What Questions Should I Ask a Car Dealer Before Making a Deal?

Buying a car is an ordeal most of us have to go through at least once during our lives. In the majority of cases when you buy a car once you’ll be doing it a couple of times more before you say it’s enough. It’s hard to make the right choice from the get-go considering that it’s hard what you want, and even harder to know what you’ll receive when you strike a deal. There are no rules when you buy and used car. It is like they say – a cat in the sack.

But, at the end of the day, you need a car, and an agreement with a car salesman needs to be reached. Buying a car can be a dreadful process, but it can’t last for too long. When you need a car everything happens fast. The best thing you can do for yourself is to get prepared for the purchase. While this is not an easy thing to do, it’s doable with the right kind of help.

What do you think we’re doing today with this article? That’s right, we’re giving you a helping hand. While this is not a recipe for immediate success, it should suffice for anyone who is in the process of attaining a new car. Below you’ll have an answer to what questions should I ask a car dealer before making a deal? If you’ve been doing mental gymnastics over these questions you’ve come to the right place. You should click here if you want to reach the same when it comes to buying a car. But, for now, read what we have to say.

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Are There Additional Fees?

Every car has its price. When you agree on it, the time is to make sure about the final price. Most people assume that the only thing they have to pay is the cost of the vehicle. This is not always the case. While it might be, usually there are additional fees involved. Some of them are completely fine and part of the car buying process. Others might be eligible for questioning. When you buy a car it is normal to pay tax on the sale, the price of the registry, and various fees for handling the documentation regarding a car. As we said, this is fine. What’s not fine are various additional fees some dealerships love to put into an agreement without any real cause for them. This is why it’s important to ask if there will be any additional fees and what they include.

Ask For a Test Drive


Test drive is a common practice. You should insist on it. Furthermore, you should ask to test the vehicle you want to buy out on the highway. You should test the car in the conditions you are encountering every day. If you work in a city, and your commute includes city driving, you should test it in the city. If you’re driving two hours a day on a highway, you need to test it there. if you’re driving your car off-road often, you need to take it out on the dirt. That’s the best way to see if the car suits your needs. There’s no point to buy a car if you don’t know how will it behave in the conditions you face daily.

Talk About Safety And Additional Features

These days safety is everything. Car accidents are not a rare occurrence and you need to ensure maximum safety for yourself and anyone who rides in the car with you. Safety systems that come with cars these days are sophisticated and you need to be thorough in examining which ones your new car has. Technology has come a long way and you need to follow suit. In addition to safety features, it’s best to take care of the rest of the equipment in the same round. There are various add-ons you might want or desire, and tech solutions that can make a difference in your enjoyment and the price of the car. Be free to enquire about them.

Enquire About The Mileage


Don’t forget this. Mileage will tell you a lot about how the car was used. When you’re looking at the car online you can’t tell how it was used and how tear and wear touched it. Once you’re on the spot, you’ll see how much the car was used. Was it driven off-road, in the city, or on a highway? If the mileage is too high and no repairs or maintenance was done in recent times, you should look to lower the price. Even when you buy a new car you can lower the price if the car has mileage on it due to test driving or for the distance it covered from the factory to the dealership or from a dealership to a dealership.

Ask About Financing Methods

There are many ways you can buy a car. Buying for cash is the easiest option. But, there are other forms of payment. Most people are included in those that don’t require paying the entire sum in front. Now, this is where banks come into play. So you need to learn a thing or two about the car dealership, their policies, and any arrangements they might have with local banks. In case you’re looking for a loan to finance your car buying endeavor this is a question you need to ask.

Is There a Warranty?


An important question. You know this one, right? It is vital to be acquainted with the warranty options and if there are any. If there’s not, you might start thinking about finding another dealership. If there is, you need to enquire about what it covers. There are various types of warranties out there, and looking to find the dealership that offers the best ones is the way to go.