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10 Best 1TB External Hard Drives 2024 – Top Portable Storage

With the advent of computers, everything is digitized, whether they are photos, videos or files that are essential for everyday life. This data invades us so much that it is sometimes very difficult to store it. Since the memory of our computers is no longer sufficient to store these computer files, the best solution is to get an external hard drive.

This kind of accessory allows us to save our data in a safe and convenient place. It has more space than USB drives and is more secure and accessible than online backups. In addition, external hard drives are compatible with the many new generation devices that emerge every year.

But given the multitude of products on the market, sometimes it is very difficult to make a decision. To remedy this, please read our guide. Indeed, you will discover there, for example, that models such as Toshiba Canvio Basics 1TB can transfer data at a rate of 5120 Mb per second.

Or, the LaCie STGU2000400 benefits from a compact design and a memory capacity of 2 TB. Thanks to the great compatibility of the hardware interface, it can directly copy your files whether they are on a card or in a computer. camera without having to use a computer.

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1. Toshiba HDTC910XL3AA Canvio – Our Top Pick

Toshiba HDTC910XL3AA Canvio

Connectivity USB
Hard Disk Interface USB 3.0
Compatible Devices Laptop

To back up your data safely, you must opt ​​for the best external hard drive of the moment which is none other than this Toshiba.

This model has unusual features that will give you the possibility of storing your files without fear.

You should know that Toshiba Canvio Basics 1TB is designed with the best components that exist, it also has a system that makes its use very easy.

Your data transfer will only be faster with this external hard drive. Indeed, it is equipped with a USB 3.o port, which is one of the last generations of USB which considerably increases the transfer speed.

But this computer equipment can still work with older generations such as USB 2.0. This item can be used with the Microsoft Windows system without the need for installation or other computer manipulation.

This model has a storage space of 1T0. It is under NTFS file system, but you can easily change it to HFS + file system to make it compatible with Mac system. It is a very compact external hard drive with very high resistance meaning that it can serve you for a long time.

  • Fast transfer: This external hard drive has a transfer rate of 5120 MB per second which makes the data load time very short.
  • Ease of use: This model of the best brand of external hard drives is a plug-and-play device, in other words, you just have to plug it in to make it work.
  • Compactness: In terms of durability, this item is reliable. It is extremely compact, which guarantees effective resistance to impact and wear.
  • Access time: When you plug in this external hard drive, it takes a little bit of loading time before the computer gives access.

2. WD Elements 1TB USB 3.0 – Best Overall

WD Elements 1TB USB 3.0

Connectivity USB
Hard Disk Interface USB 3.0
Compatible Devices Desktop, Laptop, Gaming Console

External hard drive offerings are on the rise these days, so it can be difficult to know which model meets your needs.

To know how to choose the best external hard drives of 2024, you can refer to this Western Digital which is a model with the characteristics that this kind of gadget must have to be competitive in the market.

This model has a considerable storage space which reaches 1 TB, or 1000 GB.

So you can store all your important data as well as heavy files such as series and movies there so as not to affect the performance of your computer.

With the technology with which it is equipped, it is immune to bugs. It connects via a USB port and in particular USB 3.o for more performance.

This disc is very light since it is only 454 grams with a dimension of 2.54 × 2.54 × 2.54 cm. For this reason, it is easily transportable and can be stowed away discreetly in your bag if you need to take it somewhere.

In addition, despite this small size, it fulfills its mission perfectly. It has a transfer rate of 1 MB per second. Thanks to its specificities, this model stands out from other models and, if a ranking were to be made, it would be at the top of the list.

  • Large storage space: Western Digital USB 3.0 1TB has a storage space of up to 1TB, which is more than enough to back up all your files.
  • USB 3.0: This is the very best in technology related to USB connectivity. This improves the data transfer rate to save more time.
  • Lightweight: If one has to compare this WD with other models, it is the only item that has a square shape, which makes it more practical and less heavy.
  • Design: However, opinions differ on this square design. Some customers find it less aesthetic than rectangular silhouettes.

