9 Reasons To Add Green Tea Powder To Your Morning Routine

A true superfood is matcha tea, which is a brilliant green powder. Japan has celebrated matcha green tea for decades, and now the rest of the globe is finally joining.

Matcha green tea contains ten times more antioxidants than a typical cup of green tea since the whole leaf is used, and grinding them increases their potency. Matcha preparation is a highly specialized process that requires the selection of only the healthiest and strongest green tea leaves.

Take a look at this article to find out why matcha green tea powder is an excellent addition to your morning routine.

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1. Jitter Free Energy


A sustained and prolonged energy boost is provided by the caffeine and l-theanine in matcha green tea powder without the jitters or other adverse effects that you might have previously encountered with coffee and energy drinks. Caffeine will help you get going, give you a sustained energy boost, and gently bring you back to reality.

Matcha is a pure powdered form of green tea that provides clean energy without too much caffeine, sugar, or other unidentified substances. Even though there is the same amount of caffeine in one scoop of Matcha as there is in one shot of espresso, the energy lasts for hours.

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2. Helps In Weight Loss

You might be shocked to learn that green tea extract is a popular component in many diet pills. The reality is that there is no special tea or medication that can make you lose weight. If you want to drop a large amount of weight, you must alter your diet and up your exercise regimen. The fact that a cup of Matcha has relatively few calories is also beneficial. Because you may consume multiple cups without gaining weight, this beverage is a wonderful substitute for calorie-dense, sugar-sweetened sodas and fruit juices. It can also help you stay hydrated, which is advantageous for losing weight.

3. Keeps You Calm


Initiated as a meditative beverage by Zen Buddhist monks, green tea powder is a relaxing stimulant. Matcha has around one-third the amount of caffeine compared to a standard cup of coffee. Matcha provides a tranquil bliss, a sensation of cerebral alertness, and profound relaxation akin to that felt during meditation, as opposed to the nervous, jittery effects of coffee. Zen Buddhist monks have used it to help focus during protracted meditation sessions. Matcha consumption has been prevalent lately, especially before yoga or meditation.

4. Keeps Blood Sugar In Check

Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which is abundant in Matcha and has been proven to affect how glucose is absorbed, has been shown to have this effect. It has even been demonstrated that the catechins in matcha tea can lessen the amount of glucose that enters the bloodstream when drunk with a meal, reducing the risk of blood sugar increases. The effects of EGCG on lipid metabolism have been linked to decreased cholesterol and a lower risk of stroke, according to research.

5. Fights Bad Breath


In addition to cavities and poor gut health, another cause of bad breath does not have the decency to use some mouthwash after waking up. Bacterial cavities are frequently to blame for bad breath because they allow sulfur-containing amino acids in the amino acids to be broken down by bacteria, which produces a foul odor.

Green tea has the biggest impact on lowering the level of sulfuric gases in our mouths, according to studies comparing it to gum, mints, and other foods. The consumption of Matcha green tea can assist manage oral bacteria, which will result in a cleaner breath.

6. Detox Your Body

Matcha consumption has been demonstrated to protect the organs responsible for detoxification. The liver and kidneys, which are crucial for eliminating toxins, can be protected from harm by consuming green tea, according to research.

This not only makes the liver and kidneys healthier and more resistant to disease but also makes them operate more effectively. Therefore, by supporting these organs, Matcha can aid in overall detoxification and reduce the harm caused by environmental toxins prevalent in today’s society, such as air and water pollutants like heavy metals that enter the food chain.

7. Great for Immunity


Green tea powder’s phytochemicals improve immune system function and lower the chance of developing autoimmune illnesses. The quantity of “regulatory T cells,” crucial to immunological function, increases. It shields the body from invasion by foreign invaders and guards against harm and cell death to healthy cells.

8. Helps in Digestion

Matcha tea has a tonne of potent, beneficial ingredients. The antioxidants in this tea help to enhance digestion while also regulating intestinal function. These antioxidants remove toxins and waste products from the gut, improving the absorption of nutrients from food. This Japanese tea’s polyphenols fortify the digestive system and defend it from bacterial invasion.

9. Best For Skin


The skin-friendly chlorophyll is abundant in Matcha. Why is chlorophyll necessary for plants? Solar energy is produced by absorbing the sun’s rays. The dangerous UV rays are absorbed by the skin when we use skincare products containing chlorophyll, shielding the skin from their effects.

Not only that, but chlorophyll also guards against photoaging, or premature skin aging brought on by repeated and prolonged sun exposure. Matcha helps to maintain good skin and a youthful appearance for a more extended period of time because of its high chlorophyll content.

Skin that glows and is noticeably brighter is possible with Matcha. Antioxidants included in it are abundant and help your skin’s blood circulation. Greater blood flow results in better vitamin and oxygen delivery to the cells and better waste removal from the body. Enhancing blood flow also hastens the healing process for skin injuries.


Include this tea in your morning diet to get its health advantages as well as a flavor boost for the day. Matcha tea offers an unparalleled array of advantages, and it is unparalleled for reaching and sustaining maximum health. No other tea comes close to Matcha’s strength. The popularity of this tea has recently increased, which speaks a lot about it, because of its alluring look, purported health advantages, and wonderful, unique flavor.