Top 7 Environmental Degradation Issues That Can Ruin Our Planet

Today, environmental degradation has become a serious problem for our planet. Human activities have negative effects on plants and animal species. Some people think it is too late to do anything about this problem, but still, I believe that effective measures can be taken to solve this major problem. Thus, I am going to discuss these serious problems that are the reason behind environmental degradation.

Ever since man has come on the earth, there has been a continuous tug-of-war between man and nature. Infrastructure development, rampant industrialisation, and burgeoning rise in research have caused irreversible damage to both flora and fauna thus making a matter of grave concern for the entire world. So, this raises a moot point something can be done to avoid further damage or it is too late to hope for it, Hence compelling to have a closer look into both perspectives before reaching any final verdict.

The environmental degradation issues like global warming, natural drastic, waste disposals, acid rain, ozone layer depletion, water pollution and many more effects are destroying the earth. thus, look at these major causes which are the main root behind our sensitive conditions.


Majority of person is worried about the environs, because of regular extinction of plants species. Even which provide us with the source of oxygen that plays an indispensable role in everyone’s life. Still, the matter is becoming serious about that around 4 billion trees or 35 percent of total trees are cutting down in the entire world and used in paper industries. Unfortunately, approximately 2.47million trees are cutting down on a regular basis. Therefore, many plants and animals are going to disappear from this beautiful planet.

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Home and industrialisation waste

As I said, human activities are responsible for itself due to the increasing waste in seas, rivers, well and on streets also. It is seen in a visible majority that they leading to spread the waste while households activity. For instance, they usually throw the polybags, disposals which layout in ponds or street. Thereby, the lot of damage has already been done to multifarious and animal species as most of them are extinct or on the verge of extinction. Therefore, they find repairing the loss quite difficult.

Similarly, the industrialisation is participating in an equal ratio of environment degradation. The polluted smoke and toxic gases from industries are spreading a lot of uncured diseases for the individuals and also hazardous for nature in the form of air pollution.

Water Pollution

Water is becoming an uncommon thing. Sadly, merely 2.5-2.75% is fresh water, including 1.75-2% frozen in glaciers, snow and ice, 0.5-0.75% as fresh groundwater and less than 0.01% of it as surface water in the lake. Again I would emphasize human bad activities like waste from industries, agriculture and many things which are responsible for these unexpected results.

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Personal Desires

People are damaging the earth by their personal motives instead of taking initiatives as they must know “the earth is our legacy to be passed on the next generation and we don’t have another planet to move to.” but humans are unaware about the importance of nature.

Consumerism is one of the major issue responsible for the discolouration and contamination of water bodies. Hence, Need to avoid the possessions that would surely drop down in demand that would compel the upcoming industries to rethink before launching themselves.


The world population is reaching at the unsustainable level which compels to getting away from the needy resources like water, food and fuels. However, it is a great challenge for developed and developing countries. Because of damaging agriculture due to the utilization of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, in food crops which is the most massive problem for environmental degradation.

Impact on marine life

Obviously, marine life is also on the verge of dying due to unclean water bodies. Which impact on their bodies in water and also have to face difficulty in water instead despite they are water animals.

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Acid rain

The acid rain birth due to the presence of chemicals into the land breeze. This particular issue can be caused due to the liquid fuels or rotting vegetation which discharge nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide into the environment. This one is known as a grave concern for the environment that might incur many uncured ailments which can not even diagnose by the doctors.


Now I iterate that it is of paramount significance to be optimistic and act immediately so that for want of a nail the shoe is not lost. So, let us pull our socks to save not only natural reserves but also our existence.

No doubt, human beings are making their endeavours to protect the future generation from environmental degradation. Like people have given up the use of jewellery so as encourage simplicity and prevent a further rise in consumerism. Addition to it, the youngsters can ideally start riding by bicycles or encourage the use of public transportation instead of owning a personal motorbike or a car thus reducing carbon emissions and the demand of fossil fuels as well.  

To be precise, to alter the situation is an issue of being determined to do so and the young generation surely has the potential for it. It would opt to say that where there is a will there’s a way.

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I hope you have understood my point and what I want you to focus on. Still, you have any query then let me know about the particular one in the comment section.

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