How to Play Android Games on PC – 2024 Guide

Playing Android games on your phone is great, but even though phone screens continue to grow bigger, sometimes you want something more. Perhaps you don’t want to drain your phone’s battery with a game, or maybe you’re looking for an entirely new way to play.

By playing Android games on your PC, you can save your device’s battery and give yourself a much larger screen to play your favorite games on. Follow these simple steps to have your favorite Android games running on your PC desktop in no-time!

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Android on PC, Easy as 1, 2, 3!


There was a time in the not-too-distant past when running Android on a PC was little more than a pipe-dream. Android on a PC desktop was difficult to get working, and even when it did work, it was horribly slow and not worth the effort. PC Android has come a long way since then, running at or near full-speed, and the setup process is vastly simplified.

So while Android games on your PC may not be as rewarding as GoodLuckMate bonuses, they can be a fun diversion from the typical game of Solitaire or Minesweeper. Follow along as we explain multiple ways to play your Android games on PC, starting with the easiest method.

Android Games with Windows 10 “Your Phone”


If you happen to be running Windows 10, with Samsung Android device, you’re in luck! The most recent version of Windows 10 (build 19041) includes a full-fledged interface that can seamlessly integrate your Samsung Android phone and your Windows 10 desktop PC.

With the Windows 10 Your Phone app, you can mirror your phone’s screen and remotely run Android applications with minimal latency.

Using Your Phone app is by far the easiest way to get your Android games running on your desktop PC with the best performance. The apps are streamed from your Android phone to your desktop using screen mirroring over Bluetooth. During this mirroring, your phone’s screen will be deactivated to minimize battery usage, allowing you to game entirely using your PC screen and mouse. The one thing to keep in mind about this method is that your phone must remain connected and within Bluetooth range since you are mirroring it to the PC. Though the battery drain is minimal, it will still use a small amount of energy.

Android on PC with Emulation


If you’re looking for a completely independent option for running Android games on your PC without needing your phone, we’ve got you covered! Android emulation has made fantastic strides in recent years.

The most prominent Android emulator is BlueStacks, and it is famous because it mainly focuses on gaming. BlueStacks installs on your PC as any other game or application, and upon running the app, it will behave as a new Android device. You will configure it almost the same as a new Android phone, except without a phone number or SMS capabilities.

Running your favorite games using Bluestacks is as easy as downloading them from your favorite Android App Store from within BlueStacks itself. Touting additional features such as customizable controls, macros, and screen recording, BlueStacks is like having a flagship Android device inside your PC.

Tips for the Best Experience


It might take a bit of time to adapt to playing Android games on PC. Since Android games are typically designed to run on phones, playing them on PC may have a learning curve.

  • Experiment With Controls

With this in mind, don’t be afraid to try new control schemes. Because these Android games are now on your PC, you can access the many controllers and input devices that the PC affords you. Want to play that Android racing game with your PC steering wheel? Now you can! Want to play that mobile shooter with mouse and keyboard? Go right ahead!

With these new controls, you can breathe new life into those Android games and give yourself an entirely new experience.

  • Sound Might Be Low Quality

Your PC might have a great sound system, but remember that mobile games are designed for devices that have two speakers at the most. On top of that, phone speakers usually have limited or no low-frequency bass. So even if your PC sound system is tricked-out with Dolby Atmos, your Android games may not be able to utilize it.

  • Android on PC is No Longer Blasphemy

As you can see, playing your favorite Android games on your PC isn’t as complicated as it used to be, and the performance has dramatically improved. It would’ve never been possible to play fast-paced shooting or racing games via emulation before. Now even a moderately powerful PC can run most Android games with ease!

Using the methods above, you can get your Android game on, without even needing your phone! And enjoy your favorite Android games on your big screen monitor or TV.