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Top 7 Anime Sites to Watch Your Favorite Anime

Anime Sites
Anime Sites

Best way to spend our time during the holiday is to watch some quality anime at home on your computer. However, not all of us get to watch anime on television as our family members have to watch the latest news, soap operas and sports. So what can you do to get a taste of the latest anime without having to switch on the TV? – Anime sites.

There was a time when you had to wait for the anime shows to air on the television to watch them. However, times changed now. Most of the anime shows are available on anime sites. You can watch any show you want on anime sites with just a computer and an internet connection.

It would not be exaggerating to say there are anime sites that have hosted large libraries of all the anime that have ever been produced. You can download anime in high-quality and stream at the same time. Not all anime sites allow you to download the content, but it can be streamed to watch.

Now, you must be wondering what kind of anime to watch and how to watch it. Well, we have already sorted these two problems for you. We have enlisted the top 7 anime sites where you can watch anime of your liking.

Many of these sites provide options for downloading, so you don’t always need to stream them.

List of Top 7 Anime Sites for Streaming and Downloading

Chia Anime

When someone asks for top-quality anime sites, I (without thinking) suggest Chia Anime. This site is a heaven for anime fans, and you get the latest episodes of all the anime shows, and anime films too.

The most significant feature of this site is that you can watch and download anime – in high resolution. If you don’t have time to watch any episode, download it for later.

However, we recommend you installing an ad-blocker and a pop-up blocker to enjoy this site at its fullest.


Those who’ve been anime lovers for years know what 9Anime is. You get to watch anime in HD, no pop-ups, and the library is updated regularly. You get the latest episodes of almost all the anime. However, it allows only the streaming of content so no downloading.


Crunchyroll is an anime site that runs on premium subscription – so no free streaming, you have to subscribe first to watch shows. Since it’s a legal streaming site, you won’t have to worry about ads and annoying pop-ups. Besides, you get the latest episodes immediately.


Anime Heaven is a place to visit if you want all the latest content in HD. Yes, Anime Heaven offers you HD, dubbed content all for free.


Hulu is another site where you can legally watch countless anime shows and films at a premium subscription fee. It is not available in all parts of the world, so you may have to check if it’s accessible in your region, and if it isn’t, you can use a VPN to watch shows here.


KissAnime is one of those old websites which have a loyal fan base. KissAnime also has a vast number of dubbed and original shows. Not only that, but if you register to the site, you get to download the episodes in high resolution.

Anime is a site that has a clean, elegant interface. You can get exclusive anime shows that are not available anywhere else. One more thing is that you get both dubbed and original Japanese versions of all the shows here.

The site contains four distinctive sections – Updates, Latest Mangas, New Animes, and Ongoing Animes. In the Updates, you get the latest episodes of trending anime shows.

In Latest Manga, you can read the various popular manga with the latest chapters. In New Animes, they featured the newly launched shows. And finally, you see the anime that are trending in the Ongoing section.

Final Words

The anime sites we have suggested have diversified content that included all the genres. If you are an anime fan, you can watch dubbed versions on some sites, subtitles are available for all the shows on every site.

Some sites offer you the feature to download the episodes in high resolution. However, we recommend some extra tips for you. If you are not availing for a premium streaming platform, make sure to install security tools like ad-blocker and pop-blockers.

You don’t want to invite malicious content and annoying pop-ups to ruin the fun. If any site is blocked in your region, you can check if mirrors and proxy alternatives. The best option is to install a VPN and access the anime sites.

We assure you that you won’t run out of entertainment if you visit any of the above sites.

Meta Description – Anime lovers always look for sites that allow you to stream and download high-resolution content for free. Here are the top 7 anime sites to stream your favorite anime show’s episodes – for free.

Chia Anime: Top 6 Animes to Watch Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

Chia Anime
Chia Anime

The outbreak of Coronavirus has created a global emergency right now. However, the safest way to not get infected is by staying isolated in our homes. By doing that, we will help the authorities and protect our family from the epidemic. While we are quarantined at our homes, why not enjoy the time by watching some quality animes on Chia Anime?

You must be wondering what Chia Anime is? Well, it is a free, anime streaming website that not only lets you stream the video, but also download it in MP4 format if you want to spend the time watching some quality anime on Chia Anime but don’t know which one to watch, no need to worry.

We have prepared a list of top 6 animes you can watch during the COVID – 19 lockdowns. If you don’t have access to high-speed internet for streaming, you can download the episodes from Chia Anime for watching afterward.

The list contains the latest seasons of the highly popular anime shows. We hope that watching them on Chia Anime will make your stay at home comfortable. We assure you that our shows will catch your attention from the very start, and you finish them within no time.