3. Sonnics 1TB Silver – Best Xbox Series X/S External Hard Drive

onnics 1TB Silver

Connectivity USB, SATA
Hard Disk Interface USB 1.1
Compatible Devices Laptop, Television, Desktop

If you want to get yourself an efficient way to preserve your computer data, but you do not yet know which external hard drive to choose, it will be better to go for Sonnics USB 3.0 1TB.

This article guarantees you complete satisfaction thanks to the various features it has as well as the many features it offers.

This model has 1TB of storage memory which is really quite a lot as it allows you to store over a hundred movies and series.

Its transfer speed gives you the opportunity to save time, because thanks to its USB 3.0 interface, its transfer rate can reach 5 Gb / s. It is FAT32 formatted for compatibility with Windows system or Mac system.

But it can also be connected to your Smart TV to play your films or make recordings on your box. Even video game consoles are compatible with this model, be it the Playstation or the Xbox. Enjoy a moment of relaxation while benefiting from a powerful device.

It is therefore a real multifunction external hard drive which is very practical especially if you want to travel light while having all your files.

  • High transfer speed: The transfer rate of these Sonnics can go up to 5 Gb / s, which saves you considerable time.
  • Compatible with all devices: Computers, televisions, and game consoles, all are compatible with this state-of-the-art external hard drive.
  • Pretty Color: This kind of detail often goes unnoticed in comparison, however, this gorgeous blue color is hard to miss.
  • Not easy to use: You have to get used to it before you can master this article correctly, especially if you use it with a game console.

4. LaCie STGU2000400

LaCie STGU2000400

Connectivity USB
Hard Disk Interface USB 3.0
Compatible Devices Laptop,  Desktop

Meeting the requirements of professionals, this device allows you to record your data directly in its storage space without having to go through a desktop or laptop computer.

This is because you can transfer your files into the tool simply by connecting it to a flash drive, USB stick, mobile phone, memory card, camera and even a drone.

Its built-in battery is used to operate it, but also to charge other devices due to its advanced technology. This is easily done using its USB option.

This can be done simultaneously while you are making a copy and you will only have to check the process with the monitor installed in it.

Very interesting, its quality of manufacture gives it good durability which keeps it sheltered from bad weather.

Indeed, this device is resistant to water splashes while being insensitive to dust, and able to withstand shocks. In the event that it is damaged, its content remains safe thanks to its 3-year data recovery plan.

The box is well stocked at the time of purchase, because in addition to the 2TB hard drive with integrated screen, there are as a bonus: a charger, a removable protective cover, a quick start guide, a mobile connection cable type C.

You also won’t need to use the Internet to take advantage of its various features. A subscription to the Adobe All Apps Access program is also included in the bundle. Finally, its memory card reader is already incorporated.

  • Direct transfer: You will not need to use a computer to make the data transmission, you will simply have to connect your source to it to save the files in its storage space.
  • Features: If you are on the go, you don’t have to wait until you’re home to view, rename or delete the contents of your disc. You can perform these operations directly from your mobile phone by connecting it via USB.
  • Battery: It is self-sufficient enough for long-term use, but it can also charge other devices.
  • Speed: Its data transfer rate is 387 Mbit / s, which makes it rather unsatisfactory.

5. Western Digital for Mac 2TB – Best PS5 External Hard Drive

Western Digital for Mac 2TB

Connectivity USB
Hard Disk Interface USB 1.1
Compatible Devices Laptop,  Desktop

Compatible with Apple products, this tool offers optimized protection for your digital content thanks to the regular backup of Time Machine software of the same brand.

The USB-C and USB-A cables it has will allow you to save your data directly to your Mac.

But more so, the security of your digital life will be ensured with this device, since it is opened by a password.

