Are Ormus Minerals good to drink in the morning?

Ormus or short for Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements is a substance that contains monoatomic minerals such as gold, silver and platinum. If its role in your life is still not clear to you, we are here to convince you of the benefits of using it. Although for years there have been battles in the medical field about whether it is necessary to use this mineral or not, so far research has not shown any reason against it.

What exactly is Ormus, what are its advantages and how is it consumed are just some of the questions we have prepared answers for you.

So, get comfortable and start reading!

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What Exactly Is Ormus?

This substance has a task as a nutritional supplement that is completely non-toxic to humans, animals, and even the planet, which we will agree is an important factor when considering the possibility of using this supplement. This organic material is found on the ground, in the air, in plants, rocks, as well as in the soil itself, so it can be said that it is everywhere around us. It is most abundant in seawater.

Because it comes from natural minerals, it is completely harmless to all people. It does not contain toxic materials that can endanger your life such as mercury, lead or arsenic. Its path to creation is completely natural and the use of machines in the creation of this supplement is almost unimaginable.

Its composition is as follows:

  • Clean ocean water
  • Salt – originating from Golden Lake in Australia and Korean bamboo salt
  • Minerals from the ocean

This alternative supplement to our diet is already in our body and the use of this supplement promotes the growth of ORMUS levels in our body, which has only good benefits. This important discovery of David Hudson way back in 1970 significantly improves your lifestyle, and even the Arabs, Egyptians and Hindus were convinced of this many years before.

How To Use?

Now that you know the composition of this substance, the method of use is important. ORME is used as a tablet or powder that you can dissolve in a glass of water or juice if you prefer.

It is recommended to be used in the morning and in the evening. You have to be careful with the dosage of this supplement especially if you have just started consuming it. So, to begin with, don’t overdo it, but gradually increase the dose.

One teaspoon of ORME is enough to start. Excessive consumption of this supplement can lead to an increased amount of magnesium, which has consequences such as detoxification symptoms – headache, fatigue, nausea.

Although research has not shown this supplement to be harmful, you must be careful when using it. We advise you to use it twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. Of course, to begin with, before introducing this habit into your morning and night routine, limit your consumption to once a day.

Before use, it is necessary to shake it if it is in a liquid state.

Where Can You Find ORME?

Considering the technological development, the accessibility of this mineral as well as all others is very convenient. The fact that it can be found on websites with just one google search is nothing new. However, you must pay attention when choosing a supplier of this product.

Since there are many fake products on the market, always research your sources, and we offer this website as a recommendation for a reliable ORME.

Proper Storage Of Products


This product is not stored in the refrigerator. And you must remember this. Instead of the refrigerator, store it in a dark place away from the sun’s rays. In this way, you will ensure that the contents of the bottle are correct for consumption.

Also, do not keep the bottle near any electrical appliances. A TV, as well as a microwave, are a big NO when it comes to finding a place for this supplement. Although it is usually protected in aluminum foil, still pay attention to it.

It comes in a glass bottle.

Are There Side Effects?

In fact, we can very rarely say that there are any side effects with this supplement. However, as with any product, it is necessary to warn future users that it can sometimes cause drowsiness. Side effects usually occur in the initial period of use when our body adapts to the new substances and additional minerals.

You should also be careful if the person using the new product has a brain tumor. The inventor himself, David Hudson, once explained this phenomenon in a lecture. In order to avoid excessive pressure in the head that may occur, you must be careful with the dosage of ORME.

What Are The Benefits Of Using It?


1. Healing Process

As we age, we experience various consequences for our body and immune system. By using these minerals, we slow down the aging process in our bodies. They promote DNA repair and have been shown to help with the healing process when it comes to wounds or fractures.

2. Detoxification Of The Body

Because of the food we consume, the quality of which is not what it used to be, due to the quality of the soil and air pollution, a lot of toxins enter our bodies. However, ORME helps flush out those toxins.

3. Mood

It has been proven that this food supplement has a lot of influence on your mood but in a positive way. Simply, when you have enough energy for daily activities, you feel much better. Also when you’ve had a good night’s sleep. These are all factors that affect a good mood.


As you can tell this product actually brings a lot of good to your life. And nowadays, when we are under a lot of stress and in a hurry, we need something that will guarantee us a good quality of life and keep our bodies healthy and strong. Of course, we must warn you to consult your doctor before using ORME. And remember, regardless of your pace of life, your health should be important to you.