#7 Unknown Reasons Causing You Heartburn?

We human’s are battling heartburn from almost hundreds or thousand years. But in recent few years, the cases of heartburn are increased drastically. But we do not take it with optimum urgency as there are instant products available in the market which provides you relaxation.

You all are aware of the thing that heartburn makes an uncomfortable feeling in your chest sometimes it becomes unbearable too.  Do you it can be a sign of a serious medical condition. Yes, it is most of you are not aware of the fact and think nothing about it. But frequent heartburns can be a sign of chronic medical conditions. But no need to worry as here I will provide you with the overall information of the topic also helping you to fight with the situation effectively.

Why does it happen?

Heartburn is generally associated with a burning sensation in the chest or throat. Now understand it scientifically heartburn is not same always some person has acid reflux. It is a state where the liquid content comes upwards in the oesophagus it is the tube that which connects mouth with the stomach.

The same tube is responsible for sending food from mouth to stomach.  Frequent heartburns or having it on regular bases for quite long can lead to Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease(GERD), Barrett’s Esophagus. Even some can suffer from oesophagal cancer as well.

Identify Your Reason?

Yes, you can identify yourself that possibly from which medical condition you are suffering. If you are having acid reflux twice a week then you are suffering from GERD. After a period of time, the condition will give you issues like coughing, asthma, laryngitis etc. Frequent GERD will damage the lining of the oesophagus and result in making the lining look like the lining of the intestine. The condition just before cancer is known as Barrett’s Esophagus.

A very little percentage of people suffering from Barrett’s Esophagus will develop into oesophagal cancer. In a deep study taken by Gastrointestinal Endoscopy says only one out of every two hundred people suffering from Barrett’s develops into Cancer per year only. But still, be on the safer side as oesophagal cancer is on the rise in the past few years.

The cases of Esophageal adenocarcinoma a state associated with oesophagus cancer are increased by 200 per cent. But you can easily safeguard yourself from these chronic diseases by knowing the causes of why you got the problem.


Yes, Overeating can cause heartburn this happens as when you overeat the stomach gets pressure from large quantities of food. As a muscle is located in the oesophagus which gets closed when you finished with your meal. The stomach starts the digestion process which is done by acids present in stomach liquid.

But in case of over-eating due to heavy pressure, the muscle is not able to close properly and that makes the digestive acids get entered in the oesophagus pipe. It causes heartburn and creates an uneasy condition for your body. You can treat this by eating in small quantities which allows the stomach to digest food and acid doesn’t pop up to the oesophagus.


Eating habits or improper style of dining can also lead to this situation. This includes eating rapidly, eating without chewing, swallowing food, eating while lying and eating close to bedtime will do this as well. So, always eat in a proper manner while sitting on a dining table chair or on earth properly.

Always chew the food properly, never make a hurry while dining. If you are facing this condition than I advise you to dine before three to four hours prior to bed.


If you are a smoker or casually smokes than this habit can also be a reason for heartburn and also GERD. You can quit smoking or at least decrease the number of cigarettes there are several therapies available which you can use as a helping to quit smoking.


Your diaphragm is a muscular wall. that separates the stomach from the chest and keeps the stomach acid in the lower part of the stomach. Actually, this place belongs to acid originally. But when the stomach moves above diaphragm this state is called Hiatal hernia. This can be treated through medical treatment given by a specialist doctor only.


Different research suggests that being overweight or obese can cause you heartburn, Acid reflux etc. Even the being bulky can raise the issue while eating properly this can be treated by exercising daily. As regular exercise can make your body flexible, tooner, slimmer and energetic.


Common medicines taken for a long period even a medical treatment taken for any chronic condition having a heavy dose of medicines can cause this problem. Even several life-saving medicines which include asthma, high blood pressure, heart problem, arthritis, anxiety, depression, pain, Parkinson, muscle spasm, cancer etc.

Medicine used in these conditions can result in heartburn. So, try to be healthy by adopting a good lifestyle that helps you to remove medication from your life.


The foods which are high in fat will result in this medical condition. The food that consists of high fat includes fast foods, soft drink, fries etc. By taking healthy diet full of green veggies, salads etc will effectively help you in fighting with the problem.


Hey, cool dude’s and gal’s I hope that now you are fully aware of the condition and know how to deal with it. I have tried my best to give full information along with suggestive cures as well. If you like the information shared above kindly refer it with your friends and family members.

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