This is assisted by its built-in locking by hardware 256-bit encryption. Additionally, you can customize settings by accessing WD Discovery.

This same software connects you with social networks by allowing you to connect, from the equipment to cloud storage services and to Dropbox, Facebook and Google Drive.

To ensure user satisfaction and to gain the trust of users, the manufacturer offers a 3-year limited warranty. He also created this device while complying with the most stringent requirements in terms of reliability and durability.

The 5,400 rpm disc spin speed says a lot about its performance. Featuring an elegant design with several colors to choose from, you will be charmed.

Everything has been carefully shaped to simplify its use. You can easily move your photos, music, videos and documents to its storage space by connecting it directly to your Mac without having to make complicated settings thanks to its great compatibility.

It can also be attached to the Genius application which will allow you to quickly transfer the digital files that you will need.

  • Connectivity: It opens the doors to popular social networks like Dropbox, Facebook or Google Drive and allows you to import or export files directly through these windows. You could then manage the drive by accessing WD Drive utilities.
  • Guarantee: The manufacturer makes sure that customer satisfaction comes first. For that, it offers 3 years of guarantee.
  • Speed: In addition to its storage space of 2000 GB, it performs 5400 rpm which is activated in a silent mode without any overheating.
  • Compatibility: It is only compatible with a Mac and is not recognized by a Windows system.

6. Seagate Maxtor STSHX M201TCBM – Best Thin External Hard Drive

Seagate Maxtor STSHX M201TCBM

Connectivity USB
Hard Disk Interface USB 3.0
Compatible Devices HDD

External hard drives are available just about anywhere you find yourself, but there are a few essential features you should pay attention to before you start looking for where to buy the best external hard drive to get the most out of your choice.

The description of Maxtor USB 3.0 2TB will give you a better understanding of what you can demand from this kind of item, as this model is a real benchmark when it comes to external hard drives.

This template is a simple and efficient way to securely back up your data. It is especially very convenient when you are on the move because you can always exchange your videos and photos, no matter where you are located.

This model has the largest storage memory with 2TB of available space or 2000 Gb of files that you can keep without difficulty.

This item has a USB 3.o interface allowing it to have amazing data transfer speed. On average, the transfer rate is 480 Mb per second, however, at its peak performance, this device from Maxtor can achieve speeds up to 5 Gb / s.

The dimension of this external hard drive is correct as is its weight, making it easy to transport, but also to store it. If you also have to travel far and take your device with you, that won’t be a problem given its lightweight, either.

  • Huge storage capacity: The 2TB of storage space available on this external hard drive is impressive, you will no longer have the problem of insufficient memory. It doesn’t matter what type and volume of files you want to store there, it won’t be a problem.
  • Fast: The speed with which files are transferred with this external hard drive is extraordinary. It has a speed that is between 450 Mb and 5 Gb per second.
  • Modern design: This model is very pleasant to look at with its very contemporary patterns. This is one more argument to buy it.
  • Uneven performance: Even if the transfer rate is very high, it is not systematic for each transfer, some files are exchanged less quickly than others. Which is a shame for a device deemed to be so efficient.

7. Seagate Game Drive PS4 – Best Rugged

Seagate Game Drive PS4

Connectivity USB
Hard Disk Interface USB 3.0
Compatible Devices Gaming Console

If you are looking for a hard drive more suitable for your video games, this Seagate Game Drive is what you need.

Generally, video games are heavy and take up a lot of space. This hard drive was therefore developed to increase the storage capacity of your PS4 up to 2 TB to allow the installation of all your favorite games.

FIFA 2024, Far Cry 5, Marvel’s Spider Man… this PS4 external hard drive thus signs the promise of a continuously renewed gaming experience.

We would also like to point out that this product has been tested for all generations of PlayStation 4, namely the PS4, PS4 slim and PS4 Pro. Its installation is quick and easy. You don’t need any tool other than the USB cable.