Top 6 Animes to Watch – List

Mob Psycho 100 – Season 2

Mob Psycho 100 – Season 2 is our first choice to watch on Chia Anime, it is the second season of Mob Psycho 100. The show’s story revolves around a teenager, Shigeo Kageyama, aka Mob.

He has had some strange psychic powers since his childhood, but the powers alone are incapable of uniting him with the girl he likes the most. Overall, this hilarious story is about the Mob’s adventures. You won’t be able to skip any episode once you start watching it.

The Promised Neverland

If you are up for an anime that’s based on dark fantasy and thriller stories, the Promised Neverland is the show to watch. This show is a story of orphaned kids that are living in a seemingly perfect orphanage.

Everything is going fine until one day when they discover a dark truth, that their ‘perfectly normal’ orphanage is a ‘farm, ‘where they are being ‘raised’ for selling off to demons to be eaten by them eventually.

If you are into brilliant psychological thrillers, this is the show to watch. You will not regret watching the first season. It’s a next-step in the horror genre of anime.

Carole & Tuesday

If you are not into horror or comedy, how about something thoughtful or related to music? Well, if you haven’t heard about Carole and Tuesday, you are living under a rock(pun intended!). The show made a global debut in 2019. However, fans are still waiting for the next season.

The story is set in the distant future, where humans have finally colonized mars. It’s about two girls who are struggling to overcome the obstacles in their passion for pursuing a career in music, a beautiful and captivating story.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba

This show is an excellent anime for those who want to watch something that gives them an adrenaline rush. A perfect mixture of action and horror is a demon slayer. The story revolves around the protagonist named Tanjiro, who is the victim of a demon’s attack, his family is killed by the demon, and his sister becomes a demon in the process. Instead of letting her remain a demon, he decides to find out the culprit, stop him and save his sister to bring her to the original human form.

Blade of the Immortal

A simple, short anime that runs for just 13 episodes. Blade of the immortal is a story of an immortal samurai who must kill 100 evil men to get rid of his past evil deeds. On his journey, he pairs with a girl, and together they kill evil men.

What and how this happens is all that the show is about. If you don’t have much time to spend on entertainment, why not watch this one on Chia Anime?

Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga is the final suggestion from our list. If you want to get a taste of Viking history, combined with some thriller, why not start watching Vinland Saga? Vinland Saga is a story of a boy who grows up to become a fierce Viking warrior and his quest to colonize North America.

The unique thing about this series is that the story takes real historical incidents into account—a fantastic historical action series for those who are into anime with historical themes.

Final Words

All these anime are available on Chia Anime, and if you want to download them, you have that option available as well. Make sure to stay at home during this vulnerable period of COVID – 19. We know that this anime will satisfy your hunger for some quality entertainment.

Meta Description – Watch the top 6 anime on Chia Anime during the quarantine period. Your hunger for real entertainment will be satisfied with our recommendation list.

Mahjong 247: How to Play and Win It?

Mahjong 247

Board games are one of the best ways to spend quality time with your friends and family. However, Mahjong is a Chinese game, so most of us don’t have an actual physical board and tiles to play it at home. However, playing the game need not always be physical. You can play Mahjong 247 if you don’t have the board.

Mahjong 247 is an online tile-matching game that’s been popular for a long time now. If you don’t know what it is and how to win it, we are here to help you out.

Mahjong 247: What is it?

Although the original Mahjong was developed in China, the variations of the game have reached all over the world. The variations still have the same objective of the game. The actual, real Mahjong is hard to master, as it’s a game of strategy and calculations.

The game also has a comprehensive set of rules. So what if you don’t want something as complicated, but rather something more comfortable to play?

That’s when Mahjong 247 is a game that’s been simplified to play online. It’s a single-player game. However, the variety of this game is excellent.

Mahjong 247 is an online tile-matching game, where you need to match similar tiles to eliminate them. Once you keep eliminating them, you earn a score. To beat the Mahjong, you have to finish off all the tiles.

How to Play The Game?

Mahjong 247 or Mahjong Solitaire is a game that’s based on tile-matching. You have to select a ‘free’ tile that’s on the edge of the puzzle and pick another similar tile from the board to cancel them out.

There are two categories – Flower and Season, as shown in the above photo, you can eliminate a ‘flower’ tile with another ‘flower’ tile despite both tiles not looking similar. The same goes for a ‘season’ tile.

You can win the game if you eliminate all the tiles.

Where to Play The Game?

Although there are countless apps and websites on the internet where you can play the game, the best platform to play is 247 Mahjong. This site is best to play Mahjong 247, especially if you are on the computer.

