts about this gate, it offers a hold-open function which keeps the gate open for long periods and for several go-throughs. Available in bronze and white colors.

3. Cardinal Gates Stairway Special Baby Gate (Baby Gate for Doors)

Height: 29.5 inches tall
Width: 27 to 42.5 inches wide

Cardinal Gates Stairway Special Baby Gate

One of the best baby gates out there for the top of stairs, this one is a walk-through gate, equipped with a door stopper that prevents the door from swinging out over the staircase. It should be noted that this baby gate is designed to fit on angles up to 30 degrees and so if there’s a peculiar angle at your home you’d want to fit this gate at, buy it without any second thoughts!

If you have only one wall, this one would still fit by using additional square/ round clamps to fasten it to the banister on the other side. Made in a durable, easily cleanable powder-coated finish, it further features a lock that can be opened even with just one hand.

For the best part still, there’s no step-over rail at the bottom and hence there are no hazards to always be on the lookout for! Available in colors black and white.

4. Summer Infant Deluxe Stairway Simple to Secure Wood Gate (Baby Gate for Doors)

Height: 32 inches tall
Width: 30 to 48 inches wide

Summer Infant Deluxe Stairway Simple to Secure Wood Gate

A multi-functional baby gate for doors, this one can be used even on hallways and at doorways, making it so much more likable and one of the best baby gates available out there. Made out of wood and available in unique color options like ‘antique oak finish’ this baby gate offers a comfortable grip for convenient one-hand opening and also comes with a door stopper that prevents it from swinging over the stairs.

Besides, if you already have banisters, you can choose to additionally purchase the Summer Infant universal banister mounting kits and avoid the hassle of drilling and damaging the wood.

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5. Dreambaby Chelsea Gate (Baby Gate for Stairs and Doorways)

Height 39.5 inches tall
Width 38 to 42.5 inches wide

Dreambaby Chelsea Gate

An extra tall metal baby gate, hardware-mounted baby gate for stairs and doorways alike, this one is a walk-through gate, and just by screwing the hardware mounting cups in place, you could safely use it for stairways too! Featuring a secure, one-handed double-locking system (locks on the top + bottom of the gate), you can open and close this door, and it also auto-locks with an EZY indicator that turns red when the door is not locked in properly.

This pressure-mounted baby gate further also has a stay-open feature to keep it open and in place when desired. Extendable up to 198.5 inches with the help of additional extensions, this is perhaps one of the best baby gates for stairs in the extra-wide category. Once more, though, this one also has a step-over rail at the bottom and is a tripping hazard that needs to be looked out for. Available in colors black and white.

Final Thoughts

Once your little angel starts crawling and moving around the house, your otherwise seemingly harmless house will start to look rather hazardous and you will find yourself doing a lot of things to make the house hazard proof- including the installation of baby gates! While in pursuit of baby proofing and shielding your baby to make sure they’re safe.

Also, when it comes to baby safety, before buying a baby gate, we recommend you always double-check the safety standards and that it is approved on sites like Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Your baby’s well-being and safety are only in your hand after all!


1) What are pressure-mounted gates?

A pressure-mounted baby gate tension fits between two walls, just by applying some outwards pressure to keep them in place. Such gates are typically the best for doorways and for when you don’t want marks on the wall. It should also be noted, however, that pressure-mounted baby gates are less secure than hardware-mounted baby gates and hence, should be avoided for use on stairs.

2) How long do you need a baby gate?

Typically, baby gates are advised in homes with babies starting from 6 months up to 2 years of age. It is advised to remove the gate once the baby turns 2 as they may then try to climb over and hurt themselves in the process.

3) What is a hardware-mounted baby gate?

A hardware-mounted baby gate refers to gates that include wall-mounted and doorway-mounted baby gates. Ideal for the top or bottom of the stairs, for gate installation, all you need to do is to drill a screw into the wall and fit it in place. Such doors are usually known to be more secure than pressure-mounted but they may not be very easy to install and will always leave a mark on the wall owing to the drilling.

Here are the other great models available on Amazon today:

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