The console immediately recognizes the disc. The disc is light and easy to take to a friend’s house for a good game.

  • Speed ​​of installation: The installation of this PS4 external hard drive is super fast and it is recognized directly by your PS4. No need to wait any longer to indulge in your favorite games.
  • Quiet Device: Unlike other hard drives in its class, this one is quiet. This gives you undeniable comfort for maximum concentration.
  • File transmission rate: If the storage capacity is correct, however, the data transfer speed is insufficient. This hard disk can only ensure a speed of 110 Mb / s.

8. Maxone 2.5 ″ USB3.0 – Best High Capacity 

Maxone 2.5 ″ USB3.0

Connectivity USB
Hard Disk Interface USB 3.0
Compatible Devices Laptop

This PS4 external hard drive has many advantages that may guide your choice.

First, it has a reduced size of 2.5 inches, heavily designed to slip into your pockets and to fit in the palm of your hand.

This is a great opportunity for you to back up your important files at any time and whenever you travel.

Transfer your documents at high-speed thanks to its USB 3.0 port. The Maxone brand has indeed chosen USB 3.0 technology because it is much faster than USB 2.0, ie 10 times faster.

Its speed is estimated at 5 Gbit / s. At the same time, this product gives you the possibility of storing your data up to 320 GB, immense for a model of its range.

Take advantage of its simple plug-and-play operation, too. You will have at your disposal a hard disk ready to use with Microsoft Windows.

  • Plug-and-play functionality: With this functionality, you no longer have to configure your hard drive. This is directly operational without you having to install any software.
  • Storage capacity: It must be said that Maxone did not do things in halves. The brand has integrated into this compact case a storage capacity of 320 GB to contain your heaviest games.
  • User manual: The instructions for this model are written in English.

9. Transcend TS500GSJ25M3 2.5 ″ – Best for Mac Desktops

Transcend TS500GSJ25M3 2.5 ″

Connectivity USB, SATA
Hard Disk Interface USB 3.0
Compatible Devices Desktop

Transcend TS500GSJ25M3 is the new revelation in the market.

This is a 500 GB external hard drive, in which you can keep all your memories such as your wedding photos, your vacation photos, or even the videos of your son’s first steps.

It sets no limits for you and welcomes all your personal data.

TS500GSJ25M3 is also appreciated for its impact resistance. It has a robust shell that allows it to remain unscathed against multiple external aggressions.

For more ease of use, the manufacturer has equipped it with a USB 2.0 input.

Thus, you can connect all wireless devices equipped with a USB 2.0 port to your hard drive via a quality cable that ensures data transfer at record time. This model is also compatible with USB 3.0.

A multicolored LED system is also integrated so that you can easily identify the connected port.

  • Shock resistance: This model has been well thought out to withstand shocks, numerous manipulations as well as any dust that can infiltrate inside.
  • Multicolored LED system: In order to quickly determine the type of USB connection, the hard drive embeds the multicolored LED system. This indicates a different color for each connector: orange for USB 2.0 and blue for USB 3.0.
  • Reading Speed: The reading speed of this hard drive is very fair. With a speed of 100 MB / s, it can not really compete with its colleagues.

10. iStorage diskAshur2 500GB 2.5 ” – Best Encrypted External Hard Drive

iStorage diskAshur2 500GB 2.5 ”

Connectivity USB
Hard Disk Interface USB 3.0
Compatible Devices Laptop, Gaming Console, Desktop, Camera, Smartphone

iStorage diskAshur is a good reflection of innovation and advancements in technology.

This external hard drive prioritizes the security of your data above all and requires PIN code authentication.

You must therefore define this for a length of 7 to 15 digits. Without this PIN code, your data cannot be opened, which protects you from all curious people.

Also note that the model features full encryption, as the device makes use of military-grade 256-bit AES-XTS hardware encryption.

One of its greatest assets is its secure microprocessor, which complies with the common EAL4 + criteria.

