NCIS season 17

NCIS Season 17 Spoilers: Ziva Returns to Save Gibbs?

August 31, 2019 Govind Dhiman 0

Do you know Ziva David is freakin alive? It’s already aired, The trailer of NCIS season 17. The first trailer of show makes everyone furious as it offered unexpected and unbelievable things. Yes, I said unbelievable as previously portlight things in the show become fake. Who knows there is much more to witness in NCIS season 17. Most of us spent last 4 years believing that Ziva David was dead Read More

#7 Must-Have Experiences On Your Trip To Iran

August 31, 2019 Yogesh Miglani 0

Iran- A country where every corner is filled with fantastic nature, scenic beauty, and incredible history. The rich history and tradition make it one of the most amazing countries to explore. The cultures in Iran have existed since prehistoric times. One of the best ways to explore this country is by taking a tour anytime soon. Well, if you have never been to Iran or are not aware of what Read More


What to Do When You Do Not Feel Like Exercising

August 30, 2019 Govind Dhiman 0

For many people, exercising is an uphill task. Pushing the body beyond its comfort zone is difficult for many people. Even fitness enthusiasts and athletes face these challenges despite being required to exercise for many hours in a week. When you do not feel like exercising, this is what you need to do. Engage in Interesting Sports The secret in overcoming this type of feeling is engaging in an activity Read More

heels trends

#5 Heels Trends in 2019 You Must Check Out

August 30, 2019 Govind Dhiman 0

Right now its mid of summer, Popularly fall 2019 trends will be started coming. If you are still missing it wake up before paying your credit card bill. As there is much more expense waiting for you haha. Several websites are filled up with content on fall trends majorly clothing line only.  But what about footwear yeah… a major and most important part to carry a fashion. Footwear is not Read More

fast fashion

Is It The End Of Fast Fashion?

August 30, 2019 Nikita Taylor 0

If you are still unaware why I am asking this question? For your information forever 21 is bankrupt now. However, the insolvency of this giant fast-fashion brand limelight hashtags fast fashion sucks, RIP fast fashion, etc. This is happening due to high consequences of fast fashion on the environment.   Yes… My dear friend a cloth can disturb the ecological balance don’t worry I will tell you how. As we all Read More

Jewelry Trends

#5 Must Have Jewelry Trends For Your Wardrobe

August 30, 2019 Yogesh Miglani 0

Now, that we are in the fall of 2019, are you looking to switch trends from tanks tops to sweaters, sandals to boots, & from sun dresses to weightier ones? I know you do as who wears summer trends in the Fall especially when it comes to jewelry. Before proceeding, let me ask you a question, what you like to wear in jewelry, necklace or a ring. Well, whatever it Read More


Boilersuit empowering women for Heavyduty job with Grace

August 30, 2019 Govind Dhiman 0

Nowadays we have seen many heroines seen wearing Boilersuit even on major events as well. As I remember the boilersuit was worn first by Rosie the Riveter during her wartime campaign for women workers in factories & shipyards. The iconic poster shows a lady possing in broiler suit with utmost confidence with the slogan “We Can Do It”. Today brands set it off from factories to ramp walks but still, Read More

Fall 2019 Fashion Trends

Fall 2019 Fashion Trends: Tremendous Styles You Can’t Resist

August 30, 2019 Gopal KC 0

The market is blistering, & autumn is at your doorsteps. You need to get up from the bed and check out the trendy fashion outfit for yourself I know what you are feeling, what to wear and how you can your dress-up look distinct from the others. Fall has a way to hit you hard with the new and fresh trend of fashion as you enjoy the last days of Read More


Is it Too Early for the ‘C’ Word? Saving Money now in time for Christmas

August 29, 2019 Govind Dhiman 0

When the end of the Summer is upon us, many people start to look ahead to plan for the next big holiday on the calendar. For most, this is Christmas and although it seems slightly too early to be mentioning the C word already, for those that struggle to manage their finances over the festive period, planning early now can really make the difference. There are many little changes you Read More

Viper Strike Pathfinder

Deadly in Path of Exile Legion: Viper Strike Pathfinder Build

August 29, 2019 Govind Dhiman 0

The Legion expansion made a lot of changes to Path of Exile, and one of the most important among them is the overhauls for the melee builds. This is to make them as competitive and, in turn, as likable as those based on spamming AOE skills. One of them would be the Viper Strike Pathfinder. So get your PoE Orbs ready because it’s time to go path-finding! All About Being Read More

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