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Affiliate Programs That Will Pay You Really High Money!

In this digital era many people are making money by using affiliate marketing along with digital marketing techniques today. I am going to provide a list of best affiliate program that pay literally on higher side in comparison to regular affiliate program. My ultimate goal is to help people struggling to generate high revenue with the help of their websites. Before providing the list i would like to tell you about some basic points which will help you to make your affiliate marketing journey more simpler.

Affiliate Programs That Will Pay You Really High Money! 1

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Advance Calculative Planning Help You to Make Most of Your Affiliate Program

The main benefit of using a high paying affiliate program is you get higher earnings with each sale made by using your affiliate link. To make your life financially independent one must use a mix of low and high price products by this you can easily convert a high number of traffic into your customers. But this large number is hard to satisfy as these number will keep on adding to your base customer. Lets understand this with the help of an example:

  • If you send a offer of $50 to a crowd of 10,000 potential consumers resulting in 10% conversions your share is 50%
  • Send a offer costing $5000 to a crowd of 100 potential consumers with a conversion rate of 10% and your share is 50%

Which one will you prefer? You have chosen one right! But what if I will tell you that by opting any offer you will earn $ 25000. The crowd you will get in first scenario is of 1000 peoples and in second only of 10 peoples. It’s obvious that handling 10 is far easy than keeping happy 1000 customers.

Concentrated on promoting high paying products as it is way easier to continue for longer duration. By picking high commission affiliate product you don’t need worry about traffic volume simply concentrate on traffic quality.

Best Paying Affiliate Programs

Life Fitness

Life Affiliate Marketing
Life Affiliate Marketing

It is one of the best affiliate program for people dealing in health niche. Life Fitness is a company catering to the needs of fitness equipment for business, homes and other establishments. You must try selling treadmills and elliptical trainers on commission as they have a involvement of high cost and if you buy a person who needs it for their new opening gym etc. Than jackpot is yours also a great potential customer for future in case of expansion of its brand chain.

Smart guys can use company goodwill to sell as it is working from last 45 years and company still offers affiliate program due to its great quality and usability of products. Another benefit of selling this type of product is buyers who buy these products rarely return product under return policy time period due to their high moral for losing weight resulting in low refund percentages. You can find persons who don’t want to pay monthly fees of gym or health clubs they can easily brought a fitness machine as it involves one time investment only. They provides 8% commission which is not less as their one equipment is starting from $3000 provides a decent amount of money.

Link to join the program – https://lifefitness.com/avantlink-affiliate-marketing#

Jillian Michael’s

Yes you are thinking right this famous personality is running an affiliate program too. In case you are not familiar with the name Jillian Michael’s you can simply click on the link given with the name. The fitness program helped hundreds of people in performing task like weight loss, Building muscles, making body leaner etc. Her app offers more than 500 type of exercise and workout schedule designed to fulfill the needs of each and every type of body needs. Some of the benefits of promoting this app through your affiliate skills are Having a great record signifies that her customers are continuing their journey to become fit while most of the apps subscriptions are discontinued in a span of 1 or 2 months. They do up selling to their customers like DVD, books, health supplement, machines will add on your income too.

Link to join the program – https://www.jillianmichaels.com/jillian-michaels-affiliate-program

Regal Assets

Regal Assets Affiliate Marketing
Regal Assets Affiliate Marketing

What if i will tell you that this company just pays commission on a rate 3% only! But wait before you scroll down I would like to inform you that it is a wealth management company dealing with precious metal investment and the average transaction made is of amount $22k to $84k. Feeling interested? Like to tell you further that it is the highest paying affiliate program available till date. Regal Assets help people to diversify their portfolio by investing their money in precious metal The program is quite attractive conversions can be done easily if offered to right person at right time. Also offer additional benefits like after getting status of super affiliate you will get $100 on each lead you converted into customer.

Link to join the program – https://clickagain.com/join



This is a great tool used by various digital marketers to make their business more intelligent and cost saving. It can be useful for content analysis to social media platform posting etc Now you can analyse how powerful this tool is and promoting it is going to be worth as many of individuals are in a search of this type of platform. One of highest paying affiliate program having content in 5 languages help you to expand yourself in newer markets.

Link to join the program – http://berush.com/en



It is a company that sells Software as a Service to persons who are looking for higher conversions from attracted traffic. The platform sells really great services like adding a live visitor counter or how many persons buy that product you are looking. Things like this will boost up sales as adding an social proof will act as influencer. If you have an already operational website a must add feature as it will add up to 10% – 15% higher conversions installation is quite easy.

Link to join the program – https://useproof.leaddyno.com/


Affiliate marketing is a great opportunity to earn by the using your digital marketing skills. By choosing a affiliate program which offer great earning can make your affiliate marketing journey more fruitful and making your life financially independent. I hope you like the content if you have any question unanswered mention it below in comment box we will answer that in our upcoming blogs.

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