The advantage is that it is provided with a physical protection mechanism that protects you from bypass attacks or external tampering.

With a memory of 500 GB, this hard drive is completely in line with the needs of users.

  • Security system: The security system of this 500 GB external hard drive is very reliable because it has many intelligent features – PIN code, and hardware encryption… – which will immediately put you at ease.
  • Lightness: iStorage diskAshur strengthens the rank of portable hard drives by its small size and especially its light weight which offers you great comfort for transport.
  • Price: We have to admit that the price of this model is quite high. You may be hesitant if your goal is to find a cheap external hard drive.

Best 1TB External Hard Drives – Buyer’s Guide

Do you think you don’t have enough space on your computer? Are your HD videos and photos taking up too much memory to choke the system? Don’t panic, there is a solution that allows you to keep them all while freeing up storage space on your PC: the external hard drive.

Able to store up to 3 terabytes for some models, this portable device will solve your lack of slot. Plus, your files will be safe from virus infestation that requires formatting without backup. It’s all well and good, but how do you buy a better-value external hard drive?

best samsung SSD

The type

There is a multitude of hard drives on the market. They are differentiated by the technology they embed, the connections and the speed. To put it simply, you will have the choice between models that use a spinning disc, the diameter of which generally varies between 1.8 and 3.5 inches. The storage capacity will be proportional to the size.

Then there are SSDs, products that use technology similar to SD memory cards. They have their respective advantages. Conventional models offer more capacity but are more vulnerable to shock. The read head may jam or jam on the disc. The latter is spinning at full speed.

For their part, SSDs are more expensive and have a shorter lifespan. Overall, an external hard drive that is protected from shock, water, and extreme temperatures will last for 5-7 years.

Apart from the type of hardware medium on which your files will be located, also pay attention to the connections. It is still important how to transfer the data to your computer or television. Your comfort of use will depend on it. Most often, the connection will be provided by a USB 2.0 port.

Currently, version 3.0 provides a transfer speed ten times faster. Speaking of USBs, learn that there are miniature models. The Micro USB will connect your hard drive to a phone or tablet. Then you can opt for e-SATA.

This is the external version of the cable connecting your PC’s internal hard drive to other components, including the motherboard. Just understand that he’s fast.

However, this connection, which looks like a USB with pins, sometimes poses compatibility problems. If you’re going to watch the movies on your hard drive on the living room flat-screen TV, your buying guide for the best hard drives will point you to an HDMI-compatible model.

Otherwise, you will have the choice between RCA and S-Video, technologies specially designed for the transfer of multimedia data. Note that a hard drive can have several types of connections. The more compatible cables, the better.

Storage capacity

Do you remember vinyl records? There were 33 rpm and also 45 rpm. The number of songs they could contain changes depending on their size. With external hard drives, it’s pretty much the same. Those with a diameter of 1.8 inches will have a capacity of 120 GB.

They offer enough room if you only keep the essential photos and movies that you really like. With 2.5 inches, you can have 320 GB. Some manufacturers even offer 2.5 models with 500 GB of free space. With the product Maxell Tank H640, you will have 640 GB. At this level, you can store all the songs you know without exception.

You will still have enough room to put a series with several seasons. That’s not all, you will still have a place for the coolest software. If you feel like it, also put your files for study or work. 500 GB or 600 GB is a lot for personal files, but it will not be enough if you are going to make a real media storage device.

To have as much content as possible, our advice would be to choose a 3.5-inch hard drive where you will have at least 1 TB of available space. Generally, models with such a capacity offer several types of connection.

This is the case of the Mem MediaDisk LX LAN 1000 GB Full HD 1080p. If necessary and provided you have a corresponding budget, it is possible to go up to 3 TB. However, there is a notion that you should remember. For a hard drive whose total capacity is advertised at 2 TB, you can actually record 1850 GB of files of all kinds. Yes, it will be the same with the 500 GB models, Windows will only see 465 GB of actual memory.


Before asking where to buy a new external hard drive, consider how to use it. Try to determine where this device is intended to be placed. Indeed, a desktop hard drive will not be so stylish, but its capacity rarely drops below 750 GB. It is even possible to go up to 16 TB, with a 32 MB buffer memory, if you need a model for an entire network. Remember, however, that appearance will not be the strong point of professional hard drives. Having the appearance of some box, they often look like a computer server.

In short, it’s for work, it will above all be the reliability that counts. In case you need a nice model for the living room, opt for a fixed device with a beautiful front and a sober color. On the practical side, it is possible to have a remote control. Most of the time, these multimedia hard drives have an upright position. In this way, they take up little space. At the same time, it reduces the effect of gravity on the disc.

Finally, if you need a travel hard drive, several brands are available. They offer different shapes and colors to match as many tastes as possible. There are even high-end models with personalized leather cases. To make it easier for yourself to choose, go to price comparison.


External SSD For Mac

How to use an external hard drive?

First of all, plug the disc into a USB socket on your computer. Then go to the workstation. Normally, you should see its icon with a default name. You can rename if needed. You click on it. Note that its use is the same as for an internal hard drive of your PC. Copying the items to transfer as the backup is similar.

For better management, I would like to know how to partition an external hard drive.

Partitioning an external hard drive is generally easy since it is not much different from an internal hard drive. This is a very common practice, as it gives the user the ability to better organize their folders as well as all their files. In addition, dividing a hard drive into different parts helps preserve documents against possible data loss.

However, in order to be able to achieve this, you need to follow a few steps. We suggest you check out the videos online so as not to go wrong.

Otherwise, go to the computer management section and click on “disk management”. You will then see the reduce volume option. Choose the size you want for your partition, then validate. This new partition that you have just created must be formatted to be operational. Once the formatting is completed in the right conditions, it will be immediately ready for use.

I think there are viruses on my hard drive which I am trying to remove but to no avail. So, can you tell me how to format an external hard drive?

Formatting your hard drive involves deleting all the files it contains and configuring it with a new file system, allowing it to communicate with Windows. Without this configuration, it will be impossible to record and read data. Before formatting, first know how to recover data from the external hard drive.

Otherwise, the formatting is very easy to perform. When you have connected your drive to your computer, go to the “Disk Management” option that appears in the window. Click on it and locate the name of your external hard drive. Then use the right mouse button and select “Format”. When the operation is complete, your drive will appear under its new name.

I have a little problem, my external hard drive is not recognized. What should I do if my external hard drive does not show up? How else could I repair an external hard drive?

A hard drive that does not show up on the computer workstation is indeed annoying. Usually, you will receive a small message stating “an unrecognized USB device”. Everyone goes through it at some point.

Before attempting anything, it is necessary that you first determine the reason for this problem. It is possible that your partition is corrupted or the USB driver is damaged. This may also be the case for your firmware. One of the solutions available to you is to reinstall the USB controllers. You can also connect it to another PC to see if the problem persists.

Best budget External Hard Drives

How to connect an external hard drive to Freebox mini 4k?

Connecting a hard drive to the Freebox is always interesting to increase storage capacity. Many also use this to use the external hard drive to save videos, such as a server.

To do this, you must first unplug the Freebox and keep only the box. Then connect the external hard drive to its USB port. Usually, the USB input of the Freebox is on its back. Once the two devices are properly connected, reconnect the 4K box.

You have to wait about a few seconds, nothing more. The Freebox must go through an initialization phase which lasts about 30 seconds. When you see that the device is properly seated, it indicates that the connection between the drive and the drive is successful.

How to solve the problem of hard drives not being recognized by computers?

To better manage the storage space of a computer, we usually place our data in an external hard drive or USB stick. But sometimes the machine does not recognize these devices directly. A very annoying situation, especially in case of urgent need! But that doesn’t mean the files are lost, or the hardware is outdated. Simple and effective methods exist to solve this problem.

Case of a computer running Windows

If you prefer to use the Windows operating system on your computer (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 10), the easiest solution is to assign a letter to the unrecognized device. Efficient and easy to perform, this method is the most suitable for better protecting or recovering data stored in your external hard drive.

To do this, go to the start menu, and go to the Manage option. You will immediately find the “Disk Management” section. Right-click on the hard drive icon that is not displayed in the computer menu. Replace the letter written there, and click on ‘Add’. Of course, the letter must be different from the one that has already been given to other devices. Do not forget to validate, otherwise, the order will not be taken into account. After all these steps, your external hard drive or your USB key will appear on your machine without delay. But if this is not the case, other tips are available to you.

Find the hidden location of the external hard drive (or USB stick)

This is an alternative for people still using a Windows computer, and whose previous method failed. We would nevertheless like to point out that this operation involves a certain risk. It formats your device and hence will delete all data present on it. The good news is that you have the option of recovering them using the RECUVA app.

This solution is a little more technical but still feasible. Go to the start menu again, then select the computer to access the Disk Management option. Go back to the start menu, and go to the search bar, to write “cmd”. Then click the ‘Launch’ button. Do not forget to stay in the administrator session. Once these steps have been completed, a command console should logically appear.

Now enter these following commands one after the other in order to succeed. Don’t forget to press enter after each of them to validate. In addition, each validation leads to the order that follows it.

Start by entering diskpart, then list disk, respecting the space between the two words. Then you will find “select disk…” on which you will indicate the number of the unrecognized disk. After that, the clean option will appear. This is the command that will delete all the contents of the disc. Here again, you have the option of opting out. But once validated, the situation will be irreversible.

The operation continues on creating partition primary. This is used to ventilate the space of your external hard drive so that it appears on the list. Then enter active, then format fs = fat 32, and finally assign. The latter is responsible for assigning the letter to your hard drive. Normally the appearance of a Windows window will soon appear on your screen. It warns you that the device formatting must be started.

Finally, press “Restore default settings”. Your external hard drive or USB key will be automatically formatted in order to make it reappear on your computer.

Best External Hard Drive

Fix External Hard Drive Display Problem on Mac

An unrecognized device is also a common problem on a Mac. Whether it is an external hard drive or a USB stick, bugs usually arise during the installation of the device. But Mac owners are not left out since equally simple solutions exist.

To start, go to the Apple taskbar, then go to the ‘Applications’ menu, then ‘Utilities’ and ‘Disk Utility’. Now lightly click on the name of the obsolete hard drive and click on ‘Repair drive’. Sometimes an error message appears on your screen. But do not worry! Just insist by double-clicking.

The reclamation operation will take some time. You will be able to see the trend on the green line. When it is complete, it means that the repair is complete and your external hard drive or USB key is displayed without problem on your screen.

Small tips: The ideal would be to unplug the device and plug it back in immediately to ensure that it works properly.

After all these procedures, you can easily transfer your data and/or save them to your hard drive. Movies, video clips, audio, important files… now store everything you need on your device.

How to use an external hard drive?

An external hard drive is an essential computer tool when it comes to backing up digital data. It is especially the ideal solution to have a surplus of storage in order to contain more photos, and videos in HD, without forgetting the documents which clutter the memory of a computer.

If you just bought an external HDD and you don’t know how to go about it, don’t panic, it just takes a few basic guidelines to use this device.

Do not refer to the prices

According to received ideas, the quality of the computer tools offered for sale depends on their high prices. This means that the more expensive the equipment, the more advanced it is.

But currently, with the advancement of new technologies, the costs are getting lower and lower compared to the arrival of the first models on the market. As a result, major brands offer powerful external hard drives that are rather affordable.

Transfer large files

An external hard drive is the best option to meet the increased human need for digital storage. File management is easy with this tool, including data transfers between different computers. It, therefore, offers a surplus of storage. Indeed, some motherboards, do not have enough Sata or IDE ports. In addition, data is easily transportable from one machine to another.

Take some usual precautions

In order to keep your accessory in pristine condition, it is essential to place it away from dust. So remember to get a small protective cover. This will also protect it from impact damage. Thus, it is better not to separate it from its case. But despite this, caution is still required when setting up your tool high up on a table or desk, as the cover can actually only cushion the collision.

Pair with the PC

Since the hard drive is external, it connects to the computer via a USB cable. The location of the USB connector is on the side or on the front of the PC. An icon is displayed on the screen, which marks the fitting with the PC. A window called “AutoPlay” should normally open. Therefore, you can view the contents of the HDD by clicking on the “start” tab then in “computer”, the name of the removable currency will be displayed.

Avoid constant formatting

It quickly deteriorates the condition of any storage device. In the event of a virus infection, always look for another less drastic solution. Formatting is a last resort.

Install antivirus

To constantly ensure the good functionality of the external hard drive, it remains essential to have an antivirus on your PC. In fact, you must protect your storage hardware from malware at all times. No matter what product you are using, it is always convenient to update it. As you will often have to use your accessory on the move, especially avoid connecting it to another computer that does not have an antivirus.

Most popular brands

Best Mac SSD

External hard drives today have several uses. Among other things, they are used to store data and files that your computer’s memory can no longer support. You will be able to save your movies, your professional documents as well as your favorite songs. This of course in the measure of the available space.

Also, be sure to select a specimen that is both capable and practical. To help you in that direction here is some information on the brands that you will come across the most in the market.

WD or Western Digital is recognized as the world’s leading supplier of storage products. Its performance in the field has been proven by its quality articles. Indeed, the references from WD are not only practical but also solid and multitasking.

WD external hard drives are among the best-selling on the market. This is thanks to their ultra-fast speed justified by their version 3.0. In addition, the brand also provides equipment with a capacity of 4 TB. This will allow you to store several files, both audio and visual. You will not have to equip yourself with three or four products. What not to encumber you unnecessarily?

The Seagate brand claims to want to produce more than 50% of the hard drives around the world. This daring is attracting the attention of many consumers today. Know that this goal of the sign is not summed up only with words, but also with actions. Indeed, the items offered by this reference are among the most efficient on the market. This is due to the technology that the manufacturer has integrated into it.

The new models presented by Seagate offer its users not only the security of their data but also the rapid transfer of data. This is thanks to technologies such as BarraCuda® or even FireCuda.

This is a South Korean subsidiary. The latter has existed since 1969. Its years of expertise have therefore been numerous since its creation until today. You will then no longer have to ask yourself questions about its performance in the field of electronics, computer equipment and communication. Among its flagship items, we can for example cite flat-screen televisions, tablets or even smartphones.

As for the external hard drives offered by this brand, you will meet several models on the market. It will all depend on the performance you expect from your product. Some specimens will reach a capacity of up to 4 TB. This is for a transfer speed of version 3.0.

Toshiba is one of the most popular references in the field of computer hardware manufacturing. Among the items presented by the brand, we can for example distinguish laptops, screens or external hard drives.

Regarding the latter products, Toshiba launches a wide range of specimens that are equally powerful. Indeed, the equipment offered by the brand not only offers excellent capacity but also good practicality. This is thanks to the 3.0 transfer speed offered by most new Toshiba models.

The brand has now joined the Seagate brand. This further guarantees performance. Indeed, the manufacturer has already been recognized for its quality products that are functional, practical and safe.

Thanks to its merger with Seagate, we see the birth of the market of the D3 Station external hard drive. This specimen provides you with up to 5TB of storage space for the fast transfer speed offered by the SuperSpeed ​​USB 3 cable.