You will enjoy the clean interface of the game, besides that there are many other versions of this game exist there. Not only that, but there are other games like solitaire and sudoku too.

Final Words

If you want to dig deeper into this game, you can begin with Mahjong 247, which is like a fundamental entrance to the more strategic version of the game, where multiple sets of rules exist.

If you get stuck on any move, you can either undo it or take the help of a Hint button, which shows you possible matches for elimination. With practice, one can become a master at Mahjong 247 within no time.

5 Games to Play During The Quarantine Time (World of Solitaire Included)

World of Solitaire
World of Solitaire

In the wake of the current Corona epidemic, we can help the authorities and everyone around us by following the quarantine guidelines. One essential thing to do is not going out during quarantine, unless necessary. While we know that it’s tough to stay at home doing nothing, we can make the time enjoyable by playing games like World of Solitaire at home.

Playing single-player, card, and board games online are one of the best ways to spend time during this quarantine period. You can learn to play other card games if you start with a simple game like World of Solitaire.

We have prepared a list of games that you can play at home on your mobile and PC. You can enjoy quality time with friends, family, or even random strangers with these games. Some of these games are available on Android, iOS, and PC. Check which one is compatible with the device you use.

Best Games to Play At Home Right Now

World of Solitaire

World of Solitare

Available on: Android, iOS, PC and, Online

The World of Solitaire is a classic game that’s been around for over two decades now. If you are a Microsoft user, you must have played it when you get fed up with high-end games like GTA or Counter-Strike. This game is a simple, single-player game that is available for Android users on Google Play Store.

The Apple Store has it too. You can get it by default in the system if you own a Windows computer. Apart from that, various sites have online versions of the World of Solitaire for those who want.

World of Solitaire Alternative

Ludo King

Available on: Android, iOS, and Online

Ludo King was launched a few years back, and it became an instant superhit. Even today, it is a favorite pastime of everyone. The best thing about this game is that you can play it online with your friends or strangers. And if you don’t want to, you can play the game with the application itself(program mimicking the opponent).

Ludo King is one of those few games that bring back the old-school nostalgia of board games. Ludo King has maintained the charm of the actual game and added features like chat, making a club, and inviting your Facebook friends to play.


World of Solitaire Alternative

Available on: Android and iOS

UNO!, a card game that’s known for its uniqueness. It’s not similar to our traditional cards. The virtual version of the game is similar to a physical game. With a 2 vs. 2 feature, you can team up with your partner and play against another team. There is an option of playing tournaments in the game.

Carrom Pool

Carrom Pool
Carrom Pool

Available on: Android and iOS

Carrom is another game that has an association with our childhood memories. However, not all of us today have an actual wooden carrom board at home. So what? Does that mean we shouldn’t enjoy playing carrom? Well, no – if you have Carrom Pool installed.

You can play this game with your friends online, just like you’d have played actual carrom.

8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool
8 Ball Pool

Available on: Android and iOS

Are you missing the visits to shopping malls and snooker parlors? Well, if you have 8 Ball Pool installed on your phone, you wouldn’t be missing the snooker parlor visits. 8 Ball Pool is a digital snooker game that is available for both Android and iPhone users.

If you are up for change, 8 Ball Pool is the game you need to play.

Final Words

Now that we have shown you the most popular games that you can play on your own, with your friends and family members. These games can entertain you, make you stay at home during this quarantine time.

Make sure that you follow the rules, stay at home playing games like World of Solitaire while supporting the administration to fight against COVID – 19.

5+ Watchcartoononline Alternatives in 2020 [Updated]


s Watching Cartoon and Anime is the best thing we all in all do in our childhood days. We, in general, love to watch them over and over. Everything can deplete us, yet a child’s shows are something that reliably captivates us. The days are gone when there were no ways you could watchcartoonsonline; they will become your best buddies.

We ought to thank the internet that offers you and me several opportunities to recall past occasions by watching child’s shows with live spouting and by downloading them. One such prominent name that permits us to watch everyone’s favorite breathed life into shows is WatchCartoonsOnline.

While it’s most likely the best site to watch child’s shows, it goes with its one of the right spots. Cartoons are great fun to watch online and have been in the Anime business for quite a long time. Some reasons why people love to watch online are availability and stress bursting quality and some for entertainment value.

In case you’re a cartoon fan, by then you would consider WatchCartoon Online, its name is moreover straightforward to review and fills its need.

It also has the best animation library out of all the movement goals. There’s not so much any page which approaches WatchCartoon Online in term of the shows. So you may think why people looking for its alternatives?

The most convincing reason behind this is obstructive service or several times blocked by local administration due to copyright violations. It’s illicit in numerous pieces of the world. You ought to use a VPN to be secure.

List of WatchCartoon Online Alternatives

Here comes the Best List for WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives. How about we Discuss One By One Alternative Platform For Streaming Cartoons. Before going further with my Incredible list of Alternatives To WatchCartoonOnline, You may be very clear that using these sites can be unlawful in your locality.

In any case, in Most Case, this Comes under criminal behavior relying on the Source from which You are Watching. Watching from Pirated site is legitimate; however, from Genuine Site is Legal. In this way, here, the rundown of choices might be justified. Also, check out the disclaimer given on every site before watching your favorite cartoon online. The list of watchcartoonsonline alternatives are as follows:-

Cartoon Crazy

Want to get crazier while watching cartoons? Cartoon Crazy is the best option you need. Cartoon Crazy, you can say anime streaming website. On top of this, Cartoon Crazy is free. Yeah! You don’t require any type of deployment.

To watch your favorite anime, all you’ve to do is open the official site, and click on the thumbnail of your favorite anime show. Anime lovers can quickly discover a considerable number of anime and more seasons, along with mainstream anime series and films named in English.

As always, the UI is fluent. You can use it effectively to search and stream videos without worrying about back-to-back ads, especially pop-up ads. These annoying ads are one of the primary reasons why most people avoid these types of sites to watch anime.

However, that’s not the case with CartoonCrazy as it offers seamless streaming experience in Countries like the United States, UK, and Canada.

Otaku Stream

The only feature CartoonCrazy was missing at this moment in recent anime. You can’t watch the latest anime streaming on CartoonCrazy.

Well, to fix this issue, you can use OtakuStream. Unlike CartoonCrazy, you get a menu to check the currently airing Anime shows.

Apart from this, the site offers a theme switch. All it means is, you can change the color of the Website from light to dark or dark to light. You can set light theme for the daytime and dark for the night. It’s’s all up to you. Do whatever suits your eyes.

On top of this, OtakuStream has a creative UI. That’s one of the primary reasons, and it is loved by many. All you’ve to do is sign up using Twitter or Facebook, and you’re all set to stream your favorite content.

Anime Nova

With an extensive collection of Anime, Anime Nova has won the heart of millions of its regular users. And if you’re looking for anime motion pictures, there isn’t any other option except Anime Nova. The easy to use UI doesn’t mislead you in any way. So, don’t expect pop-ads are popping out again and again.

No annoying ads whatsoever. Anime Nova’s homepage will steal your heart. To date, I haven’t seen any piracy with such a clean user interface.

That’s just mind-blowing. The Website mainly contains As it, for the most part, includes anime motion pictures, the Anime Nova site appreciates registered user traffic with a normal that range towards almost 3 million.


CartoonsOn is one more unusual approach to watch your most loved and most mainstream kid’s shows, and anime appears through web-based streaming. There are heaps of well-known animation and anime arrangement and motion pictures for clients to look over. It is a free site that has a dynamic library for proficient perusing and choosing.

Even though you may face trouble due to pop of commercial ads, the story doesn’t end here any time you are diverted to un-confirmed sites. The wide choice of classifications and sorts of kid’s shows/anime at CartoonsOn makes it still exceptionally well known among anime lovers.

Anime Show

When you click on the homepage pf Anime Show for the very first time, you’ll see a huge banner that will force you to close the site.

However, try to access the site for at least once; you’ll blow your mind. I guarantee this. With big titles and thumbnails, it’s’s quite easy to navigate the site. On top of the preinstalled, Intelligent UI makes your work easier.

Despite having continuous pop-up promotions, you won’t leave the site as it is one of the most famous sites with the most extensive database of movies. At present, Anime Show has around 11 Million+ registered users. Well, that’s enormous.


9Anime is one of the most well known online anime streaming sites until the date. It offers a full collection of well known old and new anime appears. On the off chance that you don’t locate your ideal anime appear in the playlist, you can even demand the administrator to transfer it with a straightforward viewing.

Even though the UI and experience are, to some degree, coming up short on the tremendous assortment of anime motion pictures and shows makes it still one of the most mainstream options to Watchcartoononline. Although commercial pop ads will open in another tab on your program, so are less nosy than on-screen promotions as observed in different sites.

Despite this, 9Anime is very well known. Its month to month client traffic midpoints around 10 million clients and has a great offer from the US, where it is one of the top sites to watch English named and sub-titled anime shows and motion pictures.

KissAnime Club

KissAnime Club is a newer site and must not be mistaken as Kissanime as both are different sites. This one is a similarly new site for anime darlings to watch their preferred shows for nothing on the web. KissAnime Club has gotten tremendously user-friendly interface along with a gigantic database and simple to utilize UI. You may also download kissanime apk from my other post.

Clients can look over a considerable number of mainstream anime motion pictures and TV arrangements with brilliant naming and captions to make the most of their anime in an ideal manner. This site doesn’t include promotions and permits you to watch your preferred anime without interference. There is a refreshed list of the most mainstream anime series on the Home Page for moment viewing.

Being moderately new, there is generally less client traffic than on other comparable destinations. KissAnime Club video player is straightforward to use and permits you to share or download your favorite anime streaming.


Toonjet is a remarkable alternative to WatchCartoonOnline due to the various features offered by this Website. Much equivalent to WatchCartoonOnline, Toon Jet is similarly entirely permitted to watch. You don’t have to enroll on this site either. Subsequently, you can start seeing your favored movement game plan quickly without stressing over large data trade structures. Besides that, you won’t find any ads on this site, which brings about a smooth movement watching information.

This site offers both extraordinary old cartoon arrangements similar to the latest ones. The Toon Jet site provides a remarkable UI to its watchers. Along these lines, it is a phenomenal meet for visitors to examine the site. You will even find distinctive course decisions on this site. Such choices can help the customer with sparing a vast amount of time while finding your favored animation shows and its scenes.

Final Words

After reading up all the watchcartoononline alternative sites that allow you to watch subbed and dubbed anime for free. These are practically like the Website WatchCartoonOnline. On the off chance that the main Website is Down or blocked by the local administration, at that point, you can utilize any of the Websites from the Given List.

I trust this article will assist you in getting the Best Alternatives to WatchCartoonOnline Website or hobby.  Many times I use these sites to watch popular watchcartoon steven Universe available on most of the sites from the list. On the off chance that You Like this rundown, at that point, remember to share it with Your Friends and on Social Media. Much thanks to You For Giving Your Valuable Time to the Blog and comment for improvement and demanding next blogs.

Pokemon Platinum ROM: Bringing Back The Nostalgic Feel of Classic Game

Pokemon Platinum ROM
Pokemon Platinum ROM

Pokemon was a popular TV series from the late ’90s. The Pokemon garner popularity among the children and youngsters with its franchise spanning over two decades now. The TV show became so popular that it’s still running. Pokemon-themed products like cards, video games, apparel, stationery items, and many more. Today we are talking about Pokemon Platinum ROM, which is related to the Pokemon Platinum version video game.

Before we talk about Pokemon Platinum ROM, let’s talk about the game first. At the time of the show’s popularity, the Pokemon video game series was released by Nintendo for its Nintendo DS handheld gaming console. It’s a role-playing video game series.

Pokemon Platinum is a sequel to Diamond and Pearl. The game is a fourth installment of the series.

The game was released on 13 September 2008. By the end of the year, it began to garner the attention of gamers and Pokemon fans.

There was a time when PC gaming was not a widespread phenomenon; video game consoles used to dominate the market. Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox are the bigwigs of the gaming console industry.

How to Bring Back The Good Nostalgic Feel?

The game was released at the time when 90’s kids were still in school or getting ready for college, and now it’s been over a decade. All those kids are now grown up. The gaming industry and Pokemon TV show itself have undergone an evolution. However, nostalgia is something that we hold close to heart.

A new trend has emerged among people to dig out the old video games(yes, that means good old’ Pacman too!) and play them on our latest gadgets like Android smartphones, iPhone or computer. Playing those games means refreshing our childhood memories.

But how can you do that? The answer is Pokemon Platinum ROM.

What is a Video Game ROM and an Emulator?

Video game ROM: Since we are talking about Pokemon Platinum ROM, what is a ROM anyway? It means ‘Read-Only Memory,’ a ROM file is a digital file that contains data that’s copied from a ROM chip. These ROM chips could be anything: a PC firmware or a gaming cartridge.

Emulator: A video game emulator is a program that lets the user access a game on the computer, as the computer is emulating the video game console’s hardware and software. With the emulation, you can play the game on an emulating platform easily.

Final Words

Now that we know both essential components, how to play the game on a PC? Well, first, you need to install the latest version of an appropriate emulator on the PC. Then find a Pokemon Platinum ROM on the internet, download it.

Read the essential instructions provided to run the ROM on the emulator. Once the ROM is successfully uploaded on the emulator, you are set to play the game.

It’s an easy task to install an emulator and a Pokemon Platinum ROM. With the game running on an emulator, it gives you a classic feel of nostalgia. That nostalgic feeling is priceless! However, you must know that it’s illegal to download/exchange copyrighted ROMs.