How To Banish Dry Hair in 2024

With hair comes problems – we all have our little hang-ups. Perhaps your hair gets greasy easily, perhaps you’re struggling to love your natural hair, but one of the big problems we all suffer with is getting dry hair.

All Things Hair knows how dry hair can really get you down, and finding tips and tricks to sort out the problem can seem a real chore.

You know that feeling you get when you’ve come straight out of the salon? Who says you don’t deserve that feeling all-year long? Your locks should be luscious and glossy and should make passers-by green with envy.

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Cut Down On Heat Styling


We love playing with our hair – testing Hollywood curls or opting for poker-straight hair, or maybe even attempting a salon-quality blow dry. This heat styling makes your hair more fragile and brittle. There are so many ways to style your hair without heat – you can let your hair air dry more often, and there are so many unique tutorials online to curl your hair with items you have round the house. There is no excuse to use heat tools several times a week and trust us, your hair will thank you for it!

If you just have to use your favorite heat styling tool, then just remember to add heat protection spray before use – apply it to damp hair before doing your blow dry to protect your locks from the hot temperatures!

Cut Down On Steaming Hot Showers

As well as heat styling, another form of heat that can damage your hair is very hot showers. We know, they’re a treat in winter, a hot bubbly bath makes the day a lot better. However, hot water swells open the hair shift, and if you already suffer from dry hair, it won’t naturally close up. Experts recommend warm to hot water and rinsing your hair with cold water at the end of the shower to cool it off. It’s a salon trick that makes your hair look shiny – take notes!

Cut Down On Damaging Treatments


Heat styling isn’t the only treatment that can damage your hair. Other ones that can make your hair brittle and dry are bleaching, dyeing and highlighting. Any chemical treatment on your hair can have a negative long-lasting impact. Consider natural alternatives such as hitting the great outdoors when the weather is sunny to naturally lighten your hair, or applying red fruit tea to your hair to bring out your red highlights.

Hydrate Your Hair

If your hair is dry, it is because it lacks moisture, so treat it to a pampering session on a regular basis. Treat it to nourishing hair masks and deep conditioning treatments to keep your hair well fed! If you do have dyed hair, adapt your hair care routine accordingly. Use color care products to keep your hair vibrant and smooth weeks after you hit the salon.

Don’t Over-wash Your Hair


We are all guilty of over-washing our hair. We are so petrified of the idea that our hair could possibly appear greasy that we have all hopped in the shower every day to wash it. Over-washing your hair can strip it of its natural oils, that help hydrate it. Shampoo your hair every other day – and sure, the first few times your hair may feel a bit sticky, but once it’s adapted to your new hair routine, your hair will be nourished and glossy. You will get rid of dry hair in no time!

Hit The Salon

Your whole hair may not be dry, you may just be suffering from dry and split ends. The solution to this problem? Hitting the salon and getting your ends trimmed. If your split ends dry quicker than the rest of your hair, then that’s a sign you need to get them snipped off. Plus, you’ll get a luxurious-feeling treatment for your hair and a salon-quality blow dry – what more could you want?

Keep on top of your trims too, try to head to the salon every 2-3 months at least to make sure your ends are healthy and hydrated!

Comb Your Hair


Instead of using a synthetic bristled brush, opt for a comb which will also help banish tangles. Alternatively, you can opt for a natural bristled brush. A synthetic bristled brush can snag your hair instead of untangling it and cause static electricity. Natural brustled brushes won’t tug on your hair or damage it.

Protect It From The Weather

Protect your hair from hot temperatures – after styling, apply a product that offers UV-protection to avoid the sun drying out your hair. It will also help lock your style into place. This is a healthier alternative to hair spray as it is alcohol-free and therefore less damaging for your hair. You can also wear a wide-brimmed hat to protect your hair – plus it’s stylish!

Try A Healthier Diet


Deliveries are our best friends in the evenings when we don’t know what to cook, but adopting a healthier diet will not only have an impact on your mind and body, but also your hair. Eat more fruit and vegetables, and particularly foods containing omega-3 or antioxidants to hydrate your hair, and leave it soft and glossy. Although this solution on its own will not solve your problem entirely, applied with a healthy hair routine, will revolutionize your hair.

Sleep On A Silk Pillowcase

Protect your hair at night by tying your hair up and sleeping on a silk pillowcase. You will definitely be having sweet dreams with this tip! You may notice that the side you sleep on may be more damaged or brittle than the other side – this is because sleeping on that side makes your hair more fragile. We recommend applying Moroccan oil to your hair before bed and tying it up before sleeping on a luxuriously silky pillow case. Silk is gentler on your hair and will not tangle your hair, unlike cotton. It will also be great for your skin!