Helping People Cross-Country: 10 Reasons to Become a Traveling Nurse

In today’s society traveling the world and working a full-time job often don’t go hand in hand. However, if you’re looking for a high-paying, high-demand job that allows you to do just that, look no further than nursing. Not only is nursing a rewarding occupation, but its flexibility will enable you to work in any part of the world. As a traveling nurse, you will have the opportunity to travel as you please and grow within your career.

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What Exactly Is a Traveling Nurse?

Since nursing is such a high-demand job, many facilities worldwide are in dire need of help. The role of a traveling nurse is to fill in where help is needed temporarily. Traveling nurses act as independent contractors and work closely with travel nursing agencies who help find opportunities and negotiate pay rates. A typical assignment for a traveling nurse can last anywhere from 13-26 weeks and are available within many different nursing departments.

If you’re a healthcare professional looking for a new niche, you can head over to If a traveling nurse position piques your interest, continue reading to see why this position may be perfect for you.

1. Ability to Travel


While the most obvious perk of becoming a travel nurse, traveling is the main incentive to many who embark on this career path. If you are a free spirit at heart, you will love the freedom of traveling cross-country regularly. Not only will you experience the world in ways many people don’t, but you will also do wonders for your mental health and wellness. According to a study by the AARP, traveling consistently can improve your mental and physical health. Traveling can also improve relationships, motivation, and productivity in the workplace.

2. Meet New People

If you consider yourself a social butterfly and can’t get enough social interaction, then a career as a traveling nurse could be right up your alley. Since traveling nurses hop around from location to location, exploring different cities, you will meet new people everywhere you go. Before you know it, you will have meaningful friendships in every part of the country or even the world.

3. Gain New Skills and Experience


Not every medical practice utilizes the same procedures. Working in different facilities throughout the year allows you to hone in on your nursing skills and develop new ones. Instead of getting used to a daily routine, traveling nurses are exposed to various techniques, situations, and experiences. You will learn how to adapt to new problems, communicate with different patients, and think critically. On top of gaining professional knowledge, you will also develop the necessary experience and wide range of skills to improve your resume, opening up new doors for the future.

4. No Workplace Politics

Just like in any other work environment, workplace politics can find its way into nursing. Mixing politics and drama with high-pressure, high-stress occupations like nursing could be a recipe for disaster. However, as a traveling nurse, it is easy to avoid the drama and just enjoy all the benefits nursing has to offer. Since assignments only last between 3 and 6 months, you won’t have time to get wrapped in all the gossip and politics. As soon as things start heating up, you will have the opportunity to move to a new facility and start fresh.

5. Avoid Burnout


Nursing is a demanding career choice, and sometimes you just need to get away. Working as a traveling nurse is a great way to avoid the inevitable burnout that comes from high-pressure situations. Every time you take on a new assignment, you get the opportunity to change scenery. A new city with new people, new adventures, and even new weather could be just what you need to get out of a slump. Besides, you could opt to further your studies through online learning. Educational websites like allow you to find graphical documents for your studies that explain patient issues, organize assessment results and assess outcomes.

6. Perks and Incentives

When you work as a traveling nurse, your nursing agency will help you find new contract positions and even negotiate your salary. Most nursing agencies also help cover your travel costs and find you free or cheap housing while on assignment. Of course, you will still receive your traditional benefits like health insurance and dental coverage.

7. High Compensation


Not only will your traveling be covered, but you will receive above-average pay. However, working as a nurse is no easy task. Many days are exhausting, stressful, and require lots of hard work. Luckily, nurses are compensated fairly for their efforts. Additionally, traveling nurses tend to see higher pay packages compared to on-staff nurses.

8. Test New Places to Live

Have you ever dreamed of moving to a new city but weren’t sure how well you would acclimate? Working as a traveling nurse allows you to test the waters and explore new living locations without the burden of permanently setting down. As a traveling nurse, you can live city to city while taking note of your favorite places. Who knows, maybe your next assignment will become your new home.

9. Job Opportunities


Traveling from city to city working in different hospitals gives you a keen understanding of what you like and dislike in the workplace. If you ever do decide to transition out of traveling and settle down, you will have a strong sense of what you want out of a job. You will also have plenty of contacts and connections, giving you the freedom to pick where you want to work.

10. Help Those Who Really Need It

Nursing alone is already one of the most rewarding career paths to partake in. Every day you walk into work, you will make a significant impact on someone’s life. Working as a traveling nurse gives you the opportunity to help out places that are desperately in need. The more areas you work, the more lives you will change and the greater impact you will leave on the world.

Interested in Becoming a Medical Professional?

Not too many industries offer the ability to travel the world and grow within your career. If you’re looking for a secure job full of adventure and new experiences, working as a traveling nurse could be right for you.