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Netflix TV shows and movies
Govind Dhiman April 2, 2020

Every month Netflix releases a list of movies, tv shows, & Originals. Based on your streaming history, & bingeing history, Netflix’s recommendation algorithm suggests the content of your interest. But out of all the recommendations, what shows or movies you should binge-watch first? If you’re confused with the same thoughts, don’t worry as I’ll help […]

Plex Alternatives
Govind Dhiman March 25, 2020

It’s quite difficult to stay indoors amid a Coronavirus outbreak. How one can stay away from the outside world? Yesterday I was feeling a bit bored and that’s why I thought of using Plex. But as a sudden shock, my Plex Tv wasn’t working on my iPad, Xbox, or PS4. I tried everything to fix […]

NCIS Season 17
Yogesh Miglani March 2, 2020

The 17th season of American police procedural drama is all set to return this month. Since the release of NCIS Season 11, this year is more special than ever before. Wondering why? Well, you might have already known about this, Ziva David is returning this year. In fact, if all the rumors are true then […]

Henry Cavill
Johny Trent February 29, 2020

It’s been 3 years since huge Jackman left his legacy of Wolverine in X-Men franchise. After his last movie Logan in 2017, his absence was greatly missed in the last X-Men movie. Fans from all over the world wanted to see Wolverine in MCU. So, now that Huge Jackman is gone, who’ll take his place? […]

Homeland Season 8
Govind Dhiman February 9, 2020

Feb 9, 2020. Mark this date in your calendar as the final season of an American spy thriller, Homeland is going to premier the 1st ever episode of season 8. Previous 7 seasons have been a thrill of a ride for Homeland fans. I’ve watched several shows but none of them could catch up to […]

Johny Trent January 10, 2020

Netflix a world-class video streaming platform, who’s known for reviving several famous characters or tv shows. The list includes fan-favorite tv shows like Lucifer, Black Mirror & more. Now, upcoming tv show Ratched is also added into the list as it’s all set to hit the Netflix screen anytime in September 2020. Curious